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dnsmasq redirect all domain requests to local web server

Reddit - 1 hour 3 min ago

I have configured dnsmasq using address=/#/ to redirect urls like google.com, foo.com. But I also want to redirect such as requests from browsers when you enter a keyword and enter i.e https://www.google.com/?search= to redirect to my local web server. Basically I want all request to return back to my http web page until they read the terms and conditions for using my wireless network.

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Netperf For Network Benchmarking Is Now Available Via The Phoronix Test Suite

Phoronix - 1 hour 25 min ago
For fans of Netperf or just looking for another networking benchmark to add to your arsenal, the netperf client can now be automated and run via the Phoronix Test Suite...

2017 security predictions

LXer - 1 hour 34 min ago
From W-2 scams to WordPress vulnerabilities, ransomware, business email compromises, DDos attacks and allegations of a hacked presidential election -- 2016's been a hell of a year in cybersecurity, and it's not over yet.

What desktop enviroment Blackarch use as default?

Reddit - 2 hours 29 min ago

i made a research but i couldn't find anything.

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Canonical Releases Snapcraft 2.23 Snap Creator for Ubuntu 16.04 LTS and 16.10

TuxMachines - 3 hours 28 min ago

Canonical's Snappy development team have released a new maintenance version of the Snapcraft 2.x tool that lets applications developers package their apps as Snap packages for Ubuntu and other GNU/Linux distributions that support Snaps.

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Mandriva Fork Mageia 5.1 Lets Users Install the Linux OS on NVMe-Based Drives

TuxMachines - 3 hours 29 min ago

The development team behind the Mandriva fork Mageia Linux distribution are announcing the release and general availability of the first, and probably the last, point release of the Mageia 5 series.

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Linux 4.9-rc8

TuxMachines - 3 hours 31 min ago

So if anybody has been following the git tree, it should come as no
surprise that I ended up doing an rc8 after all: things haven't been
bad, but it also hasn't been the complete quiet that would have made
me go "no point in doing another week".

Extra kudos to Arnd, who actually root-caused the incredibly annoying
"modversions do not work with new versions of binutils", bisecting it
to a particular change to symbol handling in binutils, and then adding
a small one-liner patch to the kernel to work around the issue. We
already had other workarounds in place, but it's always good to know
exactly what in the tool chain changed to cause things like this.

Also: Linux Kernel 4.9 Slated for December 11 Release as Linus Torvalds Outs RC8

Linux 4.9-rc8 Kernel Released

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Little Kids Having Fun With "Terminal Train" In Ubuntu Linux

LXer - Sun, 2016-12-04 23:37
Linux is often stereotyped as the operating system for tech savvy users and developers. However, there are some fun Linux commands that one can use in spare time. A small utility named sl can be installed in Linux to play with the Terminal Train.

Linux 4.9-rc8 Kernel Released

Phoronix - Sun, 2016-12-04 22:36
There was too much churn in the mainline Linux kernel Git tree that Linus Torvalds today released 4.9-rc8 rather than declaring Linux 4.9 as ready to ship...

SD corrupted any good advice how to get info off?

Reddit - Sun, 2016-12-04 22:04

Okay so I left my sd card face up by the window and I believe the sunlight corrupted it.

I am currently using photorec to get the images off but so far it is about 50% done and hasn't found anything (card was 60% full). It has already been running for 20 hours and has an estimated 15 hours to go.

I used another software set that got a bunch of things off but it saved it all as a single .img file that was unmountable. I was unable to convert it to a .rar and extract it either.

Linux has surprisingly few option for data recovery, but I am hoping I am wrong. Help!

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Xarchiver made me fail class in college.

Reddit - Sun, 2016-12-04 21:39

Long story short, my teacher wants us to send him essasys in .tar.bz2 archive. Using Xarchiver I compressed it and sent it to him a month ago. Today I have another essay to send and I noticed that after compressing my essay it has .bz2 not .tar.bz2 extension.

My teacher uses command line to extract essays for whole class so those who don't do it properly are omitted by command so my previous essay did not count which equals failing class.

I compressed new essay using tar command and it gives me .tar.bz2 properly, but as you fail when you won't send even one of three essays I just spent 8 hours of my life to know that i failed whole class.

I will never use gui archiver again.

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Flash Facing Death as Google Launches Chrome 55

LXer - Sun, 2016-12-04 21:14
Google has launched Chrome 55 which will not support Adobe Flash.

More Random Gift Ideas For Linux Enthusiasts & Others Into Tech

Phoronix - Sun, 2016-12-04 20:39
Last week I shared some 2016 Holiday Gift Ideas For Linux Enthusiasts, Gamers. Since then more ideas came to mind with other interesting tech gift ideas, particularly for Linux/open-source enthusiasts, as well as other favorite gadgets and interesting devices I've come across in the past year. So here are some more ideas of stocking stuffers and other fun purchases for the holidays...

How to Install TeamViewer 12 on RHEL/CentOS/Fedora and Debian/Ubuntu

LinuxToday - Sun, 2016-12-04 19:00

Teamviewer is a cross-platform, powerful and secure remote access and control software that can connect to multiple devices simultaneously.

Gnome is pretty damn quick to setup on wayland!

Reddit - Sun, 2016-12-04 18:56

So I wanted to install sway on my new laptop, but the screen was HiDPI and nothing rendered nicely. I gave in and decided I'd go with a fully fledged DE. I've been a sucker for KDE since the new plasma design, however I opted for gnome since I was using gdm to launch anyway. So after an initial issue of installing the full gnome environment (Don't try install when you're in the basic gnome environment it will break!), I cleared all the packages and gave it another go... it just worked! O.O Rendering is beautiful, all my keyboard controls work, touch screen works, audio works. The only thing I had to mess with was network manager because it has a stupid camel case service file.

Now all I have to fix is suspend, because other than that everything is working...

Except a bunch of stuff wayland makes hard but this is a dev laptop anyway so I'm not bothered. No wayland hate in the comments please!

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