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Security: Debian Reproducible Builds, DNS Bug

TuxMachines - 33 min 4 sec ago

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Software: MKVToolNix, Brackets Code Editor, GNOME Builder, and Firefox Focus

TuxMachines - 35 min 31 sec ago
  • MKVToolNix 14.0.0 Open-Source MKV Manipulation App Adds Support for Wave64 Files

    MKVToolNix developer Moritz Bunkus announced the release and immediate availability for download of MKVToolNix 14.0.0, a major release of the open-source and cross-platform MKV (Matroska) manipulation app.

    MKVToolNix 14.0.0 "Flow" is here just one month after the MKVToolNix 13.0.0 "The Juggler" release, and it looks like it adds a great number of new features and enhancements, along with numerous bug fixes and some build system changes. First off, the application is now officially translated into the Romanian language.

  • Native Linux Menus Finally Come to Brackets Code Editor

    new version the Brackets code editor is available to download. This update adds native menus on Linux, inline CSS code hints, and a whole heap more.

  • GNOME Builder IDE to Receive Largest UI Change Since Its Creation, on GNOME 3.26

    The GNOME Builder IDE (Integrated Development Environment) open-source tool designed to help aspiring application developers create modern apps for the GNOME/GTK+ ecosystem will get a major revamp for the GNOME 3.26 desktop release.

    Development of GNOME Builder 3.26 kicked off back in April with the first snapshot, and, since then, the software application received no less than five snapshots in total, which switch the tool to the Meson build system, a major change that will be implemented in all the apps from the GNOME Stack will do as part of the upcoming GNOME 3.26 desktop environment.

  • Firefox Focus Passes One Million Downloads Mark on Android, Gets New Features

    Firefox Focus launched on Google's Android mobile platform only a month ago, and it looks like it already passed the one million downloads mark, so Mozilla wants to celebrate this milestone by launching three new user-requested features.

    One million downloads in less than a month is a huge milestone for the Firefox Focus for Android app, which Mozilla designed from the ground up to be fast, easy to use, simple, free of any visual clutter that might get in your way when surfing the Web on your mobile device, and always private by shipping built-in with an ad blocker that promises to block annoying ads.

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NVIDIA+CMU Develop New Shading Language & Compiler Framework

Phoronix - 37 min 7 sec ago
NVIDIA and Carnegie Mellon University have developed a new open-source shading language in step with a new compiler framework...

GSoC/KDE Developments

TuxMachines - 38 min 21 sec ago
  • Fifth Blog Gsoc 2017

    The last month was not easy. Some things had to be re-written because they were not very well written. For example, I wrote a system of “sensors”, the logic of which was laid in the destructors of objects. This is a non-obvious logic of work, it had to be rewritten.

  • Polkit Support in KIO - Progess so far

    In this post I intend to report the whereabouts of my project. First of all me not posting any updates about my project was due to two problems that showed up when I was two weeks into the coding period. One, which I had anticipated, was to decide from where to show a warning dialog during the brief period of time when privileges are elevated. The problem was that showing the prompt from KIO::Slave resulted in repetition and to show it from KIO::JobUiDelegate permissions of destination folder was needed beforehand which required additional computation. So for this I decided to add a signal in KIO::Slave and all the necessary code for additional prompts in KIO::Job. This way the KIO slave emits the signal whenever it encounters ACCESS DENIED error and then job decides whether or not to show the prompt. The other problem was to figure out how to modify files created by a privileged process by an underprivileged one. By the way the latter was completely uncalled-for and it took me around two weeks to decide on a solution. To send data between processes I tried every possible IPC mechanism involving shared memory, pipes and sockets. At last I decided on sharing file descriptor between the privileged and under-privileged process and to accomplish that I used Unix local domain sockets.

  • Preview: Multi-Cursor support in the Kate Text Editor

    It allows you to have an arbitrary amount of cursors and selections in KTextEditor. They all mirror what you do with the primary one — text input, text removal, navigation, text selection, …

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Boost Is Planning A Move To CMake

Phoronix - 45 min 25 sec ago
The Boost C++ libraries is planning for a new build system, but they aren't going for Meson that's been the recent trend among open-source projects...

How a VC-funded company is undermining the open-source community

TuxMachines - 1 hour 9 min ago

Is a $4 million venture capital-funded startup stealthily taking over popular coding tools and injecting ads and spyware into them?

That’s what some programmers fear may be happening. It is one of the most troubling scandals to hit the open-source community — a robust network of programmers who work on shared tools for free — in recent memory.

Open source works because everyone benefits: individuals and corporations, both for-profit and not. Countless dollars have been made off things built on top of open-source software, while the existence of free high-quality tools makes it possible to build a product that exists solely for the benefit of the commons. But that balance only works when people stick to the community’s basic decorum of transparency, and that’s where a young San Francisco company called Kite seems to have gone wrong.

Also: Video: Measuring Community Health

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How to live demo a web app with lousy internet

LXer - 1 hour 26 min ago
Live demos are the bane of professional speakers everywhere. Even the most well-prepared live demo can go wrong for unforeseeable reasons. This is a bad thing to happen while you're on stage in front of 300 people. Live demos of remote web apps are so fraught with peril that most people find other ways of presenting them. Screenshots can never fail, and local sandboxes won't fail on overloaded conference internet connections. But what if we can't set up a local sandbox in time for our talk? What if our database is huge and complex?read more

KTC partners with SERAPHIC to deliver Linux powered smart TVs in Europe

TuxMachines - 1 hour 38 min ago

KTC, one of the main and established end product manufacturers in China, today announced the integration of SERAPHIC’s TV browser into its Linux powered smart TVs targeting at European markets. With SERAPHIC’s TV browser, viewers have an easy and immediate access to thousands of global TV apps from mainstream TV portal providers and can choose any content or program they like.

SERAPHIC is a leading digital TV browser provider. Its competitive product offering includes browser for Freeview Play, HbbTV, YouTube TV, TV Portal, Open Browser, etc.

In the fast evolving market, Original Design Manufacturers (ODMs) like KTC have always been seeking out to enhance their competitive advantages and provide differentiating services for their customers.

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KDE's Plasma 5.10.4 in Chakra GNU/Linux

TuxMachines - 1 hour 54 min ago

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15 ways to empower students with open source tools

TuxMachines - 1 hour 58 min ago

Recently I read the fascinating book Empower: What Happens When Students Own Their Own Learning, by John Spencer and A.J. Juliani. The book led me to think more deeply about my teaching methods and how I like to learn. I think learning should be exciting, and I'm happiest when I'm actively engaged in what I'm doing. Why wouldn't students in our schools want anything different than that? And why aren't we doing more to give that experience to them?

While many schools today have a 1:1 ratio of computers/tablets to students, most of them use platforms and software that allow little (if any) modification. Students can't tinker with the software or hardware. Yet tinkering and experimenting are at the heart of learning. The authors of Empower say that students in environments that foster "making" take ownership of their learning more readily and tend to be deeper thinkers who are more at home with frustration. Ultimately, they wrote, "makers are better equipped for life."

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<code>systemd</code>'oh! DNS lib underscore bug bites everyone's favorite init tool, blanks Netflix

LXer - 3 hours 21 min ago
Repeat after me: _ is allowed in domain namesA few Penguinistas spent a weekend working out why they can't get through to Netflix from their Linux machines, because when they tried, their DNS lookups failed.…

Kalliope Jarvis like assistant v0.4.5 is out ! With mobile app !

Reddit - 4 hours 8 min ago

Kalliope is a modular always-on voice controlled personal assistant designed for home automation. This new release brings new features, fixes many bugs and new plugins (called neurons) and also an Android mobile app to use it without a microphone https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=kalliope.project

You can check details, videos and the neuron market place here: https://kalliope-project.github.io/

The target is a rasp3 on raspbian(installation via pre compiled image), but you can quickly test it on a Ubuntu or Debian. You just need a microphone and a speaker/heapphones.

Python 2.7, 3.4, 3.5 and 3.6 are supported. The project is open source under the MIT licence. Find sources on github : https://github.com/kalliope-project/kalliope

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Fundamentals of processes management on Linux

LXer - 5 hours 15 min ago
One of the core activities of a system administrator is that of monitoring and interacting with the processes running on a machine. In this tutorial you will be introduced to the use of some fundamental tools that will help you accomplish that vital task.

Ubuntu-Based BackBox Linux 5 Ethical Hacking Distro Debuts with Linux Kernel 4.8

LXer - 7 hours 9 min ago
The development team behind the Ubuntu-based BackBox Linux ethical hacking distribution designed for security evaluations and penetration testing tasks announced the release of BackBox Linux 5.


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