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Updated: 52 min 20 sec ago

2017 security predictions

1 hour 33 min ago
From W-2 scams to WordPress vulnerabilities, ransomware, business email compromises, DDos attacks and allegations of a hacked presidential election -- 2016's been a hell of a year in cybersecurity, and it's not over yet.

Little Kids Having Fun With "Terminal Train" In Ubuntu Linux

Sun, 2016-12-04 23:37
Linux is often stereotyped as the operating system for tech savvy users and developers. However, there are some fun Linux commands that one can use in spare time. A small utility named sl can be installed in Linux to play with the Terminal Train.

Flash Facing Death as Google Launches Chrome 55

Sun, 2016-12-04 21:14
Google has launched Chrome 55 which will not support Adobe Flash.

Growing the Duke University eNable chapter

Sun, 2016-12-04 18:51
We started the Duke University eNable chapter with the simple mission of providing amputees in the Durham area of North Carolina with alternative prostheses, free of cost.read more

How to embed Python code in C program

Sun, 2016-12-04 16:28
Python is one of the most popular programming languages due to its simple syntax, ease of learning and cross-platform support. Besides, many high quality Python libraries and modules are available at your disposal, allowing you to do heavy lifting with only a few lines of code. This makes Python one of the most productive ways […]Continue reading...The post How to embed Python code in C program appeared first on Xmodulo.No related FAQ.

Patent Trolls of Microsoft and Ericsson Are Trying to Tax Everything, Especially Linux Devices

Sun, 2016-12-04 14:05
An update on Intellectual Ventures and Unwired Planet, whose operations pose a growing problem for Free software and Linux-based products (e.g. Android)

Best Features Of Linux Mint 18.1 ‘Serena’

Sun, 2016-12-04 10:36
Short Bytes: Linux Mint 18.1 Serena is slated to release later this December. Based on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS, Mint 18.1 will arrive with Cinnamon 3.2 and Linux kernel 4.4. It’ll remain supported until 2021. The beta version of Mint 18.1 is now available for download and testing.

Parrot Security Could Be Your Next Security Tool

Sun, 2016-12-04 08:42
Parrot Security is a complete distribution, based on Debian Jessie core, which includes software for cryptography, cloud, anonymity, digital forensics, programming. The software list alone should be enough to have security and network admins rushing to download a copy.

Firefox zero-day: Mozilla races to patch bug used to attack Tor browser users

Sun, 2016-12-04 06:47
Users of online anonymity network Tor are facing a new attack that uses nearly identical code to a Firefox exploit used by the FBI in 2013.

Canonical and Docker Partner to Distribute Docker Releases as Snaps on Ubuntu

Sun, 2016-12-04 04:53
On the last day of November 2016, Canonical and Docker announced a new commercial agreement that promises to provide integrated enterprise support and SLAs for CS Docker Engine to the Ubuntu Linux community.

10 Great Moments from Linux Foundation 2016 Events

Sun, 2016-12-04 02:59
This year, more than 20,000 tech professionals gathered at 150 Linux Foundation events worldwide to learn and share open source technologies and best practices. Held in 46 cities across 14 countries -- from the U.S. and Canada, to Germany, Spain, China and Japan -- Linux Foundation events are where the creators, maintainers and practitioners of the world's most important open source projects meet.

New IoT Botnet, Attackers Target Tor, and More…

Sun, 2016-12-04 01:04
Also included, Flash on life support, Mageia's new release, Ubuntu sets date for "Zesty Zapus" ...

Top 5: Amazon Echo alternatives, a tutorial on the /dev directory on Linux, and more

Sat, 2016-12-03 23:10
In this week's Top 5, we highlight open source alternatives to the Amazon Echo, a tutorial on the /dev directory for your devices in Linux, our annual holiday gift guide for open source enthusiasts, 15 JavaScript frameworks and libraries to try, and open source alternatives to LastPass.

How to send messages from Pandora FMS via Telegram

Sat, 2016-12-03 21:16
Monitoring your systems? Looking for a new channel to send alerts?

What's new in OpenStack in 2016: A look at the Newton release

Sat, 2016-12-03 19:21
OpenStack is on a six-month release cycle, with each release given a code name starting with consecutive letters of the alphabet. On October 7th, OpenStack Newton was released. Let's look at a few highlights from OpenStack's 2016 Newton release.read more

How to host multiple websites on one VPS

Sat, 2016-12-03 17:27
In this tutorial, we are going to provide you with step-by-step instructions on how to host multiple websites on one single IP address with Apache or Nginx on an Ubuntu VPS or a CentOS 7 VPS.

OSVR on Steam, Unity drops legacy OpenGL, and more gaming news

Sat, 2016-12-03 15:32
In this edition of the open gaming roundup, we take a look at OSVR support in Steam, Unity dropping legacy OpenGL, and more. Open gaming roundup for November 20-December 3, 2016OSVR available on Steam The co-founders of the Open Source Virtual Reality (OSVR) consortium announced a Steam update that provides support for OSVR content on Steam.read more

Linux Kernel 4.8.12 Released, Brings PA-RISC, PowerPC, and x86 Improvements

Sat, 2016-12-03 13:38
A few moments ago, Greg Kroah-Hartman announced the release of the twelfth maintenance update of the Linux 4.8 kernel series, as well as the availability of Linux kernel 4.4.36 LTS.

Amazon extends AWS IoT with offline processing

Sat, 2016-12-03 11:44
The AWS IoT cloud platform now offers Lambda-based “AWS Greengrass” software for Linux IoT devices, enabling offline processing and communication. In Oct. 2015, Amazon unveiled its AWS IoT platform for aggregating data to Amazon Web Services (AWS).

This Week in Open Source News: Challenging the Microsoft Challengers, Fedora 25 Makes Linux Easy, & More

Sat, 2016-12-03 09:49
This week in open source and Linux news, Steven J. Vaughan-NIchols challenges the critics of the new Linux Foundation-Microsoft membership news, Fedora 25 is easy for newbies to use, and more. Keep reading for all the latest top OSS news!