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Updated: 59 min 49 sec ago

SAP okays Java EE being Eclipsed, six months after Oracle's announcement

Tue, 2018-04-17 14:55
But warns it will bail if something better comes along. SAP has revealed its attitude to Oracle’s decision to let go of Java EE and have it tended by the Eclipse Foundation.…

Microsoft releases its first Linux product

Tue, 2018-04-17 13:41
Well, it's finally happened. Microsoft has released a product containing its own Linux kernel: Azure Sphere. It's not MS-Linux or Linux Windows, but it's still remarkable. For the first time, Microsoft has released its own Linux kernel in a new Linux-based product: Azure Sphere.

How to Install Joomla 3 on CentOS 7

Tue, 2018-04-17 12:26
In this post we will show you how to install Joomla 3 on CentOS 7, with MariaDB 10.2, PHP-FPM 7.1 and Nginx. Joomla is an award-winning content management system (CMS) for publishing web content and online apps.

How to develop the FOSS leaders of the future

Tue, 2018-04-17 11:12
Do you hold a critical role in a free and open source software project? Would you like to make it easier for the next person to step into your shoes, while also giving yourself the freedom to take breaks and avoid burnout? Of course you would! But how do you get started?

Tiny, rugged IoT gateways offer 10-year Linux support

Tue, 2018-04-17 09:58
Moxa announced a line of rugged, compact “UC 2100” IoT gateways that run 10-year available Moxa Industrial Linux and optional ThingsPro Gateway middleware on a Cortex-A8 SoC. Moxa announced the UC-2100 Series industrial IoT gateways along with its new UC 3100 and UC 5100 Series, but it offered details only on the UC-2100. All three […]

Integrate Your Android Phone With Gnome Shell Without KDE Dependencies With GSConnect

Tue, 2018-04-17 08:43
If you're looking for a way to integrate an Android device with your Gnome desktop without installing any KDE dependencies, look no more! With GSConnect, you can easily send files between your Gnome desktop and Android smartphone, sync the clipboard or notifications between the two devices, browse files wirelessly on your Android device from your desktop, and much more.

Multiprocessing in Python

Tue, 2018-04-17 07:29
Many people, when they start to work with Python, are excited to hearthat the language supports threading. Python does indeed support native-level threadswith an easy-to-use and convenient interface.

Linux shutdown Command Explained with Examples

Tue, 2018-04-17 06:15
The Linux command line may be a bit hard to learn, but it's worth it. Reason being, it's so powerful that you can do almost everything with it that you can otherwise do using UI. In this tutorial, we will discuss a utility which you can use to shut your system down using some easy to understand examples.

DOSBox Part 2: Creating, Handling, and Booting from Floppy Images

Tue, 2018-04-17 05:00
Continuing on from the previous tutorial, we move on to boot DOS systems from floppy images. Many floppies contained games or other software that would have automatically booted once the system started (using the autoexec.bat script). This can be simulated by using a floppy image which is simply a file that represents an entire floppy disk drive.

Android 8.1 Oreo Has Started Rolling Out to the Razer Phone

Tue, 2018-04-17 03:46
Keeping its promise to customers who bought a Razer Phone, Razer today announced that it started rolling out the Android 8.1 Oreo software update worldwide.

96Boards CE Extended SBC runs Linux or AOSP on Kirin 970

Tue, 2018-04-17 02:32
Lenovator has opened $299 pre-orders on LeMaker’s 96Boards CE Extended [he]#8220[/he]HiKey 970[he]#8221[/he] SBC, which offers an octa-core Kirin 970 SoC, 6GB LPDDR4, 64GB UFS storage, wireless, GbE, M.2, and CAN.

Best Linux Distro for Programming

Tue, 2018-04-17 01:17
An ultimate guide to choosing the best Linux distro for programming. Linux-based operating systems (often called Linux Distributions, or just Distros) are quite popular among programmers and developers since their announcement in the 90s. In general, it is designed by programmers for programmers and freely available to everyone.

How to update ONLYOFFICE Document Server to version 5.1

Tue, 2018-04-17 00:03
In this tutorial, we'll learn how to easily update ONLYOFFICE Document Server to the latest version separately from other solutions to get new features.

Running Jenkins builds in containers

Mon, 2018-04-16 22:49
Running applications in containers has become a well-accepted practice in the enterprise sector, as Docker with Kubernetes (K8s) now provides a scalable, manageable application platform. The container-based approach also suits the microservices architecture that's gained significant momentum in the past few years.read more

How To Resize Active/Primary root Partition In Linux Using GParted Utility

Mon, 2018-04-16 21:34
2DayGeek: GParted utility allows user to perform disk resize, copy, and move partitions without data loss.

Linus Torvalds schedules Linux Kernel 5.0, then maybe delays 'meaningless' release

Mon, 2018-04-16 20:20
Definitely hails amazing shrinking kernel in 4.17 rc1Linus Torvalds has suggested that the next Linux kernel could earn the number “5.0”.…

4 cool new projects to try in COPR for April

Mon, 2018-04-16 19:06
COPR is a collection of personal repositories for software that isn’t carried in Fedora. Some software doesn’t conform to standards that allow easy packaging. Or it may not meet other Fedora standards, despite being free and open source. COPR can offer these projects outside the Fedora set of packages. Software in COPR isn’t supported by […]

Systemctl Services in RHEL 7

Mon, 2018-04-16 17:51
Systemd is a system and service manager for Linux operating systems.

Free DJ Software Mixxx 2.1 Released With New And Improved Skins, Overhauled Effects System, More

Mon, 2018-04-16 16:37
Mixxx, the free and open source DJ software, has seen a new release today. Version 2.1 was in development for more than two years, and it brings new and improved controller mapings, updated Deere and LateNight skins, overhauled effects system, and much more.

For project safety backup your people, not just your data

Mon, 2018-04-16 15:23
The FSF was founded in 1985, Perl in 1987 (happy 30th birthday, Perl!), and Linux in 1991. The term open source and the Open Source Initiative both came into being in 1998 (and turn 20 years old in 2018).read more