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3 Alternatives For Enabling Two-Factor Authentication On SSH

Sun, 2017-10-08 15:44
This guide provides instructions for enabling three different, multi-factor authentication systems for SSH.

Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL Ship with 18W PD Power Adapters and Support up to 27W Charging from Compliant Chargers

Sun, 2017-10-08 10:54
All of these devices now implement Type-C and PD support using the new Type-C Port Manager that is found in the Linux kernel.

Debian GNU/Linux 9.2 "Stretch" Update Introduces Over 150 Security and Bug Fixes

Sun, 2017-10-08 07:40
The Debian Project today announced the release of the second maintenance update of the Debian GNU/Linux 9 "Stretch" operating system series, adding a considerable number of bug fixes and security patches.

Top 5: Open source Gmail alternatives, managing containers with Ansible, and more

Sun, 2017-10-08 04:26
In this week's top 5, we take a look at the Alpine email client, open source alternatives to Gmail, and more.

On encryption, the UK sets a collision course with Europe

Sun, 2017-10-08 02:31
Is encryption a threat to law and order, or an essential tool for staying secure online? Two events this week show how much disagreement there still is about it.

Severe flaws in DNS app create hacking risk for routers, smartphones, computers, IoT

Sun, 2017-10-08 00:37
Google researchers disclosed seven serious flaws in an open-source DNS software package Dnsmasq, which is is commonly preinstalled on routers, servers, smartphones, IoT devices and operating systems such the Linux distributions Ubuntu and Debian. The most severe of the vulnerabilities could be remotely exploited to run malicious code and hijack the device.

Cascadia Community Builder Award: 2017 winner announced

Sat, 2017-10-07 22:42
The Cascadia Community Builder Award recognizes a person who has made an outstanding contribution to the free software movement in the Cascadia region, and this year's winner is Lance Albertson. The award was presented in person on Saturday, October 7, at the Seattle GNU/Linux conference.read more

How To Install Microsoft Fonts In Ubuntu Linux

Sat, 2017-10-07 20:48
Arial, Times New Roman, Impact, and Verdana are some of the most used sources. They are so widely used in the fact that whenever you open a Word document from any computer, you expect to immediately find its presence. However, in its newly installed Ubuntu (and many other Linux distributions), it is found that there is absolutely no trace of any of these sources.

7 deadly sins of documentation

Sat, 2017-10-07 18:54
Documentation seems to be a perennial problem in operations. Everyone agrees that it's important to have, but few believe that their organizations have all the documentation they need. Effective documentation practices can improve incident response, speed up onboarding, and help reduce technical debt—but poor documentation practices can be worse than having no documentation at all.The 7 sinsDo any of the following scenarios sound familiar?read more

Connect To Wifi From The Linux Command Line

Sat, 2017-10-07 16:59
Lots of people like graphical utilities for managing their computers, but plenty don't too. If you prefer command line utilities, managing WiFi can be a real pain. Well, it doesn't have to be. wpa_supplicant can be used as a command line utility. You can actually set it up easily with a simple configuration file.

Step aside, Windows! Open source and Linux are IT's new security headache

Sat, 2017-10-07 15:05
Windows has long been the world's biggest malware draw, exploited for decades by attackers. It continues today: The Carbon Black security firm analyzed 1,000 ransomware samples over the last six months and found that nearly 99% of them targeted Windows. That’s not news for IT administrators, of course. But this might be: Linux and other open-source software are emerging as serious malware targets.

This Week in Open Source: Linux Foundation Launches Open Source Networking Event Series, Skype For Linux Keeps Expanding, & More

Sat, 2017-10-07 13:11
This week in Linux and open source news, The Linux Foundation kicks off new Open Source Networking events, Skype for Linux keeps gaining new features.

Linux Journal October 2017

Sat, 2017-10-07 11:16
If someone asked me how the internet stays running, I'd probably say something like, "Bash scripts and cat photos." Because really, those two things pretty much encompass the human online experience. Bash scripts are quick snippets of timing-saving code, and cat photos are, well, photos of fluffy kitties. Most days, that's enough.

What's new in Ubuntu 17.10

Sat, 2017-10-07 09:22
Ubuntu 17.10 will be released in a couple of weeks. Let's have a look at the most exciting new features in Ubuntu 17.10.

How a university's 3D-printed prosthetics club provides devices for amputees

Sat, 2017-10-07 07:28
Last fall, one of the co-founders of Duke University eNable published an article describing our club’s beginnings and visions for the future.read more

python-hwinfo : Display Summary Of Hardware Information Using Standard Linux Utilities

Sat, 2017-10-07 05:33
This is a python library for inspecting hardware and devices by parsing the outputs of system utilities such as lspci and dmidecode.

Java Moving Forward With Faster Pace Release Schedule, Modular System

Sat, 2017-10-07 03:39
Among the key messages and themes that emerged at the JavaOne 2017 conference, held in San Francisco from Oct. 1 to 5, is that the Java community is moving faster now than at any other point in the popular programming language's history.

4 cool new projects to try in COPR for October

Sat, 2017-10-07 01:44
In case you missed last month’s article on COPR, it’s a collection of personal repositories for software not carried in Fedora. Some software doesn’t conform to standards that allow easy packaging. Or it may be free software but doesn’tmeet other Fedora standards.... Continue Reading →

4 Best Linux Distros for Older Hardware

Fri, 2017-10-06 23:50
One of the many great aspects of the Linux operating system is its ability to bring new life to old hardware. This is not only a boon for your bottom line but also an environmentally sound philosophy. Instead of sending that older (still functioning) hardware to the trash heap, give it a second lease on life with the help of Linux.

The October 2017 Issue of the PCLinuxOS Magazine

Fri, 2017-10-06 21:56
The PCLinuxOS Magazine staff is pleased to announce the release of the October 2017 issue.