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Updated: 51 min 13 sec ago

Google Adds Kubernetes to Rebranded Cloud Marketplace

Thu, 2018-07-19 14:00
Google has announced the rebranding and expansion of its Cloud Launcher platform. Going forward, it will be known as the "Google Cloud Platform Marketplace," or "GCP Marketplace." It will offer production-ready commercial Kubernetes apps, promising simplified deployment, billing and third-party licensing. Google's goal is to make containers accessible to everyone, especially the enterprise, said Anil Dhawan, product manager for the Google Cloud Platform. Google's hosted Kubernetes Engine takes care of cluster orchestration and management.

Pinguy OS Puts On a Happier GNOME 3 Face

Tue, 2018-07-17 20:06
Pinguy OS 18.04 is an Ubuntu-based distribution that offers a non-standard GNOME desktop environment intended to be friendlier for new Linux users. This distro is a solid Linux OS with a focus on simple and straightforward usability for the non-geek desktop user. If you do not like tinkering with settings or having numerous power-grabbing fancy screen animations, Pinguy OS could be a good choice. The GNOME desktop is the only user interface, but the developer included some software options not usually packaged with GNOME.

Ribbons and Tabs Give OnlyOffice Suite a Fresh Look

Tue, 2018-07-10 18:56
Ascensio System SIA recently released its free office suite upgrade -- OnlyOffice Desktop Editors -- with a ribbon and tab interface plus numerous updated features. The refresh makes version 5.1 a potential alternative to Web versions of the Microsoft Office suite and Google Docs for Linux users. The three-module set of OnlyOffice Desktop Editors has an impressive collection of tools geared toward individual consumers and small offices. It provides many of the conveniences available when using MS Word or Google G-Suite apps.