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Updated: 34 min 29 sec ago

How to Check MD5 Sums of Installed Packages in Debian/Ubuntu Linux

Mon, 2016-10-10 16:00

tecmint: It is a vital step to verify the files on the file system against the information stored in the package.

Linux Kernel 4.7.7 Has NFS Improvements, Updated Wireless and InfiniBand Drivers

Mon, 2016-10-10 15:00

 softpedia: Linux kernel 4.7.7 comes with many improvements

A Look At The Most Promising Next-Gen Linux Software Update Mechanisms

Mon, 2016-10-10 14:00

Phoronix: Some of the new distribution update mechanisms covered included SWUpdate, Mender, OSTree, and swupd.

i.MX8 "eCockpit" SoC arrives, with media and IoT versions coming

Mon, 2016-10-10 07:00

 hackerboards: NXP unveiled its automotive i.MX8 Quad with four Cortex-A53 cores, two Cortex-M4F cores, and two GPUs.

Some Myths About Linux That Cause New Users To Run Away From Linux

Mon, 2016-10-10 03:00

Yes! You read right. While the world is realizing the power of Linux, on the other hand there are also people who are often found debating in the communities like, Reddit about how bad Linux is due to several problems.

Mutt -A Command Line Email Client to Send Mails from Terminal

Sun, 2016-10-09 23:00

 tecmint: It's a very useful and powerful tool to send and read mails from command line in Unix based systems.

Flatpak 0.6.12 Linux Application Sandboxing Makes Kernel Keyring Non-Containable

Sun, 2016-10-09 19:00

 softpedia: New features in Flatpak 0.6.12 include support for the "--device=kvm" option to be able to access /dev/kvm

Hyperledger Blockchain Project Is Not About Bitcoin

Sun, 2016-10-09 15:00

eWEEK: Brian Behlendorf, executive director of the Hyperledger Project, explains what the open-source blockchain effort is about and why it's very different from Bitcoin.