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Linux Hardware Reviews & News
Updated: 30 min 47 sec ago

Crunch Texture Compression Showing Off Promising Results For Unity

Wed, 2017-11-15 16:01
The Crunch texture compression library developed by former Valve Linux/OpenGL engineer Rich Geldreich who cofounded the Binomial consulting firm is making much progress with showing off impressive compression capabilities for game engines...

GNOME 3.27.2 Released: More Meson Porting, Nautilus Starring Files

Wed, 2017-11-15 15:18
GNOME 3.27.2 is now available as the second development release in the road to next March's GNOME 3.28 desktop stable update...

Canonical Is Hiring Graphics Stack Developers To Work On Mir

Wed, 2017-11-15 13:00
While it was only months ago that Canonical let go of several Mir developers at the same time as other staff reductions for the Unity team and different areas as the company changed their focus, they are now looking for new Mir hires...

New Touchpad & Touchscreen Support, Better Dell Canvas Support In Linux 4.15

Wed, 2017-11-15 12:29
The HID and input pull requests have been submitted for the Linux 4.15 kernel merge window...

Epiphany 3.27.2 Improves GNOME Web Apps, Firefox Sync

Wed, 2017-11-15 12:06
Epiphany 3.27.2 is now available as the latest web browser release in the road to next year's GNOME 3.28 desktop...

QEMU 2.11-RC1 Released: Drops IA64, Adds OpenRISC SMP & More

Wed, 2017-11-15 11:50
QEMU 2.11-RC1 is available for this important piece of the open-source Linux virtualization stack...

VC4 & VC5 Drivers Get More Fixes Ahead Of The Holidays

Wed, 2017-11-15 11:41
Eric Anholt at Broadcom has continued his spree of bringing up the next-gen VC5 Linux graphics driver stack while also continuing to maintain and improve upon the VC4 driver most commonly associated as being the open-source GPU driver option for the Raspberry Pi...

BCache Gets New Maintainer, NVMe Improvements & More For Linux 4.15

Wed, 2017-11-15 11:19
The changes to the MD RAID and block areas of the Linux kernel have been submitted for the 4.15 cycle...

OpenGL 4.2 Support Could Soon Land For AMD Cayman GPUs On R600g

Wed, 2017-11-15 01:27
David Airlie is looking to land OpenGL image support in the R600 Gallium3D driver that would be enabled for Radeon HD 5000 "Evergreen" GPUs and newer. For the HD 6900 "Cayman" GPUs, this would be the last step taking it to exposing OpenGL 4.2 compliance...

AMD Stoney Ridge Audio Supported By Linux 4.15

Wed, 2017-11-15 00:52
The sound driver changes have been submitted for the Linux 4.15 kernel and includes finally supporting AMD Stoney Ridge hardware...

RADV Will Now Enable "Sisched" For The Talos Principle, Boosting Frame Rates

Tue, 2017-11-14 20:32
The RADV Mesa Radeon Vulkan driver will now enable the sisched optimization automatically when running The Talos Principle in order to boost performance...

Stereoscopy/3D Protocol Being Worked On For Wayland

Tue, 2017-11-14 20:00
Collabora consultant Emmanuel Gil Peyrot has sent out a series of patches proposing a new (unstable) protocol for Wayland in dealing with stereoscopic layouts for 3D TV support but could be used in the future for VR HMDs, etc...

VESA Pushes Out DisplayID 2.0 As The Successor To EDID For Monitors & Electronics

Tue, 2017-11-14 18:12
DisplayID 2.0 is now official as the VESA standard to succeed the long-used Extended Display Identification Data "EDID" by TVs, monitors, and other consumer electronics...

Dell Rolling Out More Developer-Focused Systems Preloaded With Ubuntu

Tue, 2017-11-14 17:24
Canonical has announced that Dell is rolling out five new systems pre-installed with Ubuntu Linux. These systems are catering towards developers and come from all-in-one computers to new laptop models...

KDevelop 5.2 Released With New Analyzers, Better C++ / PHP / Python Support

Tue, 2017-11-14 17:01
KDevelop 5.2 is now available as the newest feature release for this KDE-focused, multi-language integrated development environment...

Ubuntu 17.10 Radeon Performance: Stock vs. X-Swat Updates vs. Oibaf PPA vs. Pkppa vs. Padoka PPA

Tue, 2017-11-14 16:00
There are several Launchpad PPA options for Ubuntu users wanting to update their Mesa-based drivers. For those curious about the state of these different third-party repositories, here are a few words on them and benchmarks.

Mesa 17.3-RC4 Released, Handful Of Blocker Bugs Still Left

Tue, 2017-11-14 15:43
Emil Velikov of Collabora has just announced the fourth weekly release candidate of the upcoming Mesa 17.3...

Fedora 27 Debuts With GNOME 3.26 Powered Workstation Spin, Modular Server Coming

Tue, 2017-11-14 15:13
It's arriving only two weeks late but today marks the official debut of Fedora 27 as the latest major update for this Red Hat sponsored Linux distribution...

KTechLab Microcontroller/Electronics IDE Ported To KDE4/Qt4

Tue, 2017-11-14 15:09
The KTechLab integrated development environment for electronics and microcontrollers no longer depends upon the vintage KDE3 and Qt3 libraries but has been ported to KDE4/Qt4...

Linux 4.15 Is Off To A Busy Start

Tue, 2017-11-14 13:28
As expected, the Linux 4.15 merge window is proving to be very action-packed with a lot of new code being queued for this next kernel release and we are less than 48 hours into this two week cycle...