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What Happened to eXternOs?

2 hours 39 min ago

I was looking at trying out eXternOs in Virtualbox but it looks like the download link is gone, I think I read somewhere that the creator was going to release beta2 on June30th and there has been no update since. Was just curious if anyone knew where to find the iso.

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25 and counting.

3 hours 46 min ago

Trying to get two displays working (from gpu + igpu)

4 hours 21 min ago

So the problem is that I'm not able to get my two displays working so that one gets the signal from Nvidia gpu and one from the integrated Intel (i5 3570k) igpu.

I'm running Linux mint 18.3 with Nvidia proprietary drivers.

I tried following these instructions:

but after editing xorg.conf and giving it my gpu pci busid (PCI:1:0:0) and using this command:

$ xrandr --setprovideroutputsource modesetting NVIDIA-0

I got this error:

"Could not find provider with name modesetting"

Seems like it would be easier with the non-proprietary drivers but since I like to run those new and shiny 3d accelerated programs I would like to use the proprietary drivers for now.

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Filesystem to allow treating read-only remote as writeable local?

5 hours 50 min ago

Basically, what I want is a filesystem which will r/o mount an sshfs remote point but pair it with a local writable directory. When a process reads, it will get the local copy if it exists, or fetch the remote version if not. Writes all go to the local copy.

On the surface this is pretty easy and I'd have a go if there is nothing already available, but I assume there must be.

Any suggestions?

submitted by /u/nagora
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how to improve battery life on openSUSE 15?

10 hours 49 min ago

Hi all, I have a msi GP63 and I'd really want to improve the battery life of this laptop, it last like an hour just writing, or using chrome. Maybe it's the i7 8750H that is consuming too much? is not always at full speed though. I don't use the gtx1060 so I want to disable it and use the intel instead (if it's not already running).

I tried powertop and tlp but didn't change that much.

I use the laptop on battery to write documents, give presentations and browsing, is not that I need the whole CPU or GPU at max to make those things. So any tips/recommendations with openSUSE?, if not which distro do you recommend to maximize the battery life?

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[suggestions / advice] Using a graphics tablet with Linux

10 hours 56 min ago

So, my SO was looking for a graphics tablet for her new system! I recently introduced her to Linux, and has regained her passion for digital art. Anyone got any good suggestions for tablets about 50$ or less that has good native Linux support? If not plug and play, one with drivers that aren't bad? I appreciate it, mates.

submitted by /u/Nocturn_Adrift
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