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Windows 10 expired so I've decided to learn Linux

3 hours 20 min ago

I don't know where to begin so if anyone could point me in a general direction that would be great. I have above average knowledge of how laptop/computer programs work and if anyone could give me information one any good private Torrent sites that would be great

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I can get DamnSmallLinux booted to XConfig, but the keyboard won't work.

4 hours 53 min ago

I'm trying to setup DamnSmallLinux on a thinclient machine my teacher is letting us experiment on. Since the students wanted a linux server, I decided to choose the smallest possible distro I could find, since it only has an 8GB SSD.

I boot into it, but the USB Keyboard won't work when using the XConfig boot option. I'm just stuck at the screen where you decide to use XVesa or Xfbdev.

Otherwise booting normally neither the mouse/kbm work. And I got it to work once, seemingly randomly, but it crashed once I unplugged it. Any thoughts?

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Something similar to a Pinebook?

4 hours 56 min ago

The 14" pinebook exactly matches my requirements for a time-share satellite office - cheap, long battery life, and the ability to run a decent VPN client. Unfortunately after months on the wait list, I'm still unable to get one - and I need about 12 of them.

Is there anything else like a pinebook, except with the ability to actually order the product?

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Gentoo losing it's bleeding edge?

6 hours 7 min ago

I've used a distro that is based off of Gentoo for about 10 years now. Back when I started, testing portage tree had the latest stuff way before any other distros had things packaged up, but it seems like maybe they're falling behind. Is it maybe getting too much to be able to support all the different variations? I don't necessarily expect Gentoo to deliver packages faster than, say, Arch. But it makes me really nervous when things like Java 10 aren't offered on Gentoo yet. As a software developer, it made a lot of sense for me to pick a distro based on Gentoo (I mean, all the build tools are already there!), but I'm nervous that I'm going to have to switch distros just to keep up with Java on Windows for my current position.

Anyone else have thoughts, experiences, insight?

P.S. I'm by no means saying that Gentoo devs don't have their shit together. What they are providing is so much more complicated than a binary distro, and I get that. This is by no means an attack, I'm just curious if I'm the only one feeling this way.

I also understand that Java 11 is the next Long Term Support so maybe Gentoo is just going to go straight to that, although I couldn't find that stated on the wiki anywhere.

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Questions about device tree overlays

Wed, 2018-10-17 21:10

Hello everyone, I need help understanding uboot overlays. After 3 days of research I got to know that: 1. Capemanager is obsolete and everything happens thru u boot. Thats it. So much stuff online that doesnt work anymore. Questions: 1. If you can load overlays in runtime, how does it happen? Before you loaded a slotto capemanager. Now if I put it in uEnt.txt does it load it after saving the file or after rebooting only? 2. How can i check which overlays are loaded? Only thru serial debugger? Thank you for the help!

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In-car Linux - any nav options?

Wed, 2018-10-17 20:51

Are there any options for smooth turn-by-turn GPS navigation in Linux? There are tons of options for iOS and Android, but both options really limit what I can use for an in-car display. I like Here WeGo and Waze. There was some mention of compiling Waze for Linux desktops years ago, but I can't find any references that work now.

I can get Android running on a Raspberry Pi or Odroid, but they can be very slow and I can't rely on security updates. Further, Android has some limitations that make other parts of my project more difficult.

Nav really seems to be the sticking point.

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Vulkan SDK for Ubuntu Linux made easier with Native Linux Packaging!

Wed, 2018-10-17 18:50

LunarG now delivers native Ubuntu Linux packages for all the elements in the Vulkan SDK and also continues to provide the Linux SDK tarball. Follow the Ubuntu Packages link on the LunarXchange SDK web page to gain access to the native Ubuntu Linux packages.

submitted by /u/LunarGInc
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Alternatives to "shell in a box" web client that work for mobile? Want a web-available shell client for personal server.

Wed, 2018-10-17 17:47

Hey /r/linux, I've been looking for a good shell web client to use for my personal server and the best I've found so far is shell in a box. It was easy to setup as a daemon with an nginx reverse proxy to it (behind auth ofc), but interactions via mobile chrome are so horrendous it's unusable.

Anyone know of similar software that they've used successfully with mobile browsers?

I'm aware I could just use a terminal app and ssh on my phone, but my current Android phone doesn't have root or ssh and I'm too lazy atm to find the oh-so-specific sacrificial ritual and incantations required to unlock superuser for this model phone.

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p2v nightmare stuck at 97%

Wed, 2018-10-17 17:28


I have been trying to get our onsite RHEL 10.0, which hosts our Mitel Voicemail, to convert via the VMware vCenter Converter Standalone Client 6.2 as we now have Veeam and we would like to back up the system accordingly.

The issue here is that when I run the converter, we get all the way to 97% and it craps out with this error stating "Partition number must be set for the boot volume"

As far as I know, when the new VHDD gets made at the destination VM the UUIDs and such get broken as that physical hardware is no longer there? and thus I can not boot from the new VM(this is only a guess) because it doesn't know where any of the FS are anymore, so I concluded I may need to create a new fstab and grub, but I have absolutely no idea how to go about doing that? Or that the p2v software is not starting the raid software to reconfigure the raid when it arrives to the new VM?

So, since I don't have RHEL 10+ .iso, and the old RHEL 9 .iso kernal is too old to rescue from, I took a CentOS.iso and booted into rescue mode.

Can I please have assistance on how you might go about doing this?

Another idea I had was to go to the Mitel server and undo the Raid on the software controller and set it to just one /dev/sda and run the conversion again so it tries to reconfigure with only one but I also don't know how to do that, and since it is currently in production I am afraid it'll break and then I'll have to recover two things! How do I do a full safe backup on a live server?

Help? I am open to all suggestion, provided you can explain to me why, please and thank you.

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