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All things Linux and GNU/Linux -- this is neither a community exclusively about the kernel Linux, nor is exclusively about the GNU operating system.Linux, GNU/Linux, free software...
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Is anyone using Qubes?

1 hour 33 min ago

Just curious, how's the experience? Is it your main OS? Pros and cons?

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New to Linix, which to use?

2 hours 25 min ago

Which distro of Linux should I be using if I'm more into R and data analytics? Feel like switching from windows and Linux is the number one choice

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There really should be a comprehensive up-to-date book about Linux kernel and drivers

6 hours 42 min ago

A request that I see often in /r/linux is a book that introduces the internals of the Linux kernel. There are some books by Greg KH, but they are getting old already.

There are many people who know how to administer Linux on the command line, they might know some kernel drivers and subsystems, but have almost no idea what specifically happens inside the kernel. Behind a curtain there waits a completely new world to explore.

The constantly changing nature of Linux is of course problematic, but an updated edition released every 5 years should keep things on wagon well enough.

Some author really should grab the torch and make this happen. I'm certain that the book would sell a good amount of copies among Linux users, engineers, and computer science students.

Imagine seeing something like Inside the Linux Kernel, 5th edition (updated for Linux 4.x) in a bookstore. Wouldn't you immediately grab it and start browsing?

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SPAM Filtering: Help training spamassasin on mail relay

8 hours 43 min ago

Hello, some of you might remember my previous post about getting SPAM filtering working properly.

I did make multiple tweaks based on those suggestions and it has cut down on SPAM significantly. However unfortunately I'm still getting hit with spam from time to time. When I inspect the headers and look up the IP addresses to see why the e-mail wasn't caught, it appears that there are many, many compromised e-mail servers (and php scripts) with properly set reverse DNS/SPF records being compromised almost every hour which means the only way to catch this sort of stuff is spamassasin with bayesian keyword-based filtering.

Unfortunately it would appear that my spamassasin isn't working at all. Infact, on some occasions with REALLY spammy messages (e.g. I w@nt your c0ck in the subject line) I am finding spamassasin is actually assigning a negative score which is allowing e-mails to make it to my inbox.

My question is - How do I train SA?

Every time I google "how to train spamassasin" I am finding instructions for how to do it on servers where the mailbox is housed on the same domain, so they just suggest pointing sa-learn at /path/to/users/INBOX for HAM and /path/to/users/JUNK to train for SPAM.

But since on my server no e-mail is stored on the server itself (it's a bastion that hands off to various other e-mail servers, mainly my home lab exchange server), how can I train it properly? Is there some way I can instruct postfix to dump a few hundred SPAMs and HAMs to disk every day to run sa-learn against on a daily basis?

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TMUX - The most magical utility in Linux.

13 hours 47 min ago

Of all the various Linux programs, TMUX is one gem of a utility that is a must-have for all Linux users, and especially for developers. Its fairly common for us to have multiple terminals open on the desktop, for example, one for the php web server, another for python interpreter, another for bash, etc. TMUX helps by combining all these terminals into one (similar to how firefox combines multiple browsers into each tab!).

It creates a small console based green toolbar on the bottom and you can navigate those using simple key combinations (like Ctrl+B+n). Try this out once, and you'll never regret!

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How Bad Is Dirty COW?

Mon, 2016-10-24 22:53

High-quality wireless access points?

Mon, 2016-10-24 21:11

My home router (EA6900) seems to be dying and I'm looking for a replacement. I've gone through dozens of routers. I'm absolutely sick to death of supporting wireless. It seems there's an issue every week. My father refuses to just use a ethernet cable so this time around, I'm looking at enterprise solutions.

I need a router that has stable wireless and doesn't require me to flash a custom OS. I love tinkering but I'm now sick of it. I just want something that works.

Powerline adapters didn't work out for us. High latency (100 ms) and low bandwidth.

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