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Are there any known solutions for backing up photos to Google Photos automatically?

2 hours 31 min ago

Extra credit if your solution can be automated in the background. GUI not required.

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Life Of an engineer

3 hours 29 min ago

How to setup a telnet server for experimenting purposes ?

4 hours 10 min ago

Does anyone have any idea ? I tried with telnetd and it worked but it does with my system user's account only.

I want to test it with no account at all, user with no password, user & password etc., just experiment with all possible combinations.

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Terminology turns useless when Transparency is turned on

7 hours 44 min ago

I'm a big fan of the terminology terminal.

Having just switched from Arch to Ubuntu, I installed it again and when I turned on transparency it closed down and restarted with nothing but the title bar and a completely transparent window. No input was accepted - nothing.

Just a completely transparent window.

The only solution to get it back to opaque and working is to delete it's config file and restart it.

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I really need some help understanding this one question concerning the command line.

15 hours 38 min ago

Hey everyone, you may remember I made a post not too long ago. I'm taking an online class for the Linux command line, and I have another question that I'm having issues with. I'm giving question 2 for context, but number 3 is the real problem for me. Here it is:

  1. I also like to keep a record of what I have done in my working dir with the date and time. Make another alias for "mydata" which displays the content of my working directory and date.
  2. Using the 2nd step, direct that command into a file called my work history. Have it so it appends to the end of the file and it retain the three values from when I run it at start of day, middle, and end of the day. You can execute the command three times and show the file with the data from all of the runs.

This is directly copy/pasted, and I've had issues understanding this teacher in the past. I do understand creating aliases, and pipelines. I believe I understand redirecting the output to the end of a new file with heads and tails. However, he does not elaborate on what he means by the middle of the day. Also, the part about executing the command three times I don't understand at all. I apologize for my lack of understanding, but I've had issues basically trying to learn the fundamentals myself. I guess, my issues are more so about what exactly he means, and if I figure that out I can figure out the necessary commands. Any help what-so-ever is appreciated.

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Intel's ME and AMD's PSP are serious problems, but instead of neutralizing them, why not replace the binary imbedded RTOS with the seL4 microkernel?

Sun, 2017-02-26 22:10

We are all aware of the serious issues that these supposedly security enhancing technologies bring. So serious, in fact, that multiple parties have sought to disable or neutralize these technologies with varying levels of success (which is excellent work).

But here's an idea: instead of disabling or neutralizing these hardware components, why not attempt to FREE them so we could actually USE them as intended?

This is where the seL4 microkernel would come in handy. It is a formally verified microkernel - there is a formal and robust mathematical proof that shows that the semantics of its C code are implemented correctly against its abstract specification. That means no buffer overflows, dangling pointers, stack smashing, etc.

What makes seL4 actually USEFUL in this context is that it is designed to be real time operating system kernel (yes! no joke!), as well as being the world's fastest microkernel (drools). And, its licensed under the GPLv2.

I want to know what other people think about this.

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