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Updated: 54 min 7 sec ago

TIL that Alt+Esc in GNOME Terminal will copy the previous command executed to the prompt and add "sudo" in front of it.

1 hour 2 min ago

It's even smart enough to replace vim file with sudoedit file.

I don't know whether I was living under a rock all these years, but I really can't find any documentation for that feature or any other useful keyboard shortcuts.

submitted by /u/i542
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What sound does Tux make?

1 hour 10 min ago

Dogs do woof, cats meow, pigs oink, cows moo.

But surprisingly, there seems to be no answer on internet for my question. What onomatopoeic sound does Tux make?

submitted by /u/kefeer
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Shell Script Array

1 hour 28 min ago

How I give a path as argument to a shell script and write the files in the path in a array var, in the script ?

submitted by /u/spite77
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Linux script error help. Ubuntu

1 hour 59 min ago

$suma = $1+$2 echo "Suma $1 + $2 = $suma"

submitted by /u/Ferigone
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Why it's not working?????/?? linux ubuntu

2 hours 9 min ago

$suma = $1+$2 echo "Suma $1 + $2 = $suma"

submitted by /u/Ferigone
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How do I export browsing data from Internet Explorer to another browser, such as Firefox?

2 hours 23 min ago

Oh jeez, how do I ask this without sounding like some kind of noob? I need to know this if my mom ever decided to switch to Linux. I think I've seen an option in Firefox to import from other browsers, but I'd like an alternative to installing Firefox for Windows and importing the data.

submitted by /u/Elon_Satoshi
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Anyway to run a script on my machine from a phone on the local network?

12 hours 24 min ago

I can use some ssh clients to do the job, but I'm wondering if there are any apps that are made just to run scripts. I'd like to basically have a home menu of some frequently used scripts that I can just click, and they go do their thing on my computer.

submitted by /u/Yamatjac
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Linux Kernel Coding Style

12 hours 44 min ago

LibreOffice good for college?

12 hours 48 min ago

Wanting to switch to a Linux distro and use only open source software. Currently in college.

submitted by /u/andrewyarbro19
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Should I donate to the EFF or the Linux foundation?

15 hours 30 min ago

I can only donate to one. What are the pros and cons of each org?

submitted by /u/LunixIsDangerous
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