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IBus Custom IME with Ligature?

Thu, 2017-11-16 22:42

I am trying to create a Custom IME using IBus for my conlang. It works kind of like Korean in the way the parts of a letter connect as you type them out. Is this at all possible? Also, I'd like to know about the context menu (like with Chinese/Japanese) and how I can implement conversion with it. Thnx.

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ag, grep, pt, and sift

Thu, 2017-11-16 21:25

So I'm using ag(silver searcher) with fzf and locate through several different scripts and functions. I recently also switched to exa (written in rust) as an ls replacement. I'm loving my work flow. I read on the web site that sift is a faster replacement for ag and you get perl style RE - which I love. However, after several similar queries with both tools sift is far from the speed of ag.

Is there some flag or arrangement of such flags that I'm missing or is this just hype and mostly about some narrow use cases being faster?

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Want a Linux cert. Advice needed!

Thu, 2017-11-16 19:27

I recently fell in love with linux after volunteering myself for a project at work. Taught myself the basics but really want to dive deeper and be acknowledged for my efforts via getting a certification. So, which one? -red hat? -linux+?

What do employers like to see at first glance?

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DriveSync - My Google Drive client for Linux [X-Post from /r/googledrive]

Thu, 2017-11-16 18:39

So I wanted to get Google Drive on Linux and browsed through some of the unofficial clients out there. I wasn't very impressed at the time because because I wanted the same functionality as on Windows and wanted something that's a complete solution, doesn't involve user input, is configurable and easy to automate.

So I decided to make my own client which I've been using, testing and improving for a year now. Since I'm happier with it than I was testing some other clients (and because since the latest patches to the official Windows client, I've been wishing I had it on Windows as well...) , I thought I should probably publish it. So after a long time of putting it off , here it is:



  • No user input required
  • Complete sync: Downloads new remote files, uploads new local files, updates changed files
  • Configurable : You can ignore certain files, make changes to how updating files works, set file size thresholds and more
  • Easy to automate : Works as a cronjob as no input is required
  • Stable and safe: I've been using it for more than a year without any breaking bugs or loss of data

Installation and usage instructions are in the README on the linked project page. I believe this is as close to the official Windows client as you can get on Linux so I hope this may be useful to some. If you have any comments, questions or concerns, let me know here or on GitHub.

Edit: So far, I only tested this on Ubuntu, so I'd be glad to get feedback from users of other distros.

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How does this compare to the Pocket C.H.I.P?

Thu, 2017-11-16 17:07

Hey guys, I'm looking for a handheld / small device to mess around with Linux on begore I commit to installing it on a full computer. I was looking at the pocket chip because it runs Debian. While I like Pico-8, I'm more interested in messing around with linux. How would something like this compare?

Obviously, it's got a gaming focus, but so do a lot of the portable options like this. Aside from a GPD Pocket, what options would I have?

submitted by /u/MoreThanLuck
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Upgrading Linux Servers

Thu, 2017-11-16 16:53

Hi guys, I am interested on how you upgrade your productive server environments. Do you upgrade, or do reinstall the operating system?

On the server I talk about runs apache and django productively. The rest of the server is a giant data storage. The server was hardly touched in the last five years. Have you ever tried to do "do-release-upgrade" twice, to upgrade from Ubuntu Server 12.04 to Ubuntu Server 16.04? Is this a bad idea?

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Now that GLXOSD is dead do to a lack of a maintainer we need something to replace it with

Thu, 2017-11-16 13:20

We need Good Frame Rate Counter with a on screen display, that shows CPU Per Core+GPU usage, FPS, and VRAM usage for OpenGL+Vulkan API, on screen like MSI Afterburner / GALLIUM_HUD, plus with a FPS logging hotkey, that works for Nvidia, AMD, Intel, Wayland, Xorg, and I'm willing to help fund a Patreon if Someone or a Group of Skilled developers would make a Opensource tool like this.

submitted by /u/Linux_PCMR
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What are your unresolved issues, or your TODO-list in Linux?

Thu, 2017-11-16 10:50

With no music playing I just accidentally hit my mute button, and was a bit surprised about how silence it got. A few years ago I told myself I would find and fix whatever is causing the white noise I have when headphones are plugged in but it seems I just got used to it instead.

I have a few others, some trivially easy to fix and others maybe not so much.

  • Keyboard doesn't work if mouse is plugged in at startup necessitating a reboot. Fortunately I can unplug my mouse to prevent this problem!
  • My remaps don't actually work after a reboot. Somehow I find it less tedious to Ctrl+R a bunch every startup rather than just spending the 5-10 min needed to fix it once and for all.
  • Speakers just stop functioning sometimes after unplugging headphones. This I have troubleshooted enough to not want to do it ever again, just waiting for the next LTS to magically fix it.
  • TLP occasionally crashes requiring a reboot when on battery. But it saves me so much battery, if I really have to code without a place to charge I just disable it temporarily.
  • Hooking up via DisplayPort to my television works for image but not for sound. Fixed by having a handy Windows partition.

I'll happily put up with all of the above because I really love my setup when doing anything code related, hell, even for Latex I get annoyed when I have to use some other computer.

I'm not looking for tech support, just curious about what quirks you have with your system, if any?

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