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Thoughs on Lunduke's latest actions about his channel.

Sun, 2018-05-20 12:41


I post this here, because I believe many of you have seen Bryan Lunduke and his famous "linux sucks" presentations. Some of you might also follow him on his youtube account.

Almost a week ago, he made a video announcing that he will move the main thing in his channel (the lunduke show) behind a paywall (patreon) (video) . This spawned a storm of negative comments (for obvious reasons).

Not only he refuses to address those but he also decided to disable all comments accross his channel because apparently people hate the jews, and he is one (video).

DISCLAIMER: I don't want/care to talk about jews and stuff in this thread, it's just the reason he is disabling the comments and that's why I'm mentioning it.

  • What do you think about his actions?
  • Is a paywall justified to get to some content (in the Free Software community)?
  • Is he a jerk for doing this?

I feel like he is trying to capitalize on a community that is build on top of generosity and openness.

I do not justify a paywall, no matter the content. Donations and voluntary subscriptions are the way to go IMO. Half the world is below the poverty limit ("dancing on the breadline" if you will), so you give what you have, and when you don't have all you can give is "love" by viewing, enjoying and promoting the content you like (plus ad revenues if the OP is a jerk and has ads on the videos, but I'll allow this).

And to answer my final question: Yes. When he is doing shows he ignores the audience and makes a big deal out of it, and it's funny! But apparently that is not just a face he puts up when he is "performing", but rather it's his personality. He ignores and judges the same people who created him (because if we don't give 2$ to content we enjoy we are some kind of a lesser being) and allowed him to even be able to put his stuff behind a paywall.

What do you think?

PS. This is his YT statistics in socialblade

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I plan to switch to Linux

Sun, 2018-05-20 12:03

Hi everyone,

today I plan to switch to a linux distribution, because my pc is stuck at a "Rollback loop" after updating it (windows - update 1803). I also tried to use a recovery cd I burned back in 2016 "in case" something like that might happen, but it was a failure.

My build is the following: Windows 10 family edition 16GB Ram GTX 960 - 2GB Intel I7 40xx something

I want to believe that this is the only solution to my problem. So I want to ask what distribution fits to a 20 years old Windows user? (since I used a computer for the first time) or maybe to give a advice on how to repair it (but I really consider switching to an "independent" Debian distribituon).

ps: "20 years old" by that I mean that i'm 20 years old, not that I used only windows for 20 years straight.

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KDE operates with mere $125k income?!

Sun, 2018-05-20 11:09

I was shocked to find out from their most recent financial report (2015) that they only had a total income of $125,810 USD and only $29,491 worth of donations. To compare, The Document Foundation (LibreOffice) received $748,029 in donations the same year.

KDE is doing such amazing work with pennies on the dollar. Imagine if all users donated $10 per year. There are probably hundreds of thousands users daily.

What other major players in the GNU/Linux field that affect everyday life of thousands of people work with so little money? Discuss :)

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What are your requirements for a desktop environment?

Sun, 2018-05-20 11:01

For me they are:

  • Stability in the sense that I don't want it to crash and potentially lose my session data/work
  • Be able to quickly launch my applications
  • A built-in feature to search for my files
  • A fast way to switch between windows
  • Sane defaults when it comes to laptop power usage by which I mean to standby when on battery and not using, suspend when closing the lid, or having a built-in blue light filter to protect my eyes

These requirements make me currently use GNOME on Fedora 28.

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Best distro for non tech-savvy senior citizens?

Sun, 2018-05-20 05:41

My parents are old, and we all Windows nowadays is a big headache, just one misimplemented "update" pushed by Mocosoft could get a computer bricked. Is Ubuntu okay for them? Would it last years without misconfiguring everything like Windows does?

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[Question] Need help with ChromeBook permissions

Sun, 2018-05-20 04:58

I'm a noob but i'll try to make this easy to understand. I use developer mode and Crouton on my chromebook. Several weeks ago my ChromeBook updated and I can no longer access linux. This is the log from my Chrome OS Developer Shell

crosh> shell

chronos@localhost / $ sudo startxfce4

Entering /mnt/stateful_partition/crouton/chroots/trusty... ln: failed to access '/var/run/crouton/mnt/stateful_partition/crouton/chroots/trusty/etc/resolv.conf': Permission denied

Unmounting /mnt/stateful_partition/crouton/chroots/trusty...

I'm not sure what I can do about this. I have pretty weak Linux skills, but I'm sure there's an answer I'm not figuring out. I just don't have enough time to sit down and grind out this problem. For me I tend to see progress with this sorta stuff when I can spend several hours consecutively, but I don't have that kind of time at my disposal.

I appreciate all your help! <3

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Linux analogy

Sun, 2018-05-20 04:57

Linux is the 2nd amendment of the desktop world: A well regulated kernel being necessary to the security of a free system, the right of the people to edit and share shall not be infringed.

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Cinnamon is a fantastic desktop environment who want the sleek, consistent ui design of gnome and the customizability of KDE

Sun, 2018-05-20 04:22

Just my $0.02..feels like it has gone under the radar in recent years.

It really just works and looks great. It has just the right amount of tweaks available.

But not overly so, and just lets you concentrate on doing actual work and gives the user CHOICE of workflow

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Help with Tp-link WN821N v6 adaptor.

Sat, 2018-05-19 23:41

Hey guys I installed Kali Linux 2018.2 on VM ware ,used bootable live version and also installed it on a partition. But my wireless adaptor never got detected. It does show up when I type 'lsusb' but no manufacture information is shown. I tried 'make' to install drivers but it says no such directory was found in modules. Also tried downgrading kernel but it said grub wasn't installed. Any help would be appreciated.

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Ideas for using up memory?

Sat, 2018-05-19 22:20

I use Linux on my laptop for web development. I usually have 2 instances of VS Code, a browser and a few dockers for misc services. I have 8GB and swap never even gets used.

I'm probably going to be getting a used Thinkpad which has 16GB. How best can the RAM be used? Ramdisk for things like compilation? Running VM's obviously but am looking for other ideas I may not know of.

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what is 3.x.x&x.3.x.x in software engineering?

Sat, 2018-05-19 21:58

In the software projects there are major versions and versions, what is the meaning of these changes in the vresions. what are the changes in these versions? Regardless of any project.

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Why does Gnome 3 get so much hate?

Sat, 2018-05-19 20:54

Why does gnome 3 get so much hate? This is the only desktop environment besides i3 that doesn't get on my nerve and stays out of the way.

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