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Check MindForger - Open Source Markdown IDE & Thinking Notebook

Thu, 2018-06-14 08:31

Human mind inspired thinking notebook

MindForger is Markdown IDE and thinking notebook for Linux. With MindForger you can search, browse and edit multiple documents, perform (cross-document) refactoring/cloning/extraction of sections, use document/section templates and more. It provides HTML preview with diagram and math support, source code syntax highlighting both in editor and viewer, customizable themes and dual pane interface.

MindForger aims to mimic human mind - learning, recalling, thinking, associations, forgetting - in order to achieve synergy with your mind to make your searching, reading and writing more productive.

GitHub repo | project homepage

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1. Where can I ask for help (paid) to create a script to run on my desktop?

Thu, 2018-06-14 07:18
  1. And what are the general prices?
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Looking for an audio player that supports volume normalization of FLAC files

Thu, 2018-06-14 06:14

I would like to find a Linux audio player that can normalize the volume of FLAC files. I don't want to normalize the volume via destructive re-encode. On Windows, I used MusicBee, which set Replay Gain tags and used them during playback. If any Linux audio player supports a similar feature, I would be interested. Otherwise, is there a pair of programs I can use, one to set Replay Gain tags and another that supports Replay Gain tags during playback?

submitted by /u/beamer159
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Had issues installing Cisco Packet Tracer on Ubuntu 18.04. Figured it out and though I would share a video tutorial to help others!

Thu, 2018-06-14 05:50

I've been working on a series of videos called "The Wilson Minute" in which I break down how to do something or explain a concept in 60 seconds or less. These are usually things I've run into issues with, but I've also recorded a few videos at the request of some of my viewers.

This week I was having issues getting Cisco's Packet Tracer to install and run on Ubuntu 18.04, so I wanted to make this video to hopefully help others avoid the hassle and install it with ease.

Let me know what you think!

submitted by /u/bamhm182
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Cafe Ubuntu

Thu, 2018-06-14 04:41

Ranger - line numbers

Wed, 2018-06-13 23:57

Hi I added 'set line_numbers true' to my rc.conf, but ranger still does not show line numbers. What could I do to make it work like 'set number' in vim?

Here is what I have now:

submitted by /u/andynameistaken
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Intel FP security issue

Wed, 2018-06-13 19:37

Looking for help! Help the small distros!

Wed, 2018-06-13 16:56

After listening to a recent podcast, I got an idea (it was the host's idea and he and I have been in contact).

I used to be on a small distro team. That team is gone. That distro is gone. It was a popular distro. However, upstream changes became too much and we couldn't get help, despite having awesome reviews.

Today we see small distros in and out. We see issues like Void Linux where a project is on the brink of collapse because of a single point of failure. I want to eliminate that point of failure.

Gaining users to a new distro is hard. You have to instill confidence. Small distros typically start with one or two lead devs. In order to grow, they need to grow a userbase and that userbase needs to return devs to help that core team at some point. When that doesn't happen, burn out happens. Projects collapse.

Add to that, devs are great at what they do, but many don't like to deal with admin tasks. So, some of those things fall to the wayside (such as maintaining keys, domains, etc.).

When users see things such as what happened with Void, Korora, and the distro I worked on, they flock right back to the heavyweights. They may like the idea of small distros, but they'll fall back to Ubuntu because they're secure in Canonical or in Red Hat.

I think this is a disservice and hurts Linux to some degree. If we want only one or two options, we would've stuck with Windows.

But, if we can instill user confidence. Small distros could thrive. They may not individually compete with Ubuntu or Fedora, but there is strength in numbers and those niche distros could thrive for their intent. Users could be more confident and the distros could get much needed support.

I am working to lay the framework for a non-profit foundation that will allow distros to outsource their administrative tasks and relieve the single point of failure aspect. A foundation that can maintain domain names for distros, hold keys, provide admin support such as people to handle documentation and artwork and legal support until the distro no longer feels they need that extra support.

Eventually, I'd like to grow it into a place that can provide pay to those people that work with it. However, until then, I am looking for volunteers. People who are willing to provide those services. Artists and creative types that will help with logos and backgrounds. Writers who will help any distro (even if they're not interested in using it). Those who can handle accounting for those distros that receive donations.

I have already reached out to SFLC for legal support (for instance, I want a contract that protects each distro). I don't know where else to get the rest so I bring it to the community. If you're interested, PM me. I haven't come up with a name yet, so no domain or anything. I want to see if I can get support first. Once I have a framework, we'll work on promo and reaching out to distros to see if there's an interest. Right now, it's just me.

So, if you want to help small distros and this sounds interesting to you, reply here or PM me. I want to help these distros. I don't want to have only a couple giants. I don't want distros in the future to have issues my old distro did.

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Plasma 5.13 now in Kde Neon repos - (even) lower memory consumption ..

Wed, 2018-06-13 16:10
$ sudo apt-cache show plasma-desktop Package: plasma-desktop Priority: optional Section: kde Installed-Size: 9276 Maintainer: Neon CI <> Architecture: amd64 Version: 4:5.13.0-0neon+16.04+xenial+build92 .... submitted by /u/d_r_benway
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New NOVA Filesystem

Wed, 2018-06-13 15:27