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All things Linux and GNU/Linux -- this is neither a community exclusively about the kernel Linux, nor is exclusively about the GNU operating system.Linux, GNU/Linux, free software...
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My girlfriend doesn't like her Commonly Used Operating System That Might Be Called "Ventanas" in Spanish But Can't Be Named Due to Automod. Is it a terrible idea to get her started on linux?

Mon, 2017-12-04 13:57

She is not technically inclined at all, she is the epitome of the "I just want it to work" consumer. She has zero interest in learning much of anything tech wise, and a terminal would give her an anxiety attack.

She hates windows because on 3 separate occasions across 2 machines an update has fucked something up and she's been without a laptop at a crucial time.

I thought about getting her started on ubuntu. is this a terrible idea?

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Why does it feel like Linux distros have become so crappy?

Mon, 2017-12-04 11:28

TLDR: tried a few Linux distros, nothing seems to work anymore.

I'm relatively new to Linux but i have used a few distros in the past. The three I have extensively are Ubuntu, Mint and Apricity (arch Linux distro that got discontinued). All three of these worked great and I did not have many problems with them. The problems i did have, were easily fixable. I have not been using Linux for about six months and i have went through 3 distros and none of them worked and none had a good fix for them. I tried the new Ubuntu, the internet didn't work. I tried the fix I saw in the forums, it didn't work because it needed to download something from the internet. Seemed impossible so i went onto the next one. Tried Antegros, couldn't even install it because it would crash when i tried to partition the hard drive. Most recently I installed openSUSE, apparently every time i boot it up, there's a fucking bug. I try to report the error but it doesn't let me. Firefox won't open and sometimes the internet doesn't work. So, why am i struggling so fucking much? Have linux distros just become more crappy in the past 6 months? This is very frustrating and I'm considering giving up Linux for good. Thanks for reading this and for any replies I get.

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Any suggestions on backing up keepass databases locally on linux?

Mon, 2017-12-04 09:48

Hi everyone how's it going, firstly sorry if this is in the wrong section. I have been using keepass for a while now on linux mint and looking for a way to backup my keepass database automatically. Right now I have been manually copying the file to an external every couple of weeks but I would like to use something automated to backup the file to a specific folder and keep track of versions and if necessary go back. I have a little bit of linux experience but would appreciate any recommendations or ways this can be done.


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Linux: not good enough

Mon, 2017-12-04 09:41

Grey screen after logging in and nouveau errors.

Mon, 2017-12-04 09:12

Hello guys,

i have a little problem. I installed Ubuntu Linux as second OS on my laptop. And if i try to start it i can see log me in but after i entered the password and pressed enter i only see the grey background from the login screen. I cant open the terminal or anything else...

..sometimes if i go over recovery mode and enter exit it sometimes works but the most times it doesnt work.

I think i know the problem. I have two graphicscards. One from Intel and one from Nvidia... but how can i say that Linux should use only the Nvidia graphicscard? Because i always get the nouveau errors when i boot into linux. Please help... this is so frustrating ._.

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Why is installing VMware Tools so difficult?

Mon, 2017-12-04 05:21

Why does linux insist on complicated measures for simple tasks when it does so many other things wonderfully? On "Bimbos" and "Blazed Mountain Range OS" it's just a double click after you insert the installation disk. On Linux you have to first copy the files to another directory, then futz around with making the dumb shell script executable, assuming your file manager even knows what it's doing, and then you have to open a terminal and navigate to whatever dummy folder you copied your program to and then hope that you don't screw up your syntax when typing the command in or misspell the damn file name. Why is double-clicking and then typing your password into a popup not a feature? Why is this considered unimportant? /rant

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Here is the development timeline for OMP, the open-source foobar2000-inpsired music player I posted about 5 days ago. Is there anything you believe I should add before or after version 1.0?

Sun, 2017-12-03 23:10

The initial 0.1 release will definitely happen by March 1st, 2018. I'm hoping to release something before 0.1 too. Not all features listed in 0.1 will be in OMP at the initial release, but they will be present before 0.2 is released.

0.1 (Alpha)

  • Gapless playback.
  • CUESHEET parsing finalized and stabilized. This includes split-file CUESHEET support and single-file cue sheet support whether embedded, not embedded, or both.
  • Playlists saved in SQLite3 database.
  • Playback history.
  • Plays most common audio file formats(mp3, FLAC, ogg, ALAC, APE, etc).
  • Simple tag-editing.
  • Track, album, and playlist shuffling or randomization.
  • Playlist looping.
  • Stop after current track.
  • Playback follows the cursor(selected track).
  • Cursor does or doesn't follow the cursor.
  • ALSA, Pulseaudio, JACK, or automatic audio sink selection.
  • scrobbling and track updating.

0.2 (Beta)

  • Stable version of 0.1 and the first stable version.
  • All known bugs fixed.

0.3 (Alpha)

  • Advanced tag-editing like foobar2000.
  • Bug fixes.

0.4 (Beta)

  • Stable version of 0.3.
  • All known bugs fixed.

0.5 (Alpha)

  • Library system.
  • Bug fixes.

0.6 (Beta)

  • Stable version of 0.5.
  • All known bugs fixed.

0.7 (Alpha)

  • Customizable GUI similar to the component ColumnsUI for foobar2000.
  • Bug fixes.

0.8 (Beta)

  • Stable version of 0.7.
  • All known bugs fixed.

0.9 (Alpha)

  • Plugin API implemented.
  • Bug fixes.

1.0 (Stable)

  • Stable version of 0.9.
  • All bugs fixed.


  • Smart playlists.
  • Spotify support.
  • Lyrics display and fetching.
  • Advanced searching.
  • Tag-fetching and auto-correcting.

If you want weekly developments updates, go to my Patreon. Non-patrons can see weekly updates on Fridays and patrons will see them 5 days before non-patrons on Sundays.

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Users of /r/linux, What simple changes to your Linux system have lead to you having a much better experience as a user?

Sun, 2017-12-03 19:49

I'm assuming that the average user here, like me, is at least somewhat technically savvy, including being comfortable using the command line, text editors, and so on.

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