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Multi-cloud infrastructure management - help needed

Tue, 2018-09-11 18:14


I'm the author of Polynimbus open source multi-cloud infrastructure management tool:

This project may look new to you, but in fact it's a rebranded and improved version of my previous tool, used internally for 2 years for AWS and Azure management - so it's already tested in-the-field and well patched/stabilized.

Now I'm working on the documentation and I would like to ask you about your opinions: what's missing or unclear for you? If you see some features it lacks, or even you want to become a contributor, please also don't hesitate to write. In general, any kind of feedback is very welcome.

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Port Forwarding Caddyfile & stuff

Tue, 2018-09-11 17:23

I'm trying to setup software called RocketChat in a a DigitalOcean droplet. It supports Caddy by default, but I need to forward ports 80 & 443 to get https to work.

So how do I forward these ports? I heard something about iptables or a firewall or something. I've been pulling my hair out for hours trying to figure this out and the horrible Rocketchat documentation on this doesn't help.

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After breaking my GRUB installation, wiping the drive and reinstalling, Xubuntu launches but there is no GRUB

Tue, 2018-09-11 16:58

To be specific in that mess of a title, I broke my last Xubuntu install so I wiped the drive in Gparted. I then installed Xubuntu with the something else option, added 8gb swap and the / mount. I selected SDB for GRUB to be installed on. Here are my drives:

SDA: 2tb hard drive that I use for Windows data (games, data).

SDB: My Linux SSD. Completely wiped for this installation.

SDC: Windows SSD.

My issue is that the OS doesn't show up in my BIOS boot and the GRUB menu doesn't show; to access my Xubuntu installation, I have to manually select the drive (Kingston:drive model) from the boot menu. After looking in SDB with Gparted (after the install), I noticed that there was no EFI; just the swap and the / .

Note: I intend to dual boot Windows and Xubuntu.

Is it possible to "install GRUB"? Thanks for any help :)

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Git 2.19 Released

Tue, 2018-09-11 15:52

Raspberry Pi vs. Chromebook

Tue, 2018-09-11 14:25

I’m am getting ready to begin the ‘Linux from Scratch’ project so I’ve been pricing some Raspberry Pi kits to use as the hardware that will run my OS. I wanted something with a screen.

I then realized I have a new Chromebook, just sitting around which I won at a raffle.

Will I face serious complications installing my own OS on a Chromebook, rather than using the Raspberry Pi?

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why Ubuntu?

Tue, 2018-09-11 14:10

I am just wondering why a lot of people choose Ubuntu? I try to switch completely to Linux and you see a lot info about Ubuntu. So I installed Ubuntu on a VM and some things just confuse me. In the app store you have 2 versions of chromium, One is regular and the other is snap I think. What version should I use? Anyway, one of my friends told me to try Manjaro gnome, and honestly for me it was easier. If you want to install or uninstall an app, just use pamac. I know Manjaro is rolling release. But I am just wondering why Ubuntu is so much popular? I am not saying Ubuntu is bad. Some things are way easier on Ubuntu, I am just wondering why peoples always recommend Ubuntu for someone new on Linux. Thx :) Sorry for bad english

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No activity in SDDM repository

Tue, 2018-09-11 13:22

Does anyone know what's up with SDDM? There's been no activity since July 31st, and it doesn't look like anyone's actively looking at and merging in PRs either. Are the developers just busy with other things?

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PolKit is miserable and needs to die

Tue, 2018-09-11 12:10

Fifty ways to configure it. None of it works. Defaults are literally insane – Linus complained about this a decade ago, but apparently that guy isn't worth listening to, what does he know about Linux anyway? There's no way to debug why it breaks when it does (and when doesn't it?). Jesus fucking Christ, why is piece of shit still around, and what sadist enables it on default? "Authentication is required to modify the laptop display brightness"? Are you kidding me?

Seriously, fuck this.

Edit: I wonder if anyone ever thought "yes, this is useful and making life easier for me than gksudo would", because I sure as hell can't remember it ever happening to me, and I've been forced to use this pile of shit since it was still called PolicyKit.

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Which applications allow 8K video editing in Linux ?

Tue, 2018-09-11 08:44

Looking for 8K video editors that work on Linux.

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