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Phone support number or talk to a live person?

Mon, 2018-01-08 06:57

Hey guys,

I'd like to get phone support, even if I need to pay for it. I'm a former windows user and need someone to talk me through it. I have a lot of questions about ubuntu. I tried googeling for a phone number but couldn't find anything. Can anyone DM me a phone number or where I can sign up for support?

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PSA: dnscrypt is now abandoned

Mon, 2018-01-08 06:10

The original repository of dnscrypt, the FOSS project used for encrypting DNS queries, is now dead:

The official website is now a redirect to a competing solution, DNS-over-TLS:

Maintainer's tweet:

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What are some cool Github projects you wish more people would know about?

Mon, 2018-01-08 03:18

This can be a fun thread, much like the askreddit threads asking about Wikipedia pages.

Chromebrew has caught my attention: It is a package manager for Chrome OS with which you can run lots of command line apps.

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What is the "standard" linux admin certification these days?

Mon, 2018-01-08 01:59
I have some linux experience. I am now at a company that uses Oracle Linux to both host the databases, the ERP, scripts, and other programs. It technically isn't going to be my pure responsibility to administer these servers, but my boss has noticed my interest and is fully supporting me learning as much as possible to at least be a backup to the actual admins (my boss and a company which we outsource). Also it was suggested if I want to do some scripting, that too would be encouraged.

Most of this I will of course learn from doing, but I think I would like to go for a cert on my own. What is the standard go to Linux Admin cert these days? I was initially thinking Linux+, but I though throwing it out there to the community might be helpful. I was thinking of getting a linux academy sub and just diving in and hopefully going for a cert by the end of the year.

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Can someone tell me what this means? Someone just posted it to me, and I dont know how to read this and am wondering if they're trying to mess with me.

Mon, 2018-01-08 01:04

traceroute [ -46dFITnreAUDV ] [ -f first_ttl ] [ -g gate,... ] [ -i device ] [ -m max_ttl ] [ -N squeries ] [ -p port ] [ -t tos ] [ -l flow_label ] [ -w waittime ] [ -q nqueries ] [ -s src_addr ] [ -z sendwait ] [ --fwmark=num ] host [ packetlen ] Options: -4 Use IPv4 -6 Use IPv6 -d --debug Enable socket level debugging -F --dont-fragment Do not fragment packets -f first_ttl --first=first_ttl Start from the first_ttl hop (instead from 1) -g gate,... --gateway=gate,... Route packets through the specified gateway (maximum 8 for IPv4 and 127 for IPv6) -I --icmp Use ICMP ECHO for tracerouting -T --tcp Use TCP SYN for tracerouting (default port is 80) -i device --interface=device Specify a network interface to operate with -m max_ttl --max-hops=max_ttl Set the max number of hops (max TTL to be reached). Default is 30 -N squeries --sim-queries=squeries Set the number of probes to be tried simultaneously (default is 16) -n Do not resolve IP addresses to their domain names -p port --port=port Set the destination port to use. It is either initial udp port value for "default" method (incremented by each probe, default is 33434), or initial seq for "icmp" (incremented as well, default from 1), or some constant destination port for other methods (with default of 80 for "tcp", 53 for "udp", etc.) -t tos --tos=tos Set the TOS (IPv4 type of service) or TC (IPv6

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Suggest a terminal emulator replacement.

Mon, 2018-01-08 00:52

So I might be looking for a replacement for Terminator. Main features I use in Terminator are:

  1. Changing profiles interactively (mostly that means changing fonts and colors)
  2. Right-clicking on a link (which makes a context menu appear), hitting "c", which selects the Copy option and then copying the link into the copy buffer.
  3. Increasing and decreasing the fontsize interactively (Ctrl+Shift++ and Ctrl+Shift+-)

What would you suggest that fits these requirements?

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Are there ever good experiences with Linux consumer Wi-Fi?

Sun, 2018-01-07 22:18

Of the big Wi-Fi vendors (Broadcom, MediaTek, Realtek, Qualcomm, Intel) it seems like only the latter two have any semblance of mainline support for their 802.11ac hardware. This has been a nightmare to deal with, as even LinuxSupportedTM cards which aren’t mainlined are inevitably terribly buggy and will fail to compile with even the slightest kernel upgrade.

This is a vendor problem for sure, but the moving-target nature of kernel drivers, at least in my experience, magnifies the frustration tenfold.

Is there any light at the end of the tunnel? Or will good Wi-Fi forever remain a fleeting dream?

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