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Anyway to run a script on my machine from a phone on the local network?

Tue, 2017-03-28 03:40

I can use some ssh clients to do the job, but I'm wondering if there are any apps that are made just to run scripts. I'd like to basically have a home menu of some frequently used scripts that I can just click, and they go do their thing on my computer.

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Linux Kernel Coding Style

Tue, 2017-03-28 03:20

LibreOffice good for college?

Tue, 2017-03-28 03:16

Wanting to switch to a Linux distro and use only open source software. Currently in college.

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Should I donate to the EFF or the Linux foundation?

Tue, 2017-03-28 00:35

I can only donate to one. What are the pros and cons of each org?

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A question about shmat and processes

Mon, 2017-03-27 19:46

Hey guys,

I have a question about shmat, the function used for linking a proccess to a shared memory segment.

I have a program that goes like this:

int* segment; void proccess() { //... } int main() { int Id = shmget(IPC_PRIVATE, sizeof(INT), 0600); segment = shmat(Id, NULL, 0); if (fork() == 0) { proccess(); exit(0); } if (fork() == 0) { proccess(); exit(0); } }

My questions are:

1) How can the two forked processes access segment? Shouldn't I call fork in my proccess?

2) Do these forked processes run concurrently in memory? ps says they do.

Thanks in advance!

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FIX the background NOISE in your microphone on Linux

Mon, 2017-03-27 18:11

Hi, I don't know why this hack isn't more easy to enable, but for me it's very useful to improve the audio quality of the microphone.

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Process startup testing

Mon, 2017-03-27 17:54

I'm seeking a method for running tests on our custom Linux OS, developed using the Yocto Project, that will help us gauge process startup time. Preferably this will be done through forking.

Does anyone have any recommendations on open source test platforms that can help test this?

We've been looking through phoronix Test Suite though there seems to not be any of use there.

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Tool to monitor process network connections?

Mon, 2017-03-27 17:41

Short version: I am looking for a linux utility similar to the windows tcpview utility from sysinternals.

Long version:

I have an odd problem with an application. We have a commercial application that replicates its proprietary database across a network connection. This is running on two suse enterprise servers. The servers each have 10Gb connections to their local switches, but the switches only a have a 1Gb link between them (this is across datacenters). They connect at layer 2 (they are on the same subnet).

The replication processes consistently transfer around 200GB of data, then errors out. After sending numerous debug logs and wireshark packet captures to the vendor, their opinion is "network error". They base this off the numerous dropped packets and retransmission shown in the packet captures. I can't get them to understand that you'd expect to see lots of dropped packets with a 1Gb link in between two 10Gb links.

iperf3 shows a continuous 900Mb or better throughput between the two systems. I can successfully sftp a 250GB file both ways. No other systems that operate across the two datacenters are having problems, including backups which send a considerable amount data across every day (Yes, I have tried the replication with backups quiesced) .

I am looking for some sort of utility that can monitor the vendor processes and show me how they are opening sockets to each other (what options are used), and whether the socket is erroring out, or if the application is just getting confused somehow and closing the socket. I am hoping that the vendor is doing something goofy with tcp options in an attempt to boost performance.

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