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Why does Kubuntu seem to make more of an effort to make Gtk apps look good on KDE than Fedora?

Wed, 2018-05-09 05:30

I installed Fedora with KDE and noticed the Gtk apps look horrible. They have the stock GNOME theme, enormous borders and have an awful Times New Roman type font which makes the entire app jarring to look at and completely out of place.

Whereas on Kubuntu Gtk apps use the stock KDE theme Breeze, borders match KDE settings, and use the stock KDE font Noto Sans. So apart from CSD and the lack of shadows they look like they fit into the desktop environment.

Why the oversight? It seems like such a simple change to make the user experience on Fedora 28 better.

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Scripts shouldn't have an extension... right?

Wed, 2018-05-09 02:40

I was checking out this shell style guide

Which states:

Executables should have no extension (strongly preferred) or a .sh extension. Libraries must have a .sh extension and should not be executable.

That totally makes sense and it's getting annoying as heck using scripts on my path with .sh at the end. I't totally breaks the UNIX like experience. I don't feel like piping a script to another if it ends with .sh because it doesn't feel as a proper program anymore, it feels like an under designed throw away script (does that makes sense?).

BUT, editing is pain because my editor does not recognize the extension and does not interpret the shebang. What's your thoughts on this?

I use kate, but I ask here because the team maintaining the scripts also use sublime, notepadqq and Atom.

Same happens with text or markdown. I would really like my markdowns without extension. But then... programs dont pick up on the markdownness. So what about plain .txt? I remember reading that a text file should not have a .txt extension. But does this hold true...

I've been on the linux boat for a couple of years now and I'm not sure about the general consensus on the extension best practices, and what practice I should adopt for myself and my team.

Thanks in advance.

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Since LAS Year

Wed, 2018-05-09 02:27

Before steam came along, what were your favorite games to play on Linux?

Wed, 2018-05-09 01:18

Just a bit of open-ended question for fun. Can be any method of playing games on Linux...native, wine, emulator, even flash-games etc. but in the "pre-steam" era... when games were much more sparse and wine only worked well with only some games and we had to settle with whatever we could play :)

I used to play:

Return to Castle Wolfenstein

Cube: Sauerbraten (really fun at the time)


Snes games/gba - many of them

Plants vs zombies



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BlankOn Linux 11 codename: Uluwatu

Wed, 2018-05-09 01:16


A new version of BlankOn Linux from Indonesia has already been released! This is a version 11 with codename: Uluwatu (an exotic place in Bali island, Indonesia).

Here is a helpful link to try and to read the information about:

Thank you very much! Freedom for Open-source!!

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Anyone have good experience with convertible tablet/laptop running linux?

Wed, 2018-05-09 01:04

I have installed Linux on a HP convertible tablet/laptop but it doesn't work well.

Sound driver not working...because no audio driver in kernel yet.

When the lid is closed, it doesn't turn on again. Almost like it is in sleep paralysis.

It seems to take much longer to boot as compared to default Windows 10.

Among other niggling issues.

I really like convertible tablet/laptop even though it is pretty weak on specs. I love them because they stay cool while also having power of desktop apps. I'm not much a fan of tablets.

So general question, any well supported 10", 11" convertible tablet/laptop?

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OS chosing and awnser to many questions of newbie

Wed, 2018-05-09 00:28

Hey, I need awnsers. I tested quickly three main linux distributions. Ubuntu, debian with KDE, Kali. Now i have an Hackintosh.

I have an hp probook 6570b with i5 4thread 2.4 ghz, 8go RAM and SSD 120. I can change cd reader with an random hdd 500. ( it really

Why not Windows 10 ? Overdose of interfaces, shitty terminal, WINDOWS UPDATE (the hell), and many many small things.

So what i do/need with my computers : - im a IT student in network and in some month in dev ( i like tools unbeded in kali, and im mentally prepared to ide VIM). So i want powerfull tools for all sectors of IT.

  • I want to play to really small games like factorio, street of rogue or age of empire 2 casually

  • I would like adobe tools ( it's why i have an hackintosh, so easy to get it )

  • i want a really stable OS.

I know reddit have many linux genius so you can help me and other.

Thank you :)

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