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Spotify cache - using different partition other than /home

Sun, 2018-03-11 03:05

Hello, I recently dualbooted Ubuntu 17.10 along with my Win10 installation to be able to eventually abandon the ship when Microsoft gets shady too much and there are few things i stlll don't get.

For example, I have SSD divided on two partitions, first one is Windows, second smaller one is Linux, which is basically whole /home. I have another HDD for data, which was divided into two partitions as well, one for Windows (NTFS) and second one for linux (EXT4)

I love to have Spotify installed in /home, but cache moved to HDD instead of having it on SSD, but Spotify app doesn't let me. I tried link HDD to /home, but it's greyed out when I want to specify cache location in Spotify app.

Sorry for noob question, but some issues seems like real pain to deal with in Linux, really looking over-complicated comparing to Windows:(

printscreen here : (!download folder is linked folder from HDD)

Thanks in advance.

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Coming back to the penguin after a few years...

Sun, 2018-03-11 03:05

Somewhere in early 2015 my trusty ThinkPad T61 died and with it my Debian 8.0 install and since then I've lapsed into using Windows for a few boring and irrelevant reasons.

I have a new computer on order and I'm about to jump back into Linux. What'd I miss? Anything new? Is BTRFS stable? What about Wayland? I've been a long-time Debian guy but I'm fairly tempted to just grab the latest Ubuntu to see if the "year of the desktop" has finally arrived.

In short - any exciting new developments, features or distros that have showed up in the last three to four years that I need to check out?

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