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Photo sharing between Linux and OSX

Sat, 2017-11-04 03:15

So as the title implies I'm looking to consolidate my photo library into one. Sounds simple but my wife uses OSX and I Linux. I'm setting up my old Mac Mini with Ubuntu server as a file server so I world like this to house my photo database. Am I overthinking this and just use an online service (Google photos etc)? What do others here use?

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Samba 4.x Ready Yet?

Sat, 2017-11-04 02:25

I have a lot of clients with small networks, 8-15 computers.

I need single sign on, folder redirection, maybe roaming profiles, deployable printers via policy, mapping network drives and a few simple things like that. Some group policies on simple stuff would be nice.

Anyone out there using Samba 4 as their sole domain controller? Is it up to the job?

There are some canned distros for the purpose, anyone tried them, have opinions?

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Do people who say "I'd switch to linux if X application worked" annoy you?

Sat, 2017-11-04 02:10

I find that people who say they'd switch to linux if XYZ programe were avaliable actually have zero intent on switching.

My mum said she'd switch to mint if photoshop worked and I tell her gimp is just as good and she tells me "Oh it was crappy last time I used it and it's in seperate windows" And I say well you're not doing anything in photoshop that gimp cannot do, all you do is touch up pictures taken from your phone, and yes gimp can be set to single window mode and the last time she tried it was like 2004 or something.

Why do people NEED ms office? why do people NEED the adobe suite why do people NEED itunes, their are better alternatives that work great on linux and I highly doubt the 99% of people who use ms office or adobe photoshop use the super advanced tools that libre office, google docs and gimp cannot use.

I use to think I couldn't switch because I needed overwatch, but than the new team fortress update came out and I fell in love with tf2 again, it's so much deeper and requires so much more skill than overwatch and there are tons of goofy moments that just don't happend in overwatch and the community is less toxic and filled with try hards. Now I'm getting older and more cynacle I'm realising almost all "Tripple A games" are filled with shitty gambling focused loot boxes which take away from the experience and the $80 AUD basic edition gets you very little game now. Nowadays I appreciate and sink hours into simple 2d indie games like hollow knight and steam world dig 2 which have given me much more fun than any tripple A game has for a long time. You miss very little when you actively get yourself out of the windows gaming scene and ignore Tripple A releases

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New Slax is coming

Fri, 2017-11-03 23:39

The Linux Desktop NetMarketShare is trending up for the year. Great news for privacy or ?

Fri, 2017-11-03 23:02

Windows is still the 800 lb. gorilla when it comes to operating systems, but the trend data at NetMarketShare shows Linux is making some headway.

The Linux distro trend is up for 2017, while the Windows trend is down.

Linux distros started the year at 2.27% and were at 2.98% at the end of October. Windows began 2017 at 91.41% and ended October at 90.77%.

Could gains for Linux be coming from Windows defectors?

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