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Has anyone tested gnome 3.30 ?

Fri, 2018-09-07 12:16

is it any faster ? are the animations any smoother.

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Linux distro developers/maintainers, can you make Nouveau a fallback driver instead of blacklisting or removing it

Fri, 2018-09-07 12:11

So in case Nvidia proprietary drivers screw up or if you upgrade Linux kernel and something goes wrong with Nvidia proprietary drivers, you automatically fallback to booting using Nouveau drivers instead of being rendered unbootable, making it much easier to fix Nvidia proprietary drivers if it breaks.

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[ASK] Reimplement program that comes with non-OSI compliant licence?

Fri, 2018-09-07 11:34

QNX has some nice userland. The whole QNX source code is available under non-OSI compliant licence. I haven't seen the source code yet, is it legal to reimplement some QNX userland by clean room reverse engineering and reading online documentation? and to license it with any permissive licence like MIT/BSD?

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Login screen freezes

Fri, 2018-09-07 00:21

Greetings! I run Manjaro KDE. Recently I installed some WMs, such as i3 or qutile on the machine. But if I logout of kde to login into i3 for example, my desktop freezes in the login screen and I only see the bar of i3 at the bottom. Same goes for other WMs. Does anyone know, what the issue is here? Thanks in advance.

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Can anyone recommend a Linux Media Player that has a shuffle playlist feature (not random)?

Thu, 2018-09-06 23:48

VLC has been my go-to media player but randomizes my songs every time. There is a VLC extension that fixes this problem but id rather have a solution where this feature is native and can play all the media files VLC can.

Shuffle:No repeats in playlist

Random: Possible repeats in playlist


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Unix and Linux Handbook and similar books

Thu, 2018-09-06 23:02

Good evening, not sure if it's the right sub to ask that but i thought that i will get a good response here.

I would like to ask your thoughts about the book i mentioned in the title, and if possible similar books.

I am a book guy and i want to enrich my library with such books, so i am looking for suggestions.

I'm not a begginer, but not a guru either so i would like to advance more.

I would like to focus on Linux philosophy, ecosystem and suchh.

I would like you to suggest books(paperbooks) since i can't focus learning on ebooks.


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Reccomend linux software

Thu, 2018-09-06 21:39

I am going to start to use linux personally, I have some experience with it but not much. Any recommendations for version of linux? I thought about ubuntu but I'm still not sure.

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