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All things Linux and GNU/Linux -- this is neither a community exclusively about the kernel Linux, nor is exclusively about the GNU operating system.Linux, GNU/Linux, free software...
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New KDE Frameworks is out

Sun, 2017-05-14 12:40

I know this because my system once again tried to pull in a bunch of Freedesktop garbage because solid "officially" depends on udisks even though it doesn't need it. This being purely done to not deal with retarded bug reports over missing functionality.

All of this because some corporations at one point decided that Unix users weren't dumb enough to corporately exploit so they had to draw Windows users in too. So now amongst other things 50% of r/Linux has the technical skill of a GNOME user or fruit-fly, which ever is higher. So we're stuck with these retarded concessions.

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[not tech support] Official Channels for Getting Help & Info on Linux.

Sun, 2017-05-14 10:46

Not sure what I'm expecting here.
It's the morning after the night before.
As such, I am a little hazy at the moment...

I hope I'm not breaking any sort of etiquette by highlighting a particular reddit user, and the post he's made.
This is, after all, a public forum, and all posts are viewable by anyone.

Even so, I'm not 100% sure if posting this is a good idea,
But anyway...

According to various news sources, the recent Windows malware outbreak pretty much brought the UK National Health Service (NHS) to it's knees.
The NHS is known for running large parts of it's critical infrastructure on Windows XP.
They were paying MS a large amount of money to continue to support XP, even though it's supposed to be completely EOL.
However, due to government pressure to cut costs, this support contract was terminated some time ago.

It's not beyond the realm of possibility that people have died due to this malware outbreak, as it crippled that critical infrastructure across the UK for much of the day.

A day after the outbreak, this thread popped up in /r/linux4noobs

I just assumed that this guy was an ordinary Windows user who'd seen the malware stuff on the news.
I provided an answer that I completely stand by.

However, further down the thread, there's this gem

This has a actually happened to me in the operating room on my EMR computer

I know nothing about health care or hospitals, and I maybe jumping to conclusions here.
But he mentions operating rooms, and EMR (which I take to mean "electronic medical records")
To my mind, this is OP confirming he's (at least in some way) part of the NHS.

Someone who was at ground zero of this whole malware mess, is reaching out to try to understand why Linux is not affected.

And I realised that I don't know if there's any official channels for getting help & info on Linux.
Is this something the Linux Foundation caters for?
Is there some other organisation, some other avenue for people to get information?
The commercial vendors maybe (Redhat, Canonical, etc.)

If someone asks for help,
not in any official capacity, but just casually,
yet it's evident that they're part of a Windows-centric organisation that's possibly looking to migrate.
Where should they be sent to get the help they need?

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Good ways to backup a linux system

Sun, 2017-05-14 10:10

I know I can copy my home directory and then I have all my downloads, documents and videos and pictures. But what about my packages and my configuration files for those? Sure, some of them are fast to make again from scratch but I don't think I should have to do it, there must be an easier way. And my desktop environment configuration? I have it just the way I like it with all my application pinned in the order I want and even though it's trivial to do again I prefer to not have to do it from scratch. Imaging a vm would be a good way to do it but even though I have a vm server it seems kind of...too many steps for something that should be easy. I found this: which seems to be the best option but it is still imaging a system. If it turns out to be the best option I'll go with it but there are people much smarter and more experienced than me here so I thought I'd get your opinions

P.S. Sorry for my english, my first language is greek

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Changing resolution from CLI on Gnome Wayland?

Sun, 2017-05-14 10:07

There is no xrandr alternative yet for wayland, but I do see some DBus interfaces that gnome exposes, like DisplayManager. It has a method ApplyConfiguration. Unfortunately it takes some obscure parameters that I cannot detect from dbus-monitor or deduce from common sense.

Did anybody manage to change resolution in Gnome Wayland yet?

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Turning an original Xbox into a HTPC?

Sun, 2017-05-14 07:02

So I have an original Xbox sitting here and I haven't used it in years ... Because it's so old though, no one will buy it and the charity places don't like to take them because they don't "have the staff to test electrical stuff".

So it's been sitting in the boot of my car for weeks now.

But I had a thought - why not turn it into a home theatre PC powered by a Linux-based operating system (such as Mythbuntu)?

Since I have no intention of using the Xbox as an Xbox going forwards, surely it couldn't be too hard to completely wipe the storage drive and install a Linux-based operating system?

But how would I do this?

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Future of Linux on mobile?

Sun, 2017-05-14 03:24


what do you think will be the future of Linux on mobile phones? Any ideas that don't involve google?

Now that the Ubuntu phone has no more support from Ubuntu itself, what will happen? KDE Plasma? A GNOME phone? Sailfish sold by "Nokia"? A new player?

It is a real pity that no Linux driven phone that is privacy-centric, secure and with an ecosystem (plus maybe an assistant) exists that combines the open-source desktop, mobile and cloud parts. Or will the future be an AOSP-based ROM that works with a big Linux distro (no gapps)? Or maybe SteamOS releases a gaming phone? :P

What do you think?

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Debian with LXDE vs Lubuntu

Sun, 2017-05-14 01:12

I recently got a Dell Latitude 2110 and I want to make it fast and snappy, and reliable. Lubuntu first popped into mind before I though if Debian. So which one wins as the better OS? Does Debian still have the software centre or is that only for Ubuntu based OSes?

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Linux 4.12-rc1 Released

Sun, 2017-05-14 00:07

Another site to browse the linux source code - thought you might enjoy it.

Sat, 2017-05-13 23:59


this summer I had a few weekends off kids and family, and tried to build a slightly better cross reference for the linux kernel code (or really, any other C or C++ code).

I thought you might enjoy it, here's the result so far:

There's a lot to do, and if you are interested in helping out, all the code is on github:

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Is there an update AMD opening up the PSP?

Sat, 2017-05-13 22:25

Im genuinely interested as i think this is an important topic and somehow noone mentions it anymore.

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