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Clementine not picking up being signed in to online cloud storage services?

Wed, 2017-07-12 12:03

I click login in the settings and approve it in my browser but it never picks it up and still says not logged in... not a huge issue since I don't really have anything stored there but it would still be nice if it worked... is this a known bug or am I missing something here....

Version 1.3.1 from the standard arch repositories if it matters... if it's a bug that's fixed in a newer version I have no problem with pulling it from github or wherever and compiling myself (do that for video players anyway since I come from Gentoo (my first distro lol (remembers the days when an athlon64 was a top end cpu and compares it to today when 4 cores with a higher ipc/frequency is standard and the ryzens with their 8c/16t are even better (not to mention the threadripper with 16c/32t) and very affordable unlike Intel and their whole overpriced cpu lineup so great that AMD finally got it right again and gave us some awesome and very affordable cpus... totally putting one in my next computer and saying good bye to the i5 4460 in my current one...)... it's actually a good way to start using Linux imo and I'm not really sure why I'm on Arch now but switching back is kinda something that would take a bit of work and I'm lazy + compiling in the summer isn't fun due to the heat and all and Arch is good too so...) so I kinda want my -march=native and other compiler flags that make things a bit faster and video players are one of the things where you actually do get an above placebo performance increase by using them)....

Not sure if it's a support question that doesn't belong here or a 'does it happen to anyone else' question that should be good here so sorry if I'm breaking any rules by posting it...

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For the musicians and producers out there

Wed, 2017-07-12 10:54

Do you rather use tracktion or ardour? And why?

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Wine Staging 2.12 released

Wed, 2017-07-12 06:23

BlackMonitor OS – Your Ecosystem, server cluster, cloud storage and much more

Wed, 2017-07-12 05:51

Good evening ladies and gentlemen With each day that ends it becomes closer to the launch of BlackMonitor and with that we are preparing all our ecosystem servers. So it is with great pleasure that I present to you everything that has been solved and will be implemented in the system First: I just finished a meeting with our newest investors from Japan. And with them I announce that our entire ecosystem will be managed through IBM QRadar all in one. All servers, database, repositories, the entire ecosystem will be monitored by this platform. In the next few hours we will be testing the new servers.

Second: We will deploy a cloud hosting service synchronized with BlackMonitor. My intention is that our cloud encryption will use the RSA key. Why are we implementing this? Why should the user feel comfortable and want to save any modification made by him in the system that he can save. It would be a broader way of giving him more freedom. The service will not be paid. Regarding storage capacity, this has not yet been decided. Users will have full control of the public and private key.

Third: We are upgrading our servers As there was the domain exchange I had to buy another SSL I am waiting for the availability of the host to send. It is already paid. It’s up to them.

Fourth: Does anyone miss an instant communication system? I’m proud to say that this will be another tool implemented in our system, the chat system will use the p2p network to remain anonymous.

However I want to make it clear that so far I’m developing everything myself.

But this tends to change with time, because my desire is to find certain developers for the team.

About our kernel it is not finalized yet. We will have to make some changes due to our new ecosystem

That’s all for today.

I hope the news pleases the community. If you do not agree or have any suggestions. Please send an email to:

Best Regards: Luan- Administrator

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Parrot Security OS review

Tue, 2017-07-11 21:07

Frozenbox has released a new version of Parrot OS for here. There are various new fixes & improvements in the Version 3.7

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Web DRM was approved by W3C. There is a two week appeal period.

Tue, 2017-07-11 20:45

As a side note, a mod seems to keep removing posts about digital rights restrictions and I'm not sure why. I assume that the person must be unaware of how DRM impacts them and other GNU/Linux users.

Edit: After reviewing the thread linked below it seems the mod 'Kruug' doesn't believe this is relevant to Linux and that the implementation of DRM is a good thing.

Bryan Lunduke's take (he mad)

EFF's reponse

One of the removed threads

The verge

Summary of the DRM (stolen from the above thread):

  • The Digital Restriction Management (DRM) is called Encrypted Media Extensions (EME).
  • Its meant for Audio/Video, but can be extended to anything.
  • Google, Microsoft, and Netflix were the big players pushing this
  • Browsers still need to implement the new standard, this means Mozilla could potentially take a positive stance in favor of the users.
  • Not sure how quickly places will adopt this. Lunduke things it will be right away.
  • There is a 2 week appeal period. Doubtful that anything will come of that.
  • Closed Source Software was a mistake
  • Breaking DRM is a crime in the US, no exception is made for this DRM.
  • DRM could potentially restrict based on OS, location, or a host of other arbitrary things.

From the Verge article:

There are also accessibility and competitive concerns. There are no exemptions here that would allow computers to scan videos and automate work like generating subtitles and translations or identifying strobing lights to produce warnings for people with epilepsy. EME doesn't standardize decryption either, and Doctorow writes that companies developing browsers may have to license decryption components, making it harder for new browsers to enter the market.

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