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Foreman With Puppet For Linux / Windows For DevOps

Thu, 2018-08-16 06:57

Hi All,

I hope you are well!

I would like to share with this topic which related to IT Automation.

Foreman is an open source project that helps system administrators manage servers throughout their lifecycle, from provisioning and configuration to orchestration and monitoring. Using Puppet, Chef, Salt, Ansible and Foreman’s smart proxy architecture, you can easily automate repetitive tasks, quickly deploy applications, and proactively manage change, both on-premise with VMs and bare-metal or in the cloud. Foreman provides comprehensive, interaction facilities including a web frontend, CLI and RESTful API which enables you to build higher level business logic on top of a solid foundation.

Puppet gives you an automatic way to inspect, deliver, operate and future-proof all of your infrastructure and software, no matter where it runs. Know what you have so you can control and enforce consistency across it, secure it and keep it compliant

Course Link: r/

Coupon Code: LINUX01

Description: Get +95% OFF

Wish see you on the course!.

Best Regards,

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Just Board: BeagleBone Black

Wed, 2018-08-15 23:46

Need honest answers...

Wed, 2018-08-15 23:15

Tl/dr tired of Windows and want to move to Linux but has heard it's hard to game on Linux. Needs help...

I have been trained on Windows for years. I have used Windows for years. I am a gamer and I'm tired of Windows. What distribution is best for gaming on? I've been looking around but I would like some input as I will also be using it as my every day pc. I'm currently looking at sparky game over edition but I am also looking for suggestions. Can you help a gamer out? I mainly use steam but have a couple games from origin and some that are stand alone. I play Diablo 3 and birthstone very once and a while from blizzard. Thanks for the read st least.

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Is Google really that bad?

Wed, 2018-08-15 21:57

I've been struggling recently with the growing concern of privacy with the big players such as Google, Facebook, Amazon etc. and how it relates to Linux and my life. I've been reading through the privacy reddit threads and I can't figure out how paranoid I need to be at the expense of convenience so I thought I'd turn to my Linux brethren for various opinions.

I use Google Chrome but recently changed to Chromium because I just can't get into Firefox. I also use gmail, google docs, YouTube (owned by Google), Google search, and an Android phone which is of course Google.

The posters on the privacy threads "de-google" everything and switch email to protonmail or tutanota, use different browsers, root their android phones and only use F-droid, use different search engines, Nextcloud on private server etc. And many switch to Linux!

I completely understand the concerns over privacy but what can actually happen to someone if they use Google that would hurt them? How could they be hurt physically, emotionally, financially etc.? Or do you think this is just a cult of paranoia?

I'm certainly willing to make the right moral decision here but it has to be rational with a reasonable approach to online privacy. I know Google contributes to the Linux kernel and has "helped" to make Linux the #1 mobile operating system (I understand they didn't do Android to help Linux).

How do you sort through privacy and is Google really that bad?

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PureOS vs iOS security and privacy

Wed, 2018-08-15 21:55

Since the Librem 5 will be a self proclaimed security and privacy focused phone, I’d like to have your opinion on how PureOS will compare to iOS. I’m currently using an iPhone because in my opinion they provide excellent security, and a decent trade off between exiting new tech and privacy. I’d still love to switch to a Linux phone for the control I could have on my device, but I’m now wondering if PureOS could provide the same level of privacy and security iOS does. Long post incoming!

Apple has this big document describing iOS 11 security: Secure boot chain, full disk encryption, app sandboxing, Secure Enclave, timely updates, etc. It’s hard to criticize iOS on this front.

Purism is constantly mentioning security when talking about the Librem 5, but I fail to find what is planned exactly. There should be a hardware switch for various stuff, an ‘isolation based security focused OS’ but I’m not sure what that means, safe security defaults again without details, an OS avoiding common security threats such as ransomware and data mining tools but I’m not sure how, and software updates which is good. I couldn’t find details but I’d like to know more if you find better sources.

I’m definitely not an expert but I think iOS wins on the security.

Regarding the privacy now. The document above describes how iOS provides app permissions, and what I consider easy settings to change that. It also explains what is done to keep things like Siri and iCloud private, but they can be deactivated anyway. Apple also has a Privacy Policy available here: I’m actually quite surprised because I can’t find many recent criticism, even by the EFF. People requesting their data after GDPR was started seem to be pleasantly surprised by how little Apple is keeping. At the end it’s a question of trust, and as stated above I think Apple is making good trade offs. For example, I’d love to see iCloud encrypted with a key I’m the only one to control but I understand why it might not be best for most users and I therefore disabled it on my phone.

Purism doesn’t seem to plan permissions for PureOS, but says it won’t track you and has privacy protection by default. It’s open source of course and can therefore be audited if someone is willing to spend time and money. I’d tend to trust them more but I’m actually not sure it’s founded. The main selling point is the control on the device because it won’t hold your hand all the time.

So, what do you think? Could PureOS provide the same level of privacy and security iOS does?

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Does anyone know how to update TS3 server on Ubuntu 16.04 server?

Wed, 2018-08-15 18:16

So recenly my friends and i updated our TS3 clients and finded out that we cant get on the my server anymore.

I dont know if there is any way to update old TS3 Server. But what i know is that reddit is powerfull comunity.

So if anyone does know how to do it?

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why are we able to chroot without the need of typing the root password?

Wed, 2018-08-15 15:52

like it says in the title, why are we able to chroot to any partition that contains a gnu+linux installation without entering the root password for it? if i recall correctly, one of the many rules of unix/unix-like systems' philosophy is everything is a no unless specified yes, with this being a rule and being able to gain root access without a password is just weird.

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