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Which distro you just cannot get along with, no matter how much you want to like it?

Thu, 2018-06-21 03:39

For me it's openSUSE. I really want to like that distro, and every few months a renewed sense of anticipation resurfaces, but it always ends up with frustration and death by a million papercuts. Reversely, as much as I abhor Canonical, I just can't get myself rid from Xubuntu no matter how much distrohop I do. Debian Stable is stale and I don't really want to deal with Debian Testing (it's rolling but not really). Xubuntu is recent enough, is lean and conservative and boring and predictable, does what it's supposed to and for some reason XFCE comforts me when I eventually get tired with GNOME's bullshit and KDE's glitchiness.

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Easy SSH Automation

Thu, 2018-06-21 00:41

With slight modifications, you can have an army of scripts to run in cron or manually; these scripts will become your toolbox to freedom.

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Inquiry on LAS

Thu, 2018-06-21 00:13

Hey I've been trying to figure this out and was wondering if any of you could fill me in. What exactly happened around the end of LAS [Linux Action Show] and Bryan's departure? I know there was some sort of drama but i haven't been able to find exactly what it was, thanks

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LVM possible problem

Wed, 2018-06-20 23:54

I did a wrong resize of /boot and /swap in my LVM setting. It when wrong because I did what I remember and I forgot important steps. I tried fsck to no avail. Then I decided to undo things in the native way and resize again, now following the right steps. It surprisingly worked! Is there any chance that this partitions are somewhere corrupted at some place after all this business? Any way of knowing?

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Potential new Linux user

Wed, 2018-06-20 22:11

So I’m a windows 10 user but thinking about leaving, for obvious reasons. Looking through all the Linux subreddits but have a few questions that I would like to know the answer to. (1) how easy is it to run steam games? I play a lot of steam games so wondering how easy it is to get them to run on Linux (2) Can I run fortnite? Also how well do other game launcher beside steam work (epic, origin, blizzard) (3) how is the support for multiple monitors? I have three at the moment and windows makes it easy to set up and use. Also is it just plug in and they work or does it take a while to set them up? (4) how well do most apps run?(discord,Hulu,Netflix and Spotify being the main ones) (5)how easy is it to set it up so I can chose to boot to Linux of windows? (6) what version of Linux should I use? I know this comes down largely to personal opinion but would like to see what people have to say Thanks for reading this long post and forgive me for being such a noob.

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Made the simple surveillance system better to illustrate how systemd .path units work (still doing this for educational purposes only)

Wed, 2018-06-20 21:07

Title refers to this post.

This is a new chapter in the "How to write and use systemd unit files (with lots of context and practical examples) to set up your own services" series I am writing for

The series started with a two-parter on a simple, "start and stop by hand" unit and then a "start at boot and stop at power down" unit. It then moved into the more exotic territory of "start when a device is connected. The example I used for that last one has now spilled over into this new instalment, which covers "start and stop when stuff changes in the file system".

I have one more instalment to go that covers timers and targets and I'm done with this topic.

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Anyone using Anbox? If so, what's your experience? Is it worth it?

Wed, 2018-06-20 20:15

Hi, all. I just was thinking about using android apps on my desktop and discovered Anbox. I know it's still in Alpha, so I'm a bit reluctant to take the plunge, but I'm curious about its potential. Anyone found that it merits the install? Which android apps do you use, and to what benefit(s)?

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Welcome to Fedora CoreOS

Wed, 2018-06-20 16:23