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What do you think about Opera?

Fri, 2017-07-21 17:38

I know this sub mostly likes Firefox, but what are your thoughts on Opera?

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What doesn't get updated by apt-get update?

Fri, 2017-07-21 16:22

Hi. I'm new to Linux and I have been using Ubuntu 17.

sudo apt-get update

What softwares doesn't get updated by this Command? Does Firefox, VLC, Open Office and other softwares from the complete install get updated? Does softwares that I have added a repository get an update? Does softwares that I installed from the .tar.gz file get the update?

Thanks for helping.

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Linux server software tutorials

Fri, 2017-07-21 13:53

Installation and configuration tutorials for server software.

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ECMP routing with Linux

Fri, 2017-07-21 10:18

I have a use case for needing to perform equal cost multipath routing over a large (>50) number of default routes because reasons. Although ECMP is commonly found on various virtual routers such as Cisco's CSR 1000v, it is often limited to a small number of default routes such as 8 for the CSR which would make them inappropriate. I was wondering if anyone knew what the limits of ECMP for Linux are?

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psensor alarm script (using python)

Fri, 2017-07-21 09:06

Alright, so I am using psensor (a temperature/ system monitor) for the first time, and it seems to have a cool feature where a script can be executed when a certain value is met (temperature/ fan rpm, etc).

I have a python script that will send me an email when executed, however I am having a hard time getting it to run via psensor.

Has anyone used this program before, and know what types of scripts are allowed? If I want to execute a Python script, do I simply enter the filepath of where my script lives?

Image of psensor GUI

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Download Linux Magazines

Fri, 2017-07-21 08:51

cat >> $HOME/.bashrc

LinuxVoice_Magazine_Downloader () {

mkdir -p $HOME/LinuxVoice;

cd $HOME/LinuxVoice/;

for i in {001..050};

do wget --read-timeout=5 --tries=0 -c$i/Linux-Voice-Issue-$i.pdf;




MagPi_Magazine_Downloader () {

mkdir -p $HOME/MagPi;

cd $HOME/MagPi/;

wget -c -r -A.pdf -np -nd -l1 -erobots=off;




source $HOME/.bashrc



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Which is the Mac Address that can register external Web services?

Fri, 2017-07-21 08:08


Currently I'm changing my Mac Address with Macchanger

When you visit a website which is the mac address that registers the website that I visit? Registers the mac address of the router or the mac address of my computer?

In case that register the MAC Address of the router... can be changed the Mac address of the router?


submitted by /u/esbrinartot
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Help with tGRUB_ message when booting

Fri, 2017-07-21 07:39

So this isn't really a Linux question, but I figured it has something to do with it, and since Androidx86 is pretty much dead, I figured I'd try to seek help here.

Anyway, long story short, I tried to install Android x86 to a partition in my HDD, but things didn't go as expected and now my computer displays a "tGRUB" message with a blinking underscore and doesn't boot. Help?

submitted by /u/TBE_0027
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