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Get Linux on Windows 10

Fri, 2018-10-12 13:36

Free of Windows at last!!!

Fri, 2018-10-12 09:21

Finally, after so long, I deleted my dual boot. It was there "for the occasion" when I needed an exclusive game, or when Linux would do something stupid (which to be honest, did happen quite a few times), but I hated doing that for quite some time.

Steam Play took care of the first problem. All the games that I want to play, including MGS V The Phantom Pain are playable at a smooth 60fps, even with a "lowly" GTX 960 I bought a while back.

Regarding the second issue, Manjaro has pretty much stopped acting up after trying out i3. Everything is smooth, I have a beautiful config, and I pretty much can't go back since my workflow improved so dramatically.

This is just a quick story to say "Linux is awesome". Hope you're having fun with your machine!

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Installing (any distro) linux on a cheap windows tablet

Fri, 2018-10-12 08:01

Ok, so i have a cheap nadf shitty windows tablet, a surftek wintron 7.0 to be exact, an im wondering if i can install any linux distro on it whatsoever.

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Mint 19 is fantastic.

Fri, 2018-10-12 05:33

Ubuntu 16 LTS offered an upgrade to v18 on my Optiplex 330, and I made the mistake of saying 'yes'. monitor was stuck at 640x480, I tried to go back, having to use nomodeset in GRUB. I could not find an Intel graphics driver for the i915 chip, and finally gave up. I tried x64 Mint v19 (Cinna), and it just works. In addition, everything is so new looking, and offers new features not offered in older Mint versions. NO NEW HW 4ME 2DAY. :)

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Did You Grow Up Using Linux?

Fri, 2018-10-12 04:39

I switched from Windows a few weeks ago and it was quite surreal to find a new world and mindset of free software, which made me think: What is it like to grow up using Linux? Were you always "that guy" to people? Was it weird to be using different software from the majority of people?

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Testing changes to kernel

Fri, 2018-10-12 00:24

I need to make a change to the way the Linux kernel handles one aspect of networking for a project I am working on. It's a quick, less than 100 line change, but I don't actually know what options are available once I've made the change in terms of testing.

Does anyone know a good VM that I can swap in my modified kernel into to test it? Is it possible to take a standard distro like Fedora or Debian and swap in my changed file(s) then compile it? I have some limited past experience with OS kernels from my days in an undergraduate course and the testing VM environment was provided.

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Anyone using dbus-broker?

Thu, 2018-10-11 23:26

I just installed it on Arch:

# pacman -S dbus-broker # systemctl enable dbus-broker.service $ systemctl --user enable dbus-broker.service # reboot

Don't see any difference for now but I'm quite sure the code is better that original one.

Anyone using it since a long time?

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Handwritten Input - 2018

Thu, 2018-10-11 22:38

I know, I know. This is a duplicate of post from 2014. Yet I am wondering if there were any significant progress on this field over last 4 years? I mean, Android grew in strength, and seeing as it basically is a OS based around Linux Kernel, in theory there should be some progress. I know of CellWriter, and while it's good at what it is supposed to do, it still is at least a bit behind Microsoft's solution.

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