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Help please

Tue, 2018-04-17 18:04

I'm using a Vmware to run linux Ubuntu, I'm having trouble trying to save the vmware as a file to upload it to google drive, any help? And is this even possible?

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Giveaway: Tesla vs. Lovecraft by Finnish Developer 10tons Ltd.

Tue, 2018-04-17 15:31

We've partnered up with 10tons Ltd. to offer five copies of Tesla vs. Lovecraft to members of the Linux and @Mostly_Linux community!

We're giving away two copies here on reddit and two copies away to our followers on [Twitter]( and to listeners of our still very much in beta #Mostly_Gaming podcast.

We're working with developers and publishers to promote their games to Linux gamers and Mostly_Linux gamers and looking to expand the base of Linux gaming.

Here's how to enter:

We want the games to go to Linux gamers - so post a screenshot of your Linux desktop with the hashtag #WeLove10TonsLTD somewhere on the screen. It can be a camera shot of your monitor, a screen capture or anything else. It must be Linux (and please specify your distro!) and it must say #WeLove10tonsLTD.

We'll pick two winners this Friday from the entries here on the sub. Note that we're going to post the screenshots of your desktop on Twitter so don't post anything private!

Thanks for participating and good luck!

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What distribuitions play well in virtualbox on windows?

Tue, 2018-04-17 14:39

I'm a long term linux user, and I really need bash atm if I want to keep my sanity. Dual booting is impractical. The bash for windows solutions don't work for me (I'm on Win 7) I just want the real thing. Ubuntu installs great, but the unity desktop is just too slow in VB. Xubuntu doesn't install, neither does opensuse and I'd rather ask than trial and error 10 more distros.

I would very much like one that has a virtualbox host package, but it's not the end of the world if I have to set up ftp shared folders since I already have a server running. Mouse pointer integration would be sweet though. I only really need bash, but I do very much enjoy using my 20th century input perihperals.
Thanks in advance!

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Got a new desktop, now left with a laptop (already running linux) that I don't want to just not use. Anything cool / useful to do with extra hardware?

Tue, 2018-04-17 12:52

Title. Got a new desktop, dual-booting with windows (for work), and i'm left with my chromebook that I had put arch the way did you know i use arch

Anything cool / useful to do? Been using linux for a while, never tried anything like home media / filesharing servers, or of the likes.

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Why some linuxian are so obsessed with 'look like' Mac or Win?

Tue, 2018-04-17 12:13

Hi, I grew up with linuxian and I've an great memory of Linux. I really like it. So, simply, I can't understand their obsession with this two. I can't understand why they want 'kill' this two...I mean, all of three have really big prons and cons! Linux: fast and personally, Win: compatibility and usability, Mac: easy and potent...really, all of them is perfect in their uniqueness!

I also can't understand why Linux doesn't search to find an its unique looking! With Ubuntu and Linux Mint they worked well, but with Elementary OS returned to copied somebody..just WHY? Linux have one of the best animation for its os, one of better editing images programs and videos...they aren't good for gaming (as MacOS) or editing documents(sorry dude, Windows is the best here!). But is great! MacOS is also great for editing, probably best, but it cost much money!

I'm just saying, try to find your way, as the other two!

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Is this a false-positive? Malwarebytes says Deepin Appstore has a malware.

Tue, 2018-04-17 11:56

When I visited I got this

I am on Windows 10 trying to find the right desktop environment for me and I was really considering Deepin, but I am not sure anymore because of all the drama.

Should I just go for KDE Plasma? I like it, even though Deepin looks so much better.

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PSA: Do not use GNU Ring

Tue, 2018-04-17 08:18

I apologize if this isn't relevant enough to this subreddit, but I thought this might be appropriate because the application in question has a name that makes it sound like it's created by the FSF (it's not), and it's consistently mentioned as a libre/"opensource" alternative to Skype and the like.

I haven't seen their source code, but the application, on my girlfriend's (Android-based, for what it's worth) phone, apparently had the camera consistently on, even while the app wasn't being used, and used an enormous amount of battery life. She installed it months ago, and it seems to have had the camera active for that entire time, though it's difficult to tell; her phone only keeps records of the last 14 hours of camera and battery usage, and it's had the camera on for every single minute. It's also a buggy application in its intended use, and rarely worked when she and I tried to use it.

I'm not sure where else to post this, but I see so many sites endorsing this application, and there's very little negative said about it. I'll be trying to post this on as many relevant forums and subreddits as I can, because this is not acceptable behavior. I'm praying that this behavior is somehow just a massive bug, not malicious design, but that seems unlikely.

Here are screenshots of its and the system's battery and camera usage: Imgur album

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Tue, 2018-04-17 06:16