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Killed linux in 2 hours

Sun, 2018-02-18 18:56

I just installed Ubuntu on my laptop.

I then decide I wanted to download some stuff from the software center app.

I download Spotify. It won't install, I restart computer. Computer is dead...

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What do people mean by saying “Learn Linux”

Sun, 2018-02-18 18:50

Only on how to use the OS or use different distros, makes his own, learn to code, learn networking or create his own from scratch

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ZFS for Linux

Sun, 2018-02-18 18:30

AskLinux: Dual boot of Fedora qnd Ubuntu - How many boot partitions should I have?!

Sun, 2018-02-18 18:27

Okay, I've never really had a dual boot config of two linux OSs and this kinda gets confusing for a n00b like me!

My basic system partitions look like this..


Now this was my original plan, but I was scared to use a sinle /boot partition for two linux os since i couldnt guarantee conflicts wont occur. Maybe they'd get their kernels mixed up or some other form of dark magic?!

So, I created two different /boot partitions of 512MB each, that share a common /boot/efi. I read that's where the grub2 bootloader resides. However, I was wondering.. what would happen if a common /boot folder was used?

Further, while the latest kernel of ubuntu 17.10 (kernel-4.13-generic) is being used, the fedora kernel wasn't even detected. So, I manually mounted the /boot partition of Fedora to /mnt and ran # update-grub after which grub2 finds the original 4.13 kernel of fedora. However, the latest 4.15 kernel is nowhere to be found in the boot menu, even though rpm -qa | grep kernel lists it. So, how can i fix it? Would using a common /boot folder eliminate this?

submitted by /u/SomuSysAdmin
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Linux security modules

Sun, 2018-02-18 13:17

Hello everyone! I am doing a thesis about linux security modules (SELinux, Tomoyo, AppArmor). And now I have to do some practical work... I was thinking to create a few virtual machines and simulate an "hacking attack", for each security module and by doing that I would get an information what are the weak sides and what are strong sides of each module... Now I am not really an expert and I don't really know that much about all that, so I need help / guidance where to start, or is there a safe way to simulate an attack... Any piece of information would be extremely helpful... Thanks.

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Why do some app names still in english when an os is in other language

Sun, 2018-02-18 12:22

Like when Mac OS is in Chinese the browser is still called "safari" when everthing else is in other language

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How to exit ssh session in Midnight Commander?

Sun, 2018-02-18 12:22

I have Ubuntu server 16.04 running and I am connected to the server using a Mint 18.02 box, everything is running great. I got Midnight Commander running on both server and client. I have been trawling the net for an answer to this but can´t seem to find an answer in any of the tutorials. How do i properly log out of the ssh session in Midnight Commander?

submitted by /u/avikinginaboat
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Censorship on /r/freebsd

Sun, 2018-02-18 06:59

Possible pentadactyl replacement (tridactyl)

Sun, 2018-02-18 06:44

So I've been using the pentadactyl addon (vim-like keybinds/commands) on firefox for years, and as of a few months ago, it became too inconvenient to use older/custom versions of firefox just to keep that working.

But I just recently found an addon with a similar name called tridactyl, which seems to work very similarly. Just wanted to 1) get some discussion going about this addon, and 2) maybe get more information about it from those who have used it longer, or maybe know the developer.

It seems to be in beta now, and certain features are stated to be implemented later (like a proper / search). But if those things do get impolemented, I would consider this the closest replacement for pentadactyl thus far. Anyone else thinking the same?

submitted by /u/footshred
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Ubuntu froze after login screen

Sat, 2018-02-17 23:43

So I just finished installing Ubuntu and I went to login, after I entered my Password and hit enter the screen just froze, has anyone experienced this before and know a fix?

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Need some help!!

Sat, 2018-02-17 20:42

When i am writing the command: sudo -i Its gives me a mesg that says: Unable to find your tty (pts/1) in utmp file But the command works fine i mean it opens the root But what does that mesg means ??

And why im seeing this ??

And when i write the commend "su" then the sudo password it says: "Authentication failure" what that means?? I have one password and i remember it

submitted by /u/boseka
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Looking to revive a 2007 iMac with a dead internal HDD. What’s a good basic distro for me?

Sat, 2018-02-17 20:29

I’ve used Linux GUI before on a netbook, and a Windows XP machine for VLC. I’m looking to use this iMac for basic video streaming and maybe attach an external to host files on my local network.

Here’s my question: unetbootin won’t work for a bootable iso via usb. Can I use a different Mac to install Ubuntu (or Mint, etc) as a live install to another usb stick and have that be my bootable OS?

submitted by /u/arosiejk
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