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Thu, 2017-07-20 12:43

Hi everyone I have been using Linux for nearly a year now and I have realized how much I rely on Google and was wondering what email provider I should use or is gmail OK? Thanks if you can help (P.s. is bing a good search engine or use something else?)

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Starting new job as a software tester in a linux environment... What linux commands/concepts should I try to learn before starting?

Thu, 2017-07-20 04:49

I have limited linux experience, but am now working with it every day (on my own time) to brush up before going into the job. They ARE going to train me, but I want to make a good first impression and not look like an idiot.

What commands/concepts should I trying to know or master before starting?


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i3 - Automatically Resize Wallpaper+Conky on Resolution Change (Such as in a VM)

Thu, 2017-07-20 04:33

For a long while now, I've used i3 (the window manager inside of a VM. My biggest gripe is that when the resolution changes, which is easy to do in a VM, the wallpaper or other things on the desktop didn't get re-scaled. I've finally found a solution using a program available on GitHub, a simple Python script, and one line in the i3 config file.


I thought I'd post for others that may run into the annoyance and want a fix. I'm using VMware Player and Manjaro at the moment. (I'm in the process of trying to replace my Arch VM with a Manjaro VM.) Manjaro-i3 by default uses nitrogen for the wallpaper and conky for the desktop stats. This also assumes you already have the resolution automatically resizing with the VM tools (/usr/bin/vmware-user-suid-wrapper).


A program that will execute a script on resolution change.


Some Python. I named my file

#!/usr/bin/env python import subprocess def rescale_background(): print('Rescaling background with nitrogen..')['nitrogen', '--restore']) def rescale_conky(): print('Killing Conky..')['killall', 'conky']) print('Starting Conky..')['start_conky_maia']) def rescale_everything(): rescale_background() rescale_conky() if __name__ == '__main__': rescale_everything()


Now in the i3.config:

exec --no-startup-id ~/bin/xeventbind resolution ~/bin/


Edit: Formatting.

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How did you end up as a kernel developer/low level dev? Do you get paid? If no, why do you do it?

Thu, 2017-07-20 04:02

I've been using IRC's in Linux for a while, and I've always wondered how people end up working in such a low level environment, and doing stuff like kernel development, or working on package managers, etc...

Do you work for a company that uses that distro and needed a patch/feature? Are you a system administrator? How did you end up doing what you do, and what is your motive?

This question is coming from a regular web developer, so I don't see any possible project I could work on that would cause me to dig into the kernel, or any other low-level environment.

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Need help with finding some tattoo ideas

Thu, 2017-07-20 01:34

So before I begin, yes I know tatoos are permanent. I'm getting one for when I graduate and land my first big boy job in a year as a reward to myself. I already bleed GNU/blood and worship Torvalds as my savior.

Moving on! Does anyone have any ideas of what I could get as a tattoo? I was thinking a few things like the stereotypical penguin and the bash fork bomb one liner.

As for placement, I'm thinking I'm probably getting it on my right oblique. Like in line with under armpit in the middle of my side.

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Microsoft would rather have you install malware in your computer than Libreoffice (A experience I had with my sister's laptop)

Thu, 2017-07-20 00:07

So, my sister has a new laptop now that came with Windows 10, it also came with a 1-month trial of Microsoft Word. She was using it to the her work as a teacher

After the month ended, she didn't have a text editor to do her work. Now she isn't a very tech-savy person, in fact, she is bad with computers so she went to google to find a substitute and download Abiword, but from of those malware sites that required using a shady downloader to install the software

She was able to install Abiword although using the shady downloader and she was fine with Abiword, it was good enough. But the executable stopped working for some reason and she asked for my help. I told her she would better use LibreOffice, so I downloaded it for her but when I opened the installer it refused to install saying I could install apps from the Store. I don't use Windows as my main OS since 2009 so I didn't know what happened, so I tried searching for LibreOffice in the store and got no results. I was very annoyed by this, but I tried running the installer a couple more times, until I saw that it said in a small font bellow that I could go to the Settings to allow for installation of apps from out of the store

I know that there's an option to install apps from outside, but I'm certain the less tech-savey like my sister would hardly be able to find the setting and turn it off. And why when my sister ran the malware installer it ran perfectly? My only conclusion is that as the titles says: Microsoft would rather have you install malware in your computer than Libreoffice

I am worried about this trend of Microsoft using it's postion to try to keep competitors away at all cost. First is UEFI, now the Store, what is going next? Also with all the spying I heard Microsoft Windows 10 does on the user and I've never been happier to be a Linux user

My sister almost bought MS Office's license, but since it's annual and expensive, luckly she didn't do it. At the very least I turned the setting off and Libreoffice is working really well for her

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Esperanto friendly Linux distributions and Linux software

Wed, 2017-07-19 23:10

What are some Esperanto (language) friendly Linux distributions and Linux software?

If you type Esperanto what method of typing the ĉ, ĵ, ŝ, ĥ, ŭ characters? I personally use AltGr + the letter c, j, s, j, u on KDE Neon - which is a great way to type those characters (like pressing a shift key when typing an uppercase lettter), but I am still interested in your setup.

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