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Upgrading Linux Servers

Thu, 2017-11-16 16:53

Hi guys, I am interested on how you upgrade your productive server environments. Do you upgrade, or do reinstall the operating system?

On the server I talk about runs apache and django productively. The rest of the server is a giant data storage. The server was hardly touched in the last five years. Have you ever tried to do "do-release-upgrade" twice, to upgrade from Ubuntu Server 12.04 to Ubuntu Server 16.04? Is this a bad idea?

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Now that GLXOSD is dead do to a lack of a maintainer we need something to replace it with

Thu, 2017-11-16 13:20

We need Good Frame Rate Counter with a on screen display, that shows CPU Per Core+GPU usage, FPS, and VRAM usage for OpenGL+Vulkan API, on screen like MSI Afterburner / GALLIUM_HUD, plus with a FPS logging hotkey, that works for Nvidia, AMD, Intel, Wayland, Xorg, and I'm willing to help fund a Patreon if Someone or a Group of Skilled developers would make a Opensource tool like this.

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What are your unresolved issues, or your TODO-list in Linux?

Thu, 2017-11-16 10:50

With no music playing I just accidentally hit my mute button, and was a bit surprised about how silence it got. A few years ago I told myself I would find and fix whatever is causing the white noise I have when headphones are plugged in but it seems I just got used to it instead.

I have a few others, some trivially easy to fix and others maybe not so much.

  • Keyboard doesn't work if mouse is plugged in at startup necessitating a reboot. Fortunately I can unplug my mouse to prevent this problem!
  • My remaps don't actually work after a reboot. Somehow I find it less tedious to Ctrl+R a bunch every startup rather than just spending the 5-10 min needed to fix it once and for all.
  • Speakers just stop functioning sometimes after unplugging headphones. This I have troubleshooted enough to not want to do it ever again, just waiting for the next LTS to magically fix it.
  • TLP occasionally crashes requiring a reboot when on battery. But it saves me so much battery, if I really have to code without a place to charge I just disable it temporarily.
  • Hooking up via DisplayPort to my television works for image but not for sound. Fixed by having a handy Windows partition.

I'll happily put up with all of the above because I really love my setup when doing anything code related, hell, even for Latex I get annoyed when I have to use some other computer.

I'm not looking for tech support, just curious about what quirks you have with your system, if any?

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Want to switch to Linux, but have a few questions.

Thu, 2017-11-16 05:29

Linux has been something I’ve wanted for a while but I avoided it cause I’m afraid I’d fuck something up. I’m still afraid of fucking something up so when I decide its time to switch I’ll have a new hard drive to run Linux from, while keeping Windows 10 and all the shit I need for college (Which is really just Microsoft office) on my current one. Would you say that Linux is a good OS for college students though? Is there anything I should know before I click on a download link for Linux Mint while having a new hard drive in? I’m really not educated on this shit as much as I should be.

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RISC-V port merged into Linux

Thu, 2017-11-16 03:35

Just In: SCO vs. IBM - Petition of Defendant-Appellee for Panel or En Banc Hearing

Thu, 2017-11-16 03:23

IBM attorneys have responded to the court of appeals October 30, 2017 decision. The attorneys wrote:

"Defendant-Appellee International Business Machines Corporation (“IBM”) respectfully submits this petition for rehearing of the Court’s decision of October 30, 2017, concerning Plaintiff-Appellant The SCO Group, Inc. (“SCO”)’s unfair competition claim.

"The Court affirmed the district court’s dismissal of all but one of SCO’s claims: SCO’s claim for unfair competition. The Court disagreed with the district court that the claim is barred by the independent tort doctrine and rejected IBM’s alternative grounds for affirmance, including IBM’s argument that SCO’s claim is preempted by Federal copyright law. We respectfully submit that, in so doing, the Court overlooked or misapprehended a critical issue."

The petition is available at

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New Linux User - 11 Day Update

Wed, 2017-11-15 23:56