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Linux + MAC stuff + Windows external storage advice

Sat, 2018-02-17 03:46


I wonder if folks here can advise me on external storage for this use case:

(1) Linux (work/research) laptop backup. I’ve used rsync in the past to a lab computer but that solution isn’t stable ( I can say why but not interesting). Ubuntu 14.04, could upgrade (but can never find the time... a good backup would be nice before).

(2) More space for the Linux machine. I need another 100G.

(3) More space for the Windows dual boot. Mostly for light gaming, not backup. I made the windows partition awfully small...

(4) The MAC. Wife is a mac user for work, has an air drive. It’s slow as hell (I mean, seriously like a wet noodle) and she hates it. Helping her would be good, but not necessary as this is the bed she picked to sleep in and it does do the job, when it gets to it.

(5) iPads. Kid pics.

(6) iPhone and android phone. Kid pics.

My sense is something portable and USB3 for 1-3, maybe network storage for the rest? We could cloud but I don’t want to do that for personal pictures. Also some of the stuff on the laptops is too sensitive to upload to a 3rd party that may suffer a data breach. Think patentable info + grades + confidential letters.

Any advice?

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I've finally switched to all Linux

Sat, 2018-02-17 02:29

My Linux journey began with that I've programming as one of my hobbies. First of all I wanted to host my websites, so I found some free web hostings on the internet. That wasn't enough for my needs, so I stared to pay for my web hosting on an other site. I realized that wasn't what I needed. I could serve my websites that were scripted in PHP, but I couldn't run all things that I could run on my Windows machine. The problem with Windows were that most of the recommendations to install software were mostly targeted towards Linux and macOS users, so if you were running Windows there were always additional steps. I stared with firing up some virtual machines and I felt in love with Linux right from the start. I started paying for two VM's to fill my needs for hosting my stuff, but at home I tried Linux and it wasn't enough for my school needs.

I study to become a teacher in Civics and History here in Sweden and I depend on a good word processor. LibreOffice is good, but it doesn't work great with Microsoft Office which is crucial if you need to interact with other students, so I didn't want to do the switch right away because I needed it through out my education. I had one laptop and bought my first desktop computer that I would finally run Linux on, and have my Windows laptop for schoolwork. The problem were that I didn't research enough and thought it were just plug and play with all hardware. I bought a "TP-Link Archer T8E Dual-band AC1750" as my wireless card but the connection dropped all the time. My laptop became my Linux system instead of my desktop computer, but I've finally bought a new wireless card after four years, so now I run Linux on all computers. Stinginess and incompatibility unforgettably made me stay with Windows too long.

It sucks that you have to depend on Microsoft Word, but with their web application you can survive with LibreOffice. It also sucks that you can't buy any hardware and it just works on a Linux machine. Linux isn't to blame here in my opinion. I love Linux, but I can understand the struggle from other people.

I'm not sure what I would like to say with this post, maybe to inspire others to finally make a complete switch despite struggles.

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Hypothetically, what would the implications if Adobe decided to make the code for Photoshop open source?

Sat, 2018-02-17 01:28

This isn't exactly Linux related but I don't know of a better place to ask this. Being a long time Linux user, I think about free vs. proprietary frequently but because of lack of information I can't forsee the results of a move like this.

Maybe anyone can compile binaries of Photoshop then, but it is very heavily pirated anyway and the difference would be non-noticable.

Another question: Are the examples of "free" software that are not "gratis"?

Thanks in advance.

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Which distro for Intel Nuc (i3 Broadwell)?

Sat, 2018-02-17 00:55

Decided to go back to Linux, but its been years. My Nuc (nuc5i3ryh specifically) needs a good lease on life & Windows 10 is doing its typical shitting up of everything.

I'll basically be running it as a media server over gigabit LAN for my Nvidia Shield & other devices in the home (prob using Plex Server), with the occasional light desktop use hooked up to a 4k monitor, so I need video drivers & everything to be good & properly functioning to their full capacity.

I'm thinking Ubuntu 17.10, just because I heard it ticks all the boxes for these little machines, but didn't know how accurate that is or if there'd be a better distro to suit my needs. Thanks!

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KDE gets $100k grant from Pineapple Fund

Fri, 2018-02-16 21:39

See end of the list:


That should buy some more usability, right? ;)

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Linux on Samsung DeX Survey

Fri, 2018-02-16 21:08

SRT in GStreamer

Fri, 2018-02-16 20:20

If I run 'dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/null status=progress' what exactly am I measuring?

Fri, 2018-02-16 19:33

Followup questions: What's going on under the hood and what's the bottleneck?

Uses 100% of 1 core and on this machine caps out at around 667MB/s

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Right Royally Screwed

Fri, 2018-02-16 19:07

Win 10 has no sound, Vista drivers in compatibility mode only work with 7. I need MS for my Traktor LE mixer. But also all modern Linux distros have a bug with Pulse Audio with constant audible reverb clipping (So yeah dual boot.) Mixxx although very good does not have effects rack or vinyl input on my Behringer BCD3k. If Ubuntu LTS not fix this bug, then think will upgrade aging C2D (G41M-COMBO) innards to something all Intel. Any hard won advice? Throwing open, please do not savage me!

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Instead of trying to remove Intel ME, why not hack it to run Linux?

Fri, 2018-02-16 17:49

Instead of trying to remove Intel ME, why not hack it to run Linux? I think that isn't an unreasonable proposal. Imagine having an update fuck up your linux install; having a hacked version of ME running Linux would allow you to chroot into your system and fix it without needing external media like a flash drive.

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Run Terminal Programs in Next Browser

Fri, 2018-02-16 17:35

A simple example of how Next can be extended to run terminal programs, or to download youtube videos. Any feedback appreciated, thanks!

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Open source games missing a Spanish translation

Fri, 2018-02-16 16:44

Hi guys,

I'm trying to help some nice and friendly students from Spain finding an open source game they can translate for their final project in college.

It has to be open source and I've sort of run out of games they can help me translate.

They've tried contacting a lot of developers on this list from GitHub: but many already have translations or the devs don't answer etc. So... If you know any open source games that need a good English to Spanish translation - please give me a shout so we can get these guys a good project foundation!

Thanks in advance!

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