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Does partition order affect booting?

Reddit - 8 hours 54 min ago

I have problems with Arch Linux GPT booting. I have already installed the OS but I can't boot it. My /dev/sda1 is my second disk for windows and after that I have files for booting Arch Linux. I tried to install GRUB but I had some issues.

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GNOME 3.25.2 Released

Phoronix - 9 hours 6 min ago
GNOME 3.25.2 is now available as the latest test snapshot leading up to this September's GNOME 3.26 stable debut...

Feren OS Could Be the Best-Looking Desktop on the Market

LXer - 9 hours 26 min ago
Imagine taking Linux Mint, placing the Cinnamon desktop on it and then theming it to not only to serve as a perfect drop-in replacement for Windows 7 but to be one of the most beautiful Linux desktops you’ve seen in a long while. That’s what Feren OS has managed -- and has done so with aplomb.

Does anybody know of a free VPN for Linux that has data compression?

Reddit - 9 hours 42 min ago

Right now I'm stuck using mobile data and Telstra charges 20$ for 3GB, when I had unlimited I would often go through about 1 TB a month.

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[PSA] if you see tor traffic in your machine, it might be a Syncthing relay

Reddit - 9 hours 43 min ago

So do not panic and waste 10 hours trying to audit your system...

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Looking for cheap laptop recommendation

Reddit - 11 hours 2 min ago


I'm in the Netherlands right now and I am thinking about getting a separate laptop for learning/developing on Linux.

I currently own a MacBook Pro 2016 (15") for my own personal use, and I was wondering if anyone with experience could tell me if it is more useful to purchase a cheap 200 euro Thinkpad 4x0 series (i5, 8gb ram, small SSD) vs running it in a virtual machine. Will the standalone laptop be more performant compared to the virtual machine on a much faster MacBook?

One benefit I thought about was running it on bare metal means total immersion and better video rendering (especially for the desktop environment).

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How is life as a developer or package maintainer in Debian and Fedora projects?

Reddit - 11 hours 20 min ago

I'm thinking about joining a linux distro project as contributor, but not sure about what level of knowledge do they expect. I know Python, Java and a little bit of web programming and have a brief working knowledge about linux.

What level of expertise does one require? I'm especially looking for distros who welcome even members with beginner level of knowledge, since I'm not that much of an expert yet.

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That Nasty Samba Vulnerability Is Now Patched in All Supported Ubuntu Releases

LXer - 11 hours 20 min ago
You might have read the news this morning about a wormable code-execution bug discovered in the Samba free software re-implementation of the SMB/CIFS networking protocol, which existed in Samba for more than 7 years.

dd part of partition

Reddit - 11 hours 32 min ago

Hello! Would it be possible to use the dd command to make an image of, in this case, a fat32 foramatted partition, but only the first few mb of the partition to count for the whole, once it is put back on a drive.

Imagine this scenario.

the disk has three partitions. in order: boot=100mb, ext4=2G, fat32=5Gb.

the fat32 would be empty, no files what so ever, except perhaps by hidden osx fork-files.

Would i be able to use dd with count command to count up to the beginning of fat32-partition with header info. So that when the image is done it has grabbed the boot, ext4, and the beginning of fat32. But once back on a stick and booted the fat32 would be usable with its initially 5GB?

Thanks in advance, cheers

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[DEV] [NEEDS TESTING] Long press and two finger tap right click on Linux touch screen devices.

Reddit - 11 hours 54 min ago


I recently picked up a cheap baytrail tablet (Lenovo miix 3-830, $108) with intention of wiping windows and putting Linux on it.

However, after trying multiple distros (all Ubuntu derivatives), I couldn't find a reliable way to right click on tablets. Windows 10 touch screen support is way better than Linux and I ended up dual booting instead of a full wipe.

To fix the right click issue, I have written a small script that enables long press and two finger tap right click on tablets. It has been tested on both libinput and synaptics drivers on Ubuntu 17.04 and derivatives.

However, my script is not very efficient, it lags, needs root access and fails to register touch events sometimes. It needs testing and I need help from code ninjas to improve the script as I have no clue where to go from here.

Here is what this script does:

  • Processes output of evtest utility.
  • If the time difference between first and second finger tap is 0, a two finger tap is considered.
  • If difference between finger down and finger up time is one or more seconds, a long press is considered.

All this processing is done in a while loop that reads output lines and processes them one by one. I believe this is the main cause of lag.

To run this script, install dependencies by running command:

sudo apt install evtest xdotool xinput

Script link: http://www94.zippyshare.com/v/KnfUYsWs/file.html

Edit the rclick.sh file and change the device variable to your touch screen vendor, which can be found by running xinput command.

Now run in a terminal:

sudo ./rclick.sh

Report bugs in this thread.

Note: This script may interfere with apps having their own touch implementation, e. g. chrome.

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Ubuntu 16.04 is a smoking pile of crap

Reddit - 12 hours 12 min ago

They have a foundation and all they did was Unity and dropping support for ATI video cards ( setting up fglrx was easier on ARCH than it was on Ubuntu! LOL).

Plus today it won't boot. I had already switched my personal computers to Arch. Now its time for the office ones.

Steer away from Ubuntu. Its as broken as a linux os can ever get. Ubuntu is essentially satire against linux.

submitted by /u/Sire_Giarasso
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5 myths busted: Using open source in higher education

TuxMachines - 12 hours 37 min ago

Have you ever heard someone say, "It's impossible to do X with Linux"? Me too. This is the story of how I busted the myths about open source in my own head and used Linux to finish my PhD in fine arts.

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Valve h/w survey

Reddit - 12 hours 38 min ago

Since building my new PC and installing Ubuntu 16.04 most of my recent gaming has been in Linux. In part this is chance as some of the games I had waiting around in Steam turned out to Linux friendly and ran really well on the new rig so I could spare myself the tedium of dual booting to Windows and play games in one workspace whilst getting on with day-to-day stuff.

So yesterday, when I tried the Windows-only Fallout 4 free w/e, was the first time in a couple of months I'd booted Windows. Fired up Steam and immediately got asked to participate in the h/w survey, decided to skip and fill it in when back in Linux. But back in Linux it doesn't happen, boot Windows again and up it pops and so on ad infinitum it would appear.

Not going to peddle any conspiracy theory or anything but I'm curious; does the h/w survey not run on Linux? The survey results usually show a small % using Linux but if the survey rarely or never runs on Linux boxes that's not surprising.

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Kernel and Graphics News

TuxMachines - 12 hours 39 min ago

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Games and Software Leftovers

TuxMachines - 12 hours 40 min ago
  • Golem 0.6.0 released for Ubuntu, macOS, and Windows

    Golem Project, creator of the first global market for idle computer power today announced it released Golem 0.6.0 for Ubuntu, macOS, and Windows. The team stated that the majority of changes are not directly visible to the user, but there are a few noteworthy modifications.

  • Stardock CEO asking to see interest in Ashes of the Singularity: Escalation on Linux with Vulkan

    Ashes of the Singularity: Escalation [GOG][Steam][Official Site] will come to Linux if Stardock see enough requests for it. The CEO of Stardock has requested to see how much interest there is.

  • Chrome won

    The chart above shows the percentage market share of the 4 major browsers over the last 6 years, across all devices. The data is from StatCounter and you can argue that the data is biased in a bunch of different ways, but at the macro level it's safe to say that Chrome is eating the browser market, and everyone else except Safari is getting obliterated.

  • Mailman 3.1.0 released

    The 3.1.0 release of the Mailman mailing list manager is out. "Two years after the original release of Mailman 3.0, this version contains a huge number of improvements across the entire stack. Many bugs have been fixed and new features added in the Core, Postorius (web u/i), and HyperKitty (archiver). Upgrading from Mailman 2.1 should be better too. We are seeing more production sites adopt Mailman 3, and we've been getting great feedback as these have rolled out. Important: mailman-bundler, our previous recommended way of deploying Mailman 3, has been deprecated. Abhilash Raj is putting the finishing touches on Docker images to deploy everything, and he'll have a further announcement in a week or two." New features include support for Python 3.5 and 3.6, MySQL support, new REST resources and methods, user interface and user experience improvements, and more.

  • Cockpit – Monitor And Administer Linux Servers Via Web Browser

    Cockpit is free, open source Server administration tool that allows you to easily monitor and administrator single or multiple Linux servers via a web browser. It helps the system admins to do simple administration tasks, such as starting containers, administrating storage, configuring network, inspecting logs and so on. Switching between Terminal and Cockpit is no big deal. You can the manage the system’s services either from the Cockpit, or from the host’s Terminal. Say for example, if you started a service in Terminal, you can stop it from the Cockpit. Similarly, if an error occurs in the terminal, it can be seen in the Cockpit journal interface and vice versa. It is capable of monitoring multiple Linux servers at the same time. All you need to do is just add the systems you wanted to monitor, and Cockpit will look after them.

  • Buttercup – A Modern Password Manager for Linux

    Buttercup is a cross-platform, free, and open-source password manager with which you can remotely access any of your accounts using a single master password. It features a modern minimal UI, password imports from 3rd-party apps, and basic merge conflict resolution.

  • FreeFileSync The Best Backup And File Synchronization Tool For All Platforms

    FreeFileSync is an open source free to download and use software that can sync your files easily to another disk while maintaining permissions and other important stuff. It is cross platform so you can use it on any OS without any problem. Let us see how to download and use it in Linux.

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GNOME: Mutter, gresg, and GTK

TuxMachines - 12 hours 47 min ago
  • Mutter 3.25.2 Has Bug Fixes, Some Performance Work

    Florian Müllner has pushed out an updated Mutter 3.25.2 window manager / compositor release in time for the GNOME 3.25.2 milestone in the road to this September's GNOME 3.26 release.

    Mutter 3.25.2 has a number of fixes ranging from fixing frame updates in certain scenarios, accessible screen coordinates on X11, some build issues, and more.

  • gresg – an XML resources generator

    For me, create GTK+ custom widgets is a very common task. Using templates for them, too.

  • Free Ideas for UI Frameworks, or How To Achieve Polished UI

    Ever since the original iPhone came out, I’ve had several ideas about how they managed to achieve such fluidity with relatively mediocre hardware. I mean, it was good at the time, but Android still struggles on hardware that makes that look like a 486… It’s absolutely my fault that none of these have been implemented in any open-source framework I’m aware of, so instead of sitting on these ideas and trotting them out at the pub every few months as we reminisce over what could have been, I’m writing about them here. I’m hoping that either someone takes them and runs with them, or that they get thoroughly debunked and I’m made to look like an idiot. The third option is of course that they’re ignored, which I think would be a shame, but given I’ve not managed to get the opportunity to implement them over the last decade, that would hardly be surprising. I feel I should clarify that these aren’t all my ideas, but include a mix of observation of and conjecture about contemporary software. This somewhat follows on from the post I made 6 years ago(!) So let’s begin.

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