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Why productivity shouldn't be the key measure of agile transformation

LXer - Wed, 2017-05-24 06:40
As a principal agile coach, my focus is to energize and inspire developers to adopt and follow through on the agile frameworks across our teams. Initially, I failed, as I didn't really understand the mindset of teams that have been working in an open source ecosystem. My assumption was that since agile and open source values align so closely, the barrier for adopting agile frameworks would be low and our people would take to it like fish to water.read more

Red Hat Linux Upgrade Pushes New Security, Automation Tools

TuxMachines - Wed, 2017-05-24 05:50

Red Hat on Tuesday announced the availability of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.4 beta.

RHEL 7.4 includes new security and compliance features and streamlined automation, along with tools for improved systems administration.

This latest upgrade comes nearly three years into the series 7 lifecycle. It continues to provide enterprises with a rich and stable foundation for both existing applications and a new generation of workloads and solutions.

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Total War: SHOGUN 2 and Fall of the Samurai Are Out Now on Linux and SteamOS

LXer - Wed, 2017-05-24 05:25
As expected, Feral Interactive today announced the availability of the Total War: SHOGUN 2 and Total War: Shogun 2 - Fall of the Samurai games on Linux and SteamOS platforms.

Scanning books on linux, tools and formats to use.

Reddit - Wed, 2017-05-24 05:02

I have a shitload of books sitting in a closet. I want to scan them and toss them.

For now I want to do this as fast as I canand clean it up later. What is the best way to save the documents so that they are as compact as they can be, size and file number, and leave me the ability to clean things up and produce a high quality document later.

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Tip: Read the configuration file before googling.

Reddit - Wed, 2017-05-24 04:38

Tip: Read the configuration file before doing a google search. It will save you alot of time. 9/10 the top google search will be either outdated or completely wrong. The times that the google search is correct outweigh multiple google searches and just waste time. Read the documentation and use grep/ack/whatever. I have been linuxing wrong for the past 10 years and have finally found the light.

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Cloud migrations: Pharma CIO shares best practices, pitfalls

LXer - Wed, 2017-05-24 04:11
Q&A with Nathan McBride, CIO of Amag Pharmaceuticals, on his cloud migration.

Container Network Interface Project Joins CNCF

LinuxToday - Wed, 2017-05-24 04:00

EnterpriseNetworkingPlanet: CNI had already become a defacto dependency for Kubernetes and now the project is formally part of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation.

The History of Ubuntu Linux, Canonical's Open Source OS

TuxMachines - Wed, 2017-05-24 03:09

In October 2004 the first Ubuntu release, Ubuntu 4.10, debuted. Codenamed Warty Warthog because it was rough around the edges, Ubuntu 4.10 inaugurated a tradition of releasing new version of Ubuntu each April and October that Canonical has maintained up to the present -- with the exception of Ubuntu 6.06, which came out a couple of months late in 2006.

Ubuntu 4.04 launched six months after Mark Shuttleworth first met with Debian developers to discuss the creation of a new, Debian-based Linux distribution that would emphasize ease-of-use, regular release cycles, accessibility and internationalization.

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Tizen News: New Software, Smart TVs, Gear S3

TuxMachines - Wed, 2017-05-24 02:59

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Chef expands its cloud and container menu

LXer - Wed, 2017-05-24 02:57
Chef, the popular DevOps company, has expanded its Chef Automate program to handle cloud-native and container-first server environments.

Android Leftovers

TuxMachines - Wed, 2017-05-24 02:43
  • Pimp your smartphone with the latest Android O Pixel launcher

    If your device is running Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow or above, you can now pimp it out with the latest Google O Pixel launcher. One of the contributors on the XDA Developers forum has recently posted the APK file, which you can install on your smartphone.

    Before you download the file, make sure your device can install apps that aren’t listed on the Play Store. To do so, open up the Settings menu, tap on Security, and enable the “Unknown sources” option. Once that’s done, all you have to do is download the file and then tap on it in the notification shade to install the launcher on your device.

  • Google is killing off Android's emoji blobs

    The best emojis on the market are no more: Google’s weird blobs are being retired in favour of more conventional circular yellow faces.

  • Google I/O: What about Android on Chrome OS?

    The hottest tech-show ticket these days is Google I/O. In the just-finished 2017 conference, Google announced lots of great stuff, including a lightweight version of Android, Android Go; a first look at the next version of Android, Android O; and a major upgrade to Google Home. One thing that was noticeably missing, however: big news about Android apps on Chrome OS.

  • RaspAnd Marshmallow 6.0.1 Android OS Now Available for Raspberry Pi 3 and 2 SBCs

    After informing us about the availability of a new build of his RaspAnd Nougat operating system for Raspberry Pi 3 and 2 SBCs based on Android 7.1.2, Arne Exton released an updated RaspAnd Marshmallow 6 version.

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Looking to convert to Linux

Reddit - Wed, 2017-05-24 02:27

So with all of this ransomware scare that has been happening a lot, I've considered moving to Linux. Problem being is that a lot of the programs/games I use on Windows are Windows exclusives, paint.net etc. Getting around this is fine, but I'm wondering what the most welcoming Linux distro for a new user would be? Something that is updated on a regular basis, and has a nice modern look to it. Nothing too intimidating. Are there any distros you can recommend?

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What are some commands who's literal meanings interested you?

Reddit - Wed, 2017-05-24 02:07

What I mean is like how "sudo" stands for "superuser do"

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Three Portable Ways To Connect Ubuntu To Internet

LXer - Wed, 2017-05-24 01:42
?Most of you have probably used a dial-up connection or wired connection to access the resources available on the World Wide Web. But what if you’d just bought a new desktop or laptop and you don’t have the resources (router, modem, etc) to connect to the Internet. I’ll cover the three possible methods you could remedy that along with pros + cons and take note when I say portable you should get the humor because desktops just don’t blend in :P

LinuxAndUbuntu Distro Review Of The Week - Deepin OS

TuxMachines - Wed, 2017-05-24 01:13

​Depth/Deepin OS is not just another Linux Distro, but one with something new to show. Deepin OS is simply speaking, just beautiful. Deepin OS, formerly known as Deepin, Linux Deepin, and Hiweed GNU/Linux is a Linux distro with an identity crisis. Seriously, this distro has undergone name changes you always have to check twice if the name is still the same. And that is all the negative you are going to say about this distro. Honestly speaking, Deepin OS is surely going to blow you away. I have been keeping an eye on this distro since 2013 and it still manages to impress me.

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RaspAnd Marshmallow 6.0.1 Android OS Now Available for Raspberry Pi 3 and 2 SBCs

LXer - Wed, 2017-05-24 00:28
After informing us about the availability of a new build of his RaspAnd Nougat operating system for Raspberry Pi 3 and 2 SBCs based on Android 7.1.2, Arne Exton released an updated RaspAnd Marshmallow 6 version.

KDE Leftovers: digikam, KDevelop, Kate, GSoC, and Akademy

TuxMachines - Wed, 2017-05-24 00:06
  • [digikam] Call to Test the Pre-Release of 5.6.0

    Once again a lot has been going on behind the scenes since the last release. The HTML gallery tool is back, database shrinking (e.g. purging stale thumbnails) is also supported on MySQL, grouping has been improved and additional sidecars can now be specified. Therefore the release of 5.6.0 will be (is already) delayed, as we would like to invite you to test all these features. As usual they are available in the pre-release bundles or obviously directly from the git repository. Please report any dysfunctions, unexpected behaviour or suggestions for improvement to our bug tracker.

  • KDevelop runtimes: Docker and Flatpak integration

    On my last blog post I discussed about how some assumptions such as the platform developed on can affect our development. We need to minimize it by empowering the developers with good tools so that they can develop properly. To that end, I introduced runtimes in our IDE to abstract platforms (much like on Gnome’s Builder or Qt Creator).

  • Kate 17.04.1 available for Windows
  • GSoC - Community Bonding Period with Krita
  • First month report: my feelings about gsoc
  • My Akademy Plans

    The Akademy programme (saturday, sunday) is actually pretty long; the conference days stretch into feels-like-evening to me. Of course, the Dutch are infamous for being “6pm at the dinner table, and eat potatoes” so my notion of evening may not match what works on the Mediterranean coast. Actually, I know it doesn’t since way back when at a Ubuntu Developer Summit in Sevilla it took some internal-clock-resetting to adjust to dinner closer to midnight than 18:00.

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Check Point Discovers Media Subtitle Vulnerability in VLC

LinuxToday - Wed, 2017-05-24 00:00

eWEEK: Check Point responsibly disclosed the vulnerability to the impacted media players including VLC, Kodi (XBMC), Popcorn Time and Stremio.


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