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Tizen in Bolivia and India

TuxMachines - Thu, 2017-05-25 00:29

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Security Leftovers

TuxMachines - Thu, 2017-05-25 00:28
  • Security updates for Wednesday
  • Microsoft says its best not to fiddle with its Windows 10 group policies (that don't work)

    On Monday, we revealed that a security researcher had used a packet sniffer to show that many settings designed to prevent access to the internet were being ignored with connections to a range of third party servers including advertising hubs.

  • What's got a vast attack surface and runs on Linux? Windows Defender, of course

    Google Project Zero's Windows bug-hunter and fuzz-boffin Tavis Ormandy has given the world an insight into how he works so fast: he works on Linux, and with the release of a personal project on GitHub, others can too.

    Ormandy's project is to port Windows DLLs to Linux for his vuln tests (“So that's how he works so fast!” Penguinistas around the world are saying).

    Typically self-effacing, Ormandy made this simple announcement on Twitter (to a reception mixing admiration, humour, and horror):

  • Hacked in Translation – from Subtitles to Complete Takeover

    Check Point researchers revealed a new attack vector which threatens millions of users worldwide – attack by subtitles. By crafting malicious subtitle files, which are then downloaded by a victim’s media player, attackers can take complete control over any type of device via vulnerabilities found in many popular streaming platforms, including VLC, Kodi (XBMC), Popcorn-Time and strem.io. We estimate there are approximately 200 million video players and streamers that currently run the vulnerable software, making this one of the most widespread, easily accessed and zero-resistance vulnerability reported in recent years.

  • A Samba remote code execution vulnerability

    Distributors are already shipping the fix; there's also a workaround in the advisory for those who cannot update immediately.

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Arcan 0.5.2 Released

Reddit - Thu, 2017-05-25 00:25

How many distros have you tried out before you found "The One"?

Reddit - Thu, 2017-05-25 00:21

I use linux for barely 10 months now and for me it was like that: ~2 months on Linux Mint, then ~6 months on Arch, then short periods with Fedora and Solus, and recently I finally settled on openSUSE Tumbleweed, hopefully for good.

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How to Configure Thunderbird with iRedMail for Samba4 AD LDAP

LinuxToday - Thu, 2017-05-25 00:00

tecmint: This tutorial will guide you on how to configure Mozilla Thunderbird client with an iRedMail server

[backups] Looking for a backup solution with file-level granularity and doesn't use 'tapes'.

Reddit - Wed, 2017-05-24 23:58

I've been tasked with finding a replacement for our existing backup solution that we recommend to users. The solution we currently recommend to them costs about $500 and uses a proprietary container that's grown unstable as time goes on. IE: Every version, it seems that their container comes back corrupt.

  • It MUST have file-level granularity, such as rsync or rsnapshot.
  • We would LIKE it to back up the entire system, including the kernel, etc, so it could be referenced in a disaster and do a complete restore instead of just reinstalling the OS and then restoring database info, etc. This is NOT VITAL, just "it would be nice" kinda thing.
  • It must be able to be ran from the command line. We do not use a GUI with our Linux servers at all.

So far, I've looked at Amanda, Bacula, and Mondo Rescue. Amanda simply tarballs files up, so far as I can tell. Still looking into it. Mondo Rescue doesn't seem to provide an option to schedule the backups, but I've only looked at it askance, so far. Bacula, I've only installed it, so far.

So far, rsync/rsnapshot seem to have the best offerings in that setup requires just SSH keys and a single config file. Hourly snapshots are pretty easy to handle. The only downside being that if a restore needs to happen, we essentially have to install the OS again, restore the data, then relicense the products that require it. The licenses are usually attached to something like the Drive's UUID or the MAC address or some such (depends on the product).

Any other backup solutions out there that may fit the bill? Open source is nice, but I'm definitely not stuck with that attribute.

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Which technologies are poised to take over in open source?

LXer - Wed, 2017-05-24 23:55
When you think of open source technologies, you probably think of the stalwarts, the technologies that have been around for years and years. It makes sense: According to a survey conducted in Q4 of 2016 by my company, Greythorn, 30%+ of participants said established technologies are among the top ten they primarily use.read more

KDE, Qt, GTK and GNOME News

TuxMachines - Wed, 2017-05-24 23:07
  • KDE Plasma 5.8.7 LTS Desktop Environment Released with over 60 Improvements

    KDE has announced today the release and immediate availability of the seventh maintenance update to the long-term supported KDE Plasma 5.8 desktop environment.

    KDE Plasma 5.8.7 LTS is now considered the latest stable and most advanced version of the KDE Plasma 5.8 LTS (Long Term Support) desktop environment, which some of you out there are probably using on your favorite GNU/Linux distributions instead of a short-lived branch like KDE Plasma 5.9 or the upcoming KDE Plasma 5.10 release.

  • Summer of Coding!

    After a month of dread and panicking about the fact that Google Summer of Code results are announced in the middle of exam season... I'm happy to say I'll be doing the Rust plugin for KDevelop!

  • Qt 5.9 Release Candidate Available For Testing
  • Qt 5.9.0 RC released

    We have released Qt 5.9.0 RC today. You can update it at the top of your Qt 5.9 beta(4) online installation or do clean installation by using qt online installer. Detailed instructions here: https://wiki.qt.io/How_to_get_snapshot_via_online_installer .

  • The Road to GTK+ 4 Continues, New Milestone Adds Initial OS X and Meson Support

    A new milestone was released recently, GTK+ 3.91.0, which adds quite a bunch of improvements and bug fixes, but also some new APIs and compatibility with other supported operating systems besides those based on the Linux kernel. For example, GTK+ 3.91.0 implements initial support for Apple's macOS platform, which will make it possible to run apps written in GTK+ 4 on OS X.

  • Epiphany Browser Updated for GNOME 3.25.2 with New Shortcuts for Switching Tabs

    Ahead of today's GNOME 3.25.2 desktop environment development release, the team of developers behind the Epiphany web browser have released the second milestone towards the Epiphany 3.26 stable series, due out later this year.

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How to Set Up a TeamSpeak Server on Ubuntu 16.04

LinuxToday - Wed, 2017-05-24 23:00

TeamSpeak is a free and very popular voice communications application for real-time voice chat over the internet.

Ready for more Red Hat? RHEL 7.4 beta released

LXer - Wed, 2017-05-24 22:41
The next major Red Hat Enterprise Linux update is on its way.

Turn Your Raspberry Pi into a Hi-Fi System with RuneAudio

LinuxToday - Wed, 2017-05-24 22:00

MakeTechEasier: RuneAudio is a powerful open-source media center that can turn your Raspberry Pi into a DIY Hi-Fi system. Learn the simple setup process.

Easy Ways to Read/View Zip & Archive File Contents Without Extracting

LXer - Wed, 2017-05-24 21:26
We can easily Read/View Archive File Contents Without Extracting.

Red Hat News: Flatpak, CloudLinux, Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 7.4

TuxMachines - Wed, 2017-05-24 21:08

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Reduce your Apache TIME_WAIT connections

LinuxToday - Wed, 2017-05-24 21:00

If you manage an Apache server, you may be noticing a large amount of TIME_WAIT connections all of the time.

Arcan 0.5.2 Released: That Display Server Built On A Game Engine, Now Tackling VR

Phoronix - Wed, 2017-05-24 20:25
Arcan 0.5.2 has been released as the newest version of the open-source display server project built in part using a game engine that has also been working on X.Org and Wayland compatibility...

VLC update

Reddit - Wed, 2017-05-24 20:15

Does anyone know if there is an update for subtitles security issue, please? I can't find it in repositories or website. Only for Windows (v2.2.5.1) Thank you.

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