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Why and how you should switch to Linux

TuxMachines - Fri, 2017-10-20 20:37

When you start comparing computers, you probably pit Windows against macOS—but Linux rarely gets a mention. Still, this lesser-known operating system has a strong and loyal following. That's because it offers a number of advantages over its competitors.

Whether you're completely new to Linux or have dabbled with it once or twice already, we want you to consider running it on your next laptop or desktop—or alongside your existing operating system. Read on to decide if it's time to make the switch.

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Purism disables Intel's flawed Management Engine on Linux-powered laptops

TuxMachines - Fri, 2017-10-20 20:34

LINUX PC MAKER Purism has devised a process to disable the flawed Intel Management Engine.

The company's line of Librem laptops, which run flexible open-source firmware Coreboot, are now running with Intel's management service completely disabled.

As a core part of Intel Active Management Technology (AMT), the management engine is present in all the company's CPUs and is capable of powering a computer, even when it is powered off.

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Ubuntu 17.10: Hands-on with Artful Aardvark

TuxMachines - Fri, 2017-10-20 20:30

Ubuntu 17.10, Artful Aardvark, has now been officially released. I have not been much of an Ubuntu fan for a long time now, but this release includes a lot of significant changes, many of which might address some of my most serious objections about Ubuntu. So I think I should take a closer look at it than I normally do.

The release announcement mentions the major updates and changes - including the biggest of all, the switch from Unity back to Gnome 3 / Gnome Shell for the desktop. As I have not liked Unity from the very first time I saw it (that's a polite way to phrase it), I am very, very pleased with this change.

The release notes (for all versions) give a more complete list of packages updated, and a list of known issues. It also includes a statement that I know some users will not be pleased with:

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Anarchy Linux Dispels Fear of Arch

LinuxInsider - Fri, 2017-10-20 20:20
Anarchy Linux, the distro formerly known as "Arch-Anywhere Linux" has changed my tune about the terrors of Arch-based Linux as a suitable operating system. In general, however, Arch-anything presents a challenge that may not be worth the effort for typical desktop needs. A potential trademark violation forced Anarchy Linux developer/maintainer Dylan Schacht to rebrand Arch-Anywhere, his homespun distro. To his credit, this Linux distribution has much to offer in terms of user-friendliness.

New Wine and GNU/Linux Games

TuxMachines - Fri, 2017-10-20 20:13

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DockerCon EU: Tips and Tools for Running Container Workloads on AWS

LinuxToday - Fri, 2017-10-20 20:00

eWEEK: At the DockerCon EU conference here, a pair of AWS technical evangelists shared their wisdom on the best ways to benefit from container deployments.

More ways to examine network connections on Linux

LXer - Fri, 2017-10-20 19:57
Several commands can help you see what's up with your network on Linux systems, including ip, ethtool, traceroute, tcptraceroute, and tcpdump.

Control-Flow Enforcement Technology Begins To Land In GCC 8

Phoronix - Fri, 2017-10-20 19:39
Intel Control-flow Enforcement Technology (CET) support has begun landing within the GNU Compiler Collection (GCC) for this code safety feature...

Docker CEO: Embracing Kubernetes Removes Conflict

LinuxToday - Fri, 2017-10-20 19:00

eWEEK: Steve Singh, CEO of Docker Inc discusses where the continued opportunities exist for container adoption.

Firefox 57 coming soon: a Quantum leap

LXer - Fri, 2017-10-20 18:32
A few packages in Fedora get major updates outside the regular release cycle. The kernel is one of these, and Firefox is another. The maintainers do their best to handle these situations. Of course they always try to avoid any... Continue Reading →

Fedora 27 Making It Easy To Deploy Free RHEL7 VMs

Phoronix - Fri, 2017-10-20 17:47
For those wanting to use Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 within a GNOME Boxes driven virtual machine, you can do so for free now with Fedora Workstation 27...

3 Tools to Help You Remember Linux Commands

LXer - Fri, 2017-10-20 17:17
there are various tricks and tools you can use, so that you’re not struggling on a daily basis to remember those commands. I want to offer up a few such tips that will go a long way to helping you work with the command line a bit more efficiently (and save a bit of brain power along the way).

How to Run Commands from Standard Input Using Tee and Xargs in Linux

LinuxToday - Fri, 2017-10-20 17:00

Tecmint: While using the command line, you can directly pass the output of one program (for example a tool that generates some system information or statistics) as input for another program

Intel Graphics Performance: Ubuntu 17.04 vs. 17.10

Phoronix - Fri, 2017-10-20 17:00
Given the Ubuntu 17.10 release this week and its massive desktop changes from GNOME Wayland to Mesa/kernel upgrades, we've been busy benchmarking this new Ubuntu OS release. Complementing the Radeon Ubuntu 17.04 vs. 17.10 gaming comparison are now some OpenGL/Vulkan benchmarks when using Intel Kabylake graphics hardware on Ubuntu 17.04, 17.10 with X.Org and Wayland, and the performance if upgrading against Linux/Mesa Git.

This Week in Open Source News: Linux 4.14 Means Tighter Security, Hyperledger Adds Quilt Project & More

Linux.com - Fri, 2017-10-20 16:30
Title: This Week in Open Source News: Linux 4.14 Means Tighter Security, Hyperledger Adds Quilt Project & More20 OctLearn more


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