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Open Data Policies Necessary for Open Government

LXer - Sat, 2017-02-25 04:44
Open data is an important concept at Code for America, which addresses the widening gap between the public and private sectors in their effective use of technology and design.

Linux Machine

Reddit - Sat, 2017-02-25 03:12

Want to buy a cheap Thinkpad to do my development and really get to know Linux. Looking to spend around 100 or less. Any suggestions?

submitted by /u/jordan8659
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'Big Bang Theory's' Stuart wears Ubuntu T-shirt

LXer - Sat, 2017-02-25 03:01
Am I the only person to notice that comic book shop-owning Stuart (Kevin Sussman) on the "The Big Bang Theory" is wearing an Ubuntu T-shirt on the episode airing Thursday, Feb. 23, 2017?

A quick introduction to tmux

Reddit - Sat, 2017-02-25 02:57

Wayland's Weston 2.0 Compositor Released

Phoronix - Sat, 2017-02-25 02:41
Wayland 1.13 was released earlier this week but the adjoining Weston compositor update didn't happen at the same time due to some last minute changes needing more time to test, but this Friday, Weston 2.0 is now shipping...

(Just curious) Fellow GNU/Linux users - what made you decide on this OS?

Reddit - Sat, 2017-02-25 01:38

As per title, is post is born out of idle curiosity. I'm not looking for "Because it's the best!!!111!" responses - more wondering what that moment was that made you think "Wait...I can do that?" and not look back.

FWIW - mine was when I'd spent hours trying to get Windows XP installed on a laptop with no optical drive back in ~05 or so. Basically had to install onto the laptop hard drive using an IDE>mobile-PATA adapter and move the disk back in after. Windows gave me umpteen BSODs, Ubuntu, however, Just WorkedTM. To be fair I then had to do battle with ndiswrapper, but all in all it was a much better experience.

Peanut gallery - lend me your thoughts on this matter.

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Top 5: Intro to the Linux boot, a primer on the ESP8266 board, and more

LXer - Sat, 2017-02-25 01:26
In this week's top 5, I highlight an intro to the Linux boot, a primer on the ESP8266 board, Linux command-line tools for data analysis, a Python script to find corrupted images, and open source applications for a Windows machine.

Anyone remember this?

Reddit - Sat, 2017-02-25 01:07

Purpose of adding a static route?

Reddit - Sat, 2017-02-25 00:27


I'm curious about the purpose of adding a static route is? I was messing around with some tracerouting and noticed a route going to sfmix.org, upon further investigation it looks like a peering network, and on the site it has a "Route Server" page with IPs to add 'static route' to. I'm just curious about what this is, and if I could benefit from adding a static route on my home linux server to sfmix.org's route server. this might sound stupid but i'm pretty clueless when it comes to advanced networking. please let me know! thx!

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SODIMM-style module runs Linux on VIAs 1GHz Cortex-A9 SoC

LXer - Sat, 2017-02-25 00:18
VIA unveiled an SODIMM-style COM based on its Cortex-A9 WM8850 SoC, with 512MB RAM and 8GB eMMC, plus Ethernet, CSI, graphics, USB, and serial ports. The 68.6 x 43mm “SOM-6X50” computer-on-module appears to be VIA’s second-ever ARM COM.

Gitlab, Pelican and Let’s Encrypt for a secure blog

LXer - Fri, 2017-02-24 23:09
SSL security allows users to trust the authenticity of a site’s content. While you can host an SSL blog on both GitHub and GitLab pages, only GitLab supports SSL for custom domains. This article shows you how to use Pelican and Let’s Encrypt to produce... Continue Reading →

Entroware Launches Ubuntu-Powered Aether Laptop with Intel Kaby Lake CPUs

TuxMachines - Fri, 2017-02-24 23:01

Softpedia was informed today, February 24, 2017, by Entroware, a UK-based hardware manufacturer known for building and selling desktops, laptops, and servers with the popular Ubuntu Linux operating system pre-installed, about a brand-new product.

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4 step Network bonding / teaming configuration in Linux

LinuxToday - Fri, 2017-02-24 23:00

This article explains what network bonding is in Linux.

3 little things in Linux 4.10 that will make a big difference

TuxMachines - Fri, 2017-02-24 22:53

Linux never sleeps. Linus Torvalds is already hard at work pulling together changes for the next version of the kernel (4.11). But with Linux 4.10 now out, three groups of changes are worth paying close attention to because they improve performance and enable feature sets that weren’t possible before on Linux.

Here’s a rundown of those changes to 4.10 and what they likely will mean for you, your cloud providers, and your Linux applications.

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SODIMM-style module runs Linux on VIA’s 1GHz Cortex-A9 SoC

TuxMachines - Fri, 2017-02-24 22:50

VIA unveiled an SODIMM-style COM based on its Cortex-A9 WM8850 SoC, with 512MB RAM and 8GB eMMC, plus Ethernet, CSI, graphics, USB, and serial ports.

The 68.6 x 43mm “SOM-6X50” computer-on-module appears to be VIA’s second-ever ARM COM. Back in Sept. 2015, the company released a 70 x 70mm Qseven form factor QSM-8Q60 COM, based on a 1GHz NXP DualLite SoC.

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Using GnuPG and Vim to store passwords?

Reddit - Fri, 2017-02-24 22:26

What are the risks of storing passwords in a file encrypted using GPG and edited using a Vim GPG plugin?

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