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Security: Updates, Spyware, Sapienz, fail2ban, DeepSPADE

TuxMachines - Wed, 2017-08-23 06:24

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Apache Foundation and Facebook in Standoff Over React.js License

LXer - Wed, 2017-08-23 05:06
The widespread use of code from Facebook maintained React.js, a popular developer tool for building interfaces with JavaScript, is the reason why this issue is particularly problematic for Apache. Unless Facebook changes the license, all of Facebook's code will have to be removed from all projects that have been using it. In some cases that might be impossible, meaning popular applications will no longer be available.

Any Linux VM and Good, Open VM Software To Browse Unsafe Sites With And "Restart" Every Time?

Reddit - Wed, 2017-08-23 04:36

To where whenever you close, it loses any viruses or malware, etc. that it might have caught and - most importantly - it stops malware from penetrating through the VM into the host system?

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Mozilla: FCC and Project Quantum

TuxMachines - Wed, 2017-08-23 03:44
  • The Battle to Save Net Neutrality: A Panel with Tom Wheeler, Ro Khanna, Mozilla, Leading TV Producers and Others

    In May, the FCC voted to move forward with plans to gut net neutrality. It was a decision met with furor: Since then, many millions of Americans have written, phoned and petitioned the FCC, demanding an internet that belongs to individual users, not broadband ISP gatekeepers. And scores of nonprofits and technology companies have organized to amplify Americans’ voices.

    The first net neutrality public comment period ends on August 30, and the FCC is moving closer to a vote.

    So on Monday, September 18, Mozilla is gathering leaders at the forefront of protecting net neutrality. We’ll discuss why it matters, what lies ahead, and what can be done to protect it.

  • Inside a super fast CSS engine: Quantum CSS (aka Stylo)

    You may have heard of Project Quantum… it’s a major rewrite of Firefox’s internals to make Firefox fast. We’re swapping in parts from our experimental browser, Servo, and making massive improvements to other parts of the engine.

  • Mozilla's Push For Super Fast CSS With Quantum/Stylo

    Since the end of July Stylo has been available via Firefox Nightly as the Rust-written Servo CSS style system. For those curious about this modern CSS system and the broader effort as part of bringing Servo/Quantum components to Firefox, Mozilla has out an interesting blog post.

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Games: F1 2017, Crashlands, Cities: Skylines, Shadow Warrior, Nano Ninja Run & Beach Rescue

TuxMachines - Wed, 2017-08-23 03:43

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42Gears and Linux

TuxMachines - Wed, 2017-08-23 03:40

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4 open principles for building a better startup

LXer - Wed, 2017-08-23 03:40
If you're launching a company, you might believe you shouldn't have to deal with issues like personnel development and company culture. After all, as a startup you're only concerned with the development and rapid evolution of your own product and services, right? This kind of thinking is short-term thinking. Successful startups develop organizations with long-term strategies in mind. Startups really should think about—and prepare the groundwork for—their own company culture from beginning, so they can scale it over time as they grow.

GNOME Development Updates

TuxMachines - Wed, 2017-08-23 03:39
  • Tracker requires SQLite >= 3.20 to be compiled with –enable-fts5

    Tracker is one of these pieces of software that get no special praise when things work, but you wake up to personal insults on bugzilla when they don’t, today is one of those days.

  • Last Project Phase and 3.26 Features

    Repair and resize is available in the recent 3.25 release and needs at least UDisks 2.7.2. Currently Ext4, XFS and FAT are supported through libblockdev and I hope to extend this list with NTFS soon. There were some race conditions when a resized partition is detected by the kernel again and also the FAT support through libparted is still a bit shaky.

  • GSOC 2017 coming to an end

    Having entered the final week of the GSOC calendar, it is time to wrap things up and reflect on what I’ve accomplished this summer.

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Is EMACS/VIM really that much more efficient?

Reddit - Wed, 2017-08-23 03:16

I've recently converted to Linux permanently (I have windows dual boot setup, but haven't booted it once). I started using emacs last night, and have been coding for about 5-6 hours with it.

Is it REALLY that much more efficient than graphical editors like notepadqq, atom, sublime, etc? The only real function that is more efficient to me so far is the previous, next, back and forward (and it barely saves me time because the arrows are not that encumbersone when coding). Pretty much every commonly used command takes 2 button presses, and the learning curve is pretty dam steep.

Of course in server environments, emacs/vim/vi is a must. I'm talking strictly for programming.

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Red Hat adds Microsofts .NET Core 2.0 to its Linux and cloud offerings

LXer - Wed, 2017-08-23 02:14
How things change! Microsoft is porting SQL Server to Red Hat's Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL). And now, Red Hat will support Microsoft's open-source .NET Core 2.0 on RHEL, Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform, and other Red Hat platforms. It's no wonder Bill Gates only owns 1.3 percent of Microsoft these days.

Jesus... I farked up at my new job today

Reddit - Wed, 2017-08-23 01:54

So I'm two weeks in as of yesterday, and, in my duties, we are SUPPOSED to chown everything in a certain folder that is WITHIN the root directory, however... I got confused (the system is... difficult) and thought I was supposed to chown the root directory, which I did (yes sudo chown). I did this on monday, and came in today to not be able to login to that particular vm (I'm a software tester and have two test boxes I work on). Talked to the SA, who talked to a dev who I think manages the vm's, and they both came over and the dev asked me what I was doing on the vm and said the /etc directory had its permissions changed and that's why it was messed up. I'm extremely embarrassed, and also deathly afraid that my other machine (which I used all day today) will be spontaneously busted when I go in tomorrow. I was chowning on both of them monday, but only the one was broken today. I really don't wanna get fired.

I had always heard of the dangers of "rm -rf', but never the dangers of chown and chmod in the root directory. If this is so dangerous shouldn't it be more common knowledge?

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Games that run better on Linux

Reddit - Wed, 2017-08-23 01:41

Games that you've found running better on Linux compared to Windows/MacOS.

Such as:

  • Dota 2

  • Team Fortress 2

  • Bastion

  • Insurgency

  • Teeworlds

  • Worms Reloaded

  • Metro Last nigh

  • Metro 2033

  • Planetary Annihilation

  • Robocraft

  • World of Warcraft: Classic

  • Left 4 Dead 2

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Crashplan end-of-service

Reddit - Wed, 2017-08-23 01:40

With Crashplan ending home user service as of April 2018, is there a similar cloud based, encrypted, solution that any of you are using that is Linux friendly?


submitted by /u/betterchestarmor
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The Battle to Save Net Neutrality: A Panel with Tom Wheeler, Ro Khanna, Mozilla, Leading TV Producers and Others

LXer - Wed, 2017-08-23 00:48
On September 18, net neutrality experts will gather at the Internet Archive to discuss dire threats to the open web. You’re invited! Net neutrality — and the future of a healthy internet — is at stake.

New laptop

Reddit - Wed, 2017-08-23 00:47

So Costco has the Dell XPS 13 on sale right now. After much debating I picked one up. Much improved over my old Macbook 4,1. Although my MacBook had max RAM and a 120gb SSD it is still 9 years old.

The Dell came preloaded with Windows 10. I'm not a fan of Windows but I decided to shrink the drive so I could dual boot Fedora 26 for a while.

I'm impressed with the screen, don't know how much I'll use the touch screen but it's a cool feature. People talk about the coil whine but I don't see the big deal. Great laptop that should last me another 9 years. 😀

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Adding public web directories as folders

Reddit - Wed, 2017-08-23 00:19

Is there any way I can add open directories as some sort of local folder which links to all files? Something like sshfs but for public directories of a web server?

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Help my bios please!

Reddit - Wed, 2017-08-23 00:02

DeepSPADE (alias DeepSmokey): A Machine-Learning System That Collects Spam from the Internet

LinuxToday - Wed, 2017-08-23 00:00

Linux.com: Tanmay Bakshi discusses DeepSPADE, which can be used to differentiate between spam and non-spam posts on public community forums.


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