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Torn about switching to Linux for video editing...

Reddit - Sat, 2018-08-04 23:43

Hey there everyone!

I just got a new P52s Thinkpad laptop for travel vlogging/video editing and I've seriously been considering switching to Linux.

In the past I've used Premiere CS6 but it was slow and editing videos felt like such a chore because I do my filming with GoPros and have a ton of small clips for episodes and there was no mouse over preview in the bin. I've recently switched to Da Vinci resolve and I love it, editing feels intuitive and easy, however apparently work with h264 and MP4 is limited on Linux which is a big problem obviously since these are the formats that I work with.

As far as I see it I have two options:

  • Stay with Windows 10 (which I hate, hate, hate, hate so much) but disable updates permanently so that nothing breaks like I have setup for my home workstation, however as I am traveling around the world and sometimes using unsafe wifi networks this will leave me at risk

  • Switch to Linux which seems more like MacOS (which I love, but I hate Apple due to how they've been making their gear non-repairable in the last few years) but I have no idea where to start.

I already looked into Elementary OS which has a look I quite like, however even though there is a version of Resolve for Linux apparently compatibility isn't so good and there are very severe restrictions...

Could you guys recommend a good distribution and video editing platform for Linux with the following features?

  • Easy Way to crossfade music
  • Mouse over preview of bin clips
  • Works with h264 and MP4 with no loss in quality
  • Ability to add text titles and if possible make screen stills grabs
  • Ability to apply LUTs
  • Doesn't take one hour to render a 10 minute video for Youtube

And for the OS:

Stable, modern, beautiful (Or ability to make it so), can change desktop background. No clutter programs or login boxes in every program (online accounts etc)

Any suggestions?

Thanks so much!

PS: I am already aware of Kdenlive and I wanted to test it on Windows but it wasn't even able to open a simple MP4 from my Gopro...

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Bought an ASUS Chromebook. GalliumOS doesn't have working audio.

Reddit - Sat, 2018-08-04 23:10

I went through customer support and just got a bitter "they haven't got audio working on your device yet. Maybe you should have bought another device." Is there a distro optimized for Chrome that has audio? I'm in college; being able to listen to my lessons is critically important. ChromeOS isn't terrible, but I like Gallium better. Is there a port of Lineage optimized for Chromebooks?



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Cross-compilation made easy for GNOME Builder

LinuxToday - Sat, 2018-08-04 23:00

GNOME Builder is an Integrated Development Environment designed for the GNOME ecosystem.

A new Linux user here looking for some tips

Reddit - Sat, 2018-08-04 22:42

Hi there I just got Linux on my asus chromebook in not sure what Linux it is but here is the tutorial I used https://youtu.be/cIuUA3eY29s I'm new to Linux because well I usally use Windows but you can't really get that on chromebook haha. I'm just looking for some tips and tricks that are good to know so far I've discovered the terminal is my best friend and I've already got Firefox and Minecraft on there. If y'all know of any tip tricks and even games for Linux let me know thanks- from a Linux newb

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Advanced DRI Configuration Picking Up New Features

Phoronix - Sat, 2018-08-04 22:38
It's been a while since having anything to report on ADriConf but fortunately this graphical utility for configuring some open-source Linux graphics driver features is progressing...

Wine photoshop crashes when opening menus like gradient maps

Reddit - Sat, 2018-08-04 22:08

It says something in crash details about being called in 32 bit code, but I've tried a 32bit installation with playonlinux and it doesn't even start, any help?

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LibreOffice 6.0.6 Office Suite Released with 55 Bug Fixes, Download Now

LXer - Sat, 2018-08-04 22:06
The Document Foundation announced today the release and general availability of the sixth point release of the LibreOffice 6.0 open-source and cross-platform office suite for GNU/Linux, macOS, and Microsoft Windows systems.

Best Health And Fitness Tools For Linux

TuxMachines - Sat, 2018-08-04 21:00

No matter which type of profession you are in, a busy schedule might interfere with your fitness goal. Some professionals have to work beyond the scheduled time than 8AM to 5PM job. Moreover, some might have regular weekend and home assignments. This ever-growing group of workers today and their commitments and timetables made it difficult to maintain a proper schedule for dieting and focusing on some physical fitness exercises.

So living inside a busy schedule it has become a challenge to keep track of what we do, what we eat and how our heart works.

read more

Little prompt trick I'm using

Reddit - Sat, 2018-08-04 20:54

I'm a simple man and I like my PS1 to be a simple "$ ". no host names, no user names (only use one account on this machine and that's mine) no git status, no temperature of my CPU, current phase of the moon and/or seconds left until my retirement.. no other stuff that just clutters up my console and might not be current the moment I type in my command anyways. It is nice to know what your current $PWD is though. With some long path names, this still is a lot of needless visual clutter though, especially if you type in a lot of commands while being in the same directory and you already have that information.

So what do we do? I can put the current path in my tmux bar and that is good when I leave a terminal emulator window in X for a while, but I have to move my eyes away from the area I am typing in when I just changed paths for some reason just to check where I am now. Not ideal either. I do like a bit of feedback and sort of a trail when I change paths. Feels better.

So what do we do in bash? Simply override the "cd" command, of course. By putting

function cd() { command cd $@; echo "$PWD"; }

(the "command" is necessary to call the builtin cd else it will call the function cd() leading to a loop)

into your .bashrc, bash will echo out your current directory right after changing it, once. works with pushd and popd too. Put it after a check if you are in an interactive shell, it might wreak havoc on scripts else. Adjust according to taste. I like the minimal approaches, simple but effective.

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Best Health And Fitness Tools For Linux

LXer - Sat, 2018-08-04 20:11
As an avid Linux user, I've personally used few tools that have been proved helpful to stay healthy by getting me used to ergonomic habits. Let me name some of the best native Linux apps for fitness.


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