Debian wheezy: new kernel 2.6.37, evince and audacious fixed

Debian Wheezy is getting in a better shape every day, evince and audacious are installable again. For those of you who use Debian official kernel, probably the biggest news is new 2.6.37 kernel with accompanying modules. I compile my own kernels, so can't really comment on features and stability of the official kernel.

For AMD Radeon users, new version of xserver-xorg-video-radeon 6.14.0-1 could be interesting. Unfortunately, I don't own any Radeon card at the moment, though it might change in the near future.

I also noticed that Jörg Schilling's dvdrecord (dvdrtools package) has been dropped from the repository. The reasoning behind that move: low popcon, orphaned for nine months, dead upstream, last release from 2005, no reverse deps in the archive by existing burning apps. I'll have to agree, I don't remember when I run dvdrecord last time, growisofs worked great for me in the last few years.

If you were waiting to upgrade to wheezy after things in it settle down a bit, now might be a good time. At least if your set of packages is similar to mine, I hope others will report if there's any serious breakage in the wheezy that I don't see because I'm not using those packages.

On the binary blob front, nVidia 270.26 appears to be rock stable. Which can't be said for the new flashplayer-mozilla which I got from Christian Marillat's debian-multimedia repository. But hey, no major flash application has been hit, and I see crash reports only in place of flash Google Ads, and even that occasionally. And thanks to a better architecture of Firefox 4b11 I'm currently using, not once has happened that a flash crash takes the browser with it. Actually, because my Firefox is beta version, I can't even be sure the flash plugin is to be blamed, it could even be some transient bug in this beta of the browser.



I am having one heck of a time in trying to create an invoice DB for my small service company. I have used ms works in the past with absolutely no problem. But with Open Office, it is very hard just to start.

With ms works you created the fields, defined what you wanted them to do, and then moved them about the form to create the DB, but I just can't seem to figure out even how to get started that makes sense.How To make invoice with Libre Office :