Debian wheezy: Postfix 2.8.0, LibreOffice 3.3.1

Once again, things have slowed down. But, the news are mostly good, most if not all of the breakage reported 5 days ago has now been fixed. libpackage-stash-perl does not make trouble anymore. In fact, libnamespace-clean-perl was the one that had to be upgraded to fix the situation (#614597). Also, all the GNOME components that depended on (already removed) old evolution libraries have been fixed, so the GNOME is now in good shape. Except pidgin, which through various gstreamer and other dependencies still needs librasqal2 and libsoundtouch1c2 libraries (both not in the repository anymore). But those two packages are the only one that I have to keep right now.

New stuff includes Postfix 2.8.0, which brings some new features. And also LibreOffice 3.3.1 (so it's not release candidate anymore). All other upgrades were minor upstream versions. At least in my universe of Debian wheezy packages, your mileage may vary.