HPC Federated Cluster Administration with C3 v3.0

While administrating TORC, HighTORC, and the various other computation clusters at Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL), it quickly became apparent that a solution for the administration of federated clusters, or "clusters of clusters," was needed. The few cluster tools available when this work began could barely manage a single cluster let alone a number of clusters. They also required that the user be directly logged onto a cluster machine. This meant to administer ten clusters required that the administrator login and repeat a task on each of the clusters. This solution does not scale and therefore is unacceptable for our environment. Thus, a solution was desperately needed whereby an administrator could perform duplicate operations across multiple clusters and portions thereof in a scalable and secure fashion from a single location that may not be directly logged onto the cluster being administered. Thus the development of version 3.0 of the Cluster Command and Control (C3) tool suite began.

C3 prior to version three required, as most tools do, that one is physically logged into a cluster in order to perform administration operations. The few existing tools that permit remote administration of clusters were all web based, therefore they suffered security problems and set up hassles associated with installing and maintaining a web server. What we tried to design is an easy to use command line interface that is powerful enough to do most system administrating jobs and secure. These tools also needed to be useful to regular users in building and maintaining their distributed applications. C3 version 2.x already met those requirements so we decided to emulate their functionality while adding the ability to do this with multiple clusters. This paper describes the use of the C3 3.0 tool suite.


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