Effective HPC hardware management and Failure prediction strategy using IPMI

Intelligent Power Management Interface (IPMI) defines common interfaces to "intelligent" hardware used to monitor a server's physical health characteristics, such as temperature, voltage, fans, power supplies and chassis. These capabilities provide information that enables system management, recovery, and asset tracking which help drive down the total cost of ownership (TCO) and increase reliability in today's HPC market. The new interfaces in IPMI v1.5 facilitate the management of rack-mounted HPC servers and systems in remote environment over serial, modem and LAN connections. New capabilities combined with the remote management functionality allow HPC IT managers to manage their servers and systems, regardless of system health, power state or supported communication media. IPMI compliant servers essentially eliminate the need for external hardware to perform the same function, thus saving costs. This paper will introduce the specification, the benefits of IPMI with respect to HPC and other clusters and how it could be used to generate alarms to a monitoring system before hardware failures become severe enough to cause cluster failure.


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