Achieving CAPP/EAL3+ Security Certification for Linux

As far as we know, no Open Source program has been certified for security - until now. Although some people believed that it was not possible for an Open Source program to receive a security certification, we have proven otherwise by obtaining a Common Criteria security certification for SuSE SLES 8 SP3. With the increasing use of Open Source in general and Linux in particular within government and commercial environments, security of Open Source products is of increasing importance and as a result the demand for the security evaluation of Linux is evident. It is also generally believed that security certifications are time consuming and can take years to accomplish. We were able to obtain the Common Criteria certification of Linux in a few months. The presentation will cover our experience and the technical challenges associated with this Linux evaluation. In particular, we will discuss the enhancements we made to SLES 8 SP3 including the Linux kernel to support CAPP audit requirements. In addition the business advantages of the evaluation for Open Source software will be covered.


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