NPTL Stabilization Project

Our project is a stabilization effort on the GNU libc thread library NPTL - Native POSIX Threading Library. To achieve this, we focused our work on extending the pool of open-source tests and on providing a tool for tracing the internal mechanisms of the library.

This paper introduces our work with a short status on test coverage of NPTL at the beginning of the project (February 2004). It explains how we built the prioritized list of NPTL routines to be tested. It then describes our methodology for designing tests in the following areas: conformance to POSIX standard, scalability, and stress. It also explains how we have simplified the use of the tests and the analysis of the results. Finally, it provides figures about our results, and it shows how NPTL has evolved during year 2004.

The paper goes on to explain how this NPTL Trace Tool can help NPTL users, and hackers, to understand and fix problems. It describes the features of the tool and presents our chosen architecture. Finally, it shows the current status of the project and the possible future extensions.


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