Trusted Computing and Linux

While Trusted Computing and Linux may seem antithetical on the surface, Linux users can benefit from the security features, including system integrity and key confidentiality, provided by Trusted Computing. The purpose of this paper is to discuss the work that has been done to enable Linux users to make use of their Trusted Platform Module (TPM) in a non-evil manner. The paper describes the individual software components that are required to enable the use of the TPM, including the TPM device driver and TrouSerS, the Trusted Software Stack, and TPM management. Key concerns with Trusted Computing are highlighted along with what the Trusted Computing Group has done and what individual TPM owners can do to mitigate these concerns. Example beneficial uses for individuals and enterprises are discussed including eCryptfs and GnuPG usage of the TPM. There is a tremendous opportunity for enhanced security through enabling projects to use the TPM so there is a discussion on the most promising avenues.


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