NFSv4 Test Project

This paper presents the testing effort done around NFSv4 by the Linux NFSv4 community. As an introduction, we explain the rationale for such a heavy testing activity, why NFSv4 was needed, the current status of NFSv4, and some Use Cases. Chapter 3 describes the tools used for testing integral features of NFSv4 in the areas of functionality, interoperability, robustness, performance, and security: where they come from, and which parts of NFSv4 they are aimed to test. We also describe some tools used for analyzing problems and loads. Chapter 4 first explains the goals of the NFSv4 testing team and how contributors are working together. Major events for NFSv4 since January 2004 are displayed in a developmental timeline. Then, four contributors (OSDL, Bull, Novell, Red Hat) amongst many others describe in details their NFSv4 testing activity, explaining what they have already done and what their future plans are. OSDL and Bull are contributing to the continuous testing activity of fresh kernel+CITI versions, though Novell and Red Hat test NFSv4 in the eco-system of their distributions. As a conclusion, the paper shows that the testing efforts have generated significant improvements in all the test areas and that the core of Linux NFSv4 is stable and powerful. Also, some ideas are presented about the future of NFSv4 protocol and of Linux NFSv4.


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