GANESHA, a multi-usage with large cache NFSv4 server

GANESHA is a user-space NFSv2, NFSv3, and NFSv4 server. It runs on Linux, BSD variants, and POSIX-compliant UNIXes. It is available under the CeCILL license, which is a French transposition of the GPL and is fully GPL-compatible. The protocol implementation is fairly complete, including GSSAPI security hooks. GANESHA is currently in production at our site, where, thanks to a large cache and a lot of threads, it delivers up to a hundred thousand NFS operations per minute. This paper describes the current implementation as well as future developments. This includes GANESHA as a NFS Proxy server and NFSv4.1 enhancements, but also the access to LDAP and SNMP information using the file system paradigm.


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