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[img_assist|nid=791|title=|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=125|height=153]By Solveig Haugland
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The Guidebook for 2 and StarOffice 8 is the ultimate insider's guide to learning to use and love the office suite. The book provides not just great, simple information about how to use the program but the hidden tips and tricks you'll need to make life easier. The author has been teaching for five years, and has developed this book to address exactly what people really need to know, written in a clear, conversational manner.

From the Author

I'm delighted to be able to publish this book. It's a combination of topics that I've learned are the most important to people, gathered from four years of training, of questions and discussions in my blog, and from my own use of the product. The most important thing about a book is not to simply document how the software works, but to teach people how to do their jobs, using the software. That is my goal with the Guidebook.

Creating and Formatting Tables

This chapter covers the basics as well as advanced topics like complex border formatting, autowidth, AutoFormats (a great timesaver), converting between tables and other formats, doing calculations in tables, sorting, automatic numeric formatting, and more.

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Sorting and Filtering Data

This chapter covers standard sorting, sorting by multiple criteria and left to right, as well as a valuable tool for data entry or sorting, custom sort lists. Filtering, using the AutoFilter or the more powerful standard filter, is also included.

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Creating and Modifying Master Pages (Backgrounds)

This chapter covers the benefits of formatting presentations with master pages, as well as how to modify them, create them, and essential tips for preserving the newly created master pages. You'll also read about how to apply header and footer information to different views in a presentation, and create templates from your master pages.

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