This is my third book and I have been very fortunate to get help from many people around me in all of these projects. Professor Shahid Bokhari at the University of Engineering and Technology Lahore, Pakistan, provided valuable suggestions while I was creating table of contents for this book. In fact he proposed a mini table of contents about what should be included in the book to make it useful both for the developers and students of computer science and engineering. I am grateful for his continued support.

Mike Schoenborn, Amgad Fahmy, and Greg Ratcliff at Peco II Inc. continuously encouraged me during the time I was writing the manuscript and I am thankful to all of them. I am also thankful to Victor Kean for providing his life experiences both in real social life and software development.

I am also thankful to Jill Harry and Mary Sudul at Prentice Hall PTR for bearing with me and pushing me to meet deadlines which really helped bring this book to the market in time.

Drew Streib did a great job in reviewing the manuscript and giving very useful suggestions to improve it. Thanks Drew.

Jim Shappell at Arcom Control Systems provided x86 based board for testing embedded development examples and remote debugging. Cole Creighton at Artesyn Communication Products provided PowerPC based board for cross-platform development testing purpose. I am thankful to both of them for their help in developing the manuscript of this book.

Bruce Perens gave valuable suggestions about what to include in the book. He also agreed to print the book under his Open Source Series. I was excited to get his approval and I am thankful to him.

And I am thankful to the open source community all over the world for putting such a huge effort to build these open source tools. This book exists only because of the open source products and tools.

Above all, I am thankful to my father, who taught me how to read and write and work hard.

Rafeeq Ur Rehman


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