Chapter 7: Miscellaneous Tools

In addition to the standard development tools used in software development projects, many other utilities are also helpful. Most of the time these utilities are not directly related to the software development process but are used as helping aids. This chapter provides an introduction to some of these utilities that are extremely helpful in the software development process. Some of the more common uses of these utilities are presented and readers are encouraged to experiment with them. If properly utilized, they may save time and increase productivity.

The indent utility is helpful in implementing a common programming style scheme to all source code files in a project. The sed utility is useful for searching and replacing text across multiple files. The diff command is used to display difference between two or more files. The cscope and cbrowser are used to locate symbols in a software source code tree. The strace and ltrace utilities are useful to find out system and library calls when a program is executed. GNU binary utilities are a set of utilities that is often used for different needs. Information about GNU utilities is presented in this chapter as well.


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