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Systemd-Free, XBPS-Powered Void Linux Releases New Images

Phoronix - 8 hours 40 min ago
If you are looking for a new Linux distribution to experiment with, Void Linux is one of the interesting ones that is an original creation and community driven that often doesn't receive the attention it deserves. Void Linux is built off its BSD-licensed XBPS packaging system, is a rolling-release platform, uses runit as the init system instead of systemd, opts for LibreSSL in place of OpenSSL, optional musl libc usage, and has a wealth of other changes...

The mainframe returns – as a platform for large-scale Linux

TuxMachines - 8 hours 52 min ago

There are several ways to build large scale Linux server environments, with x86 and public cloud being obvious ones. But there’s another option too, as I reminded myself when I caught up with Adam Jollans, program director for LinuxOne product marketing at IBM. LinuxOne is a solution built by IBM using the mainframe platform as its base, but it’s solely focused on running Linux workloads.

We discussed the way some organisations are using LinuxOne to keep mission-critical open source solutions running without service interruption and, just as importantly, to keep them secure. Typical workloads his customers run include core banking services – where resilience is essential, not just desirable – and similar solutions for Telcos and SPs. These are services that must scale to hundreds or even thousands of virtual machines, doing so both cost-effectively and without risk.

The characteristics of such mission-critical workloads clearly resonate with the traits of the venerable mainframe. After all, the mainframe is regarded by many, even those who have never seen one, as the gold standard for IT resilience and availability. Unfortunately for IBM, and arguably for the wider world, the mainframe is also widely thought of as being out-dated, expensive, and difficult to manage – even though this hasn’t been true for a long time, and is certainly not the case with LinuxOne.

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Firefox Ups the Ante with Latest Test Pilot Experiment: Price Wise and Email Tabs

LXer - 9 hours 4 min ago
Over the last few years, the Test Pilot team has developed innovative features for Firefox desktop and mobile, collaborating directly with Firefox users to improve the browser – from reminders [he]#8230[/he] Read moreThe post Firefox Ups the Ante with Latest Test Pilot Experiment: Price Wise and Email Tabs appeared first on The Mozilla Blog.

The Source History of Cat

Reddit - 9 hours 26 min ago

Wrap GObjects in Python

LXer - 10 hours 18 min ago
Python is a wonderful language for coding graphical interfaces. Thanks to the speed at which working code can be written and the lack of a time-consuming compile cycle, interfaces can be up and running in minutes and usable not long after that. Couple this with Python's ability to easily link to native libraries, and an excellent environment emerges. Learning how to wrap GTK+ C modules for use in Python will enable you to use a C-coded GObject in Python whenever you like, whether or not you[he]apos[/he]re especially proficient in C.

Here's What You Need to Play Total War: WARHAMMER II on Linux and macOS

LXer - 11 hours 33 min ago
UK based video games publisher Feral Interactive revealed today the official system requirements of the Total War: WARHAMMER II video game for Linux and Mac systems.

A Free Guide for Setting Your Open Source Strategy

LXer - 12 hours 47 min ago
Running an open source program office involves creating a strategy to help you define and implement your approach as well as measure your progress. The Open Source Guides to the Enterprise, developed by The Linux Foundation in partnership with the TODO Group, offer open source expertise based on years of experience and practice.

s Bryan Lunduke still relevant?

Reddit - 13 hours 25 min ago

I saw that he's uploaded a new 'Linux Sucks' for 2018. Didn't he hide all his full videos behind a paywall earlier? I guess he found out no one was willing to pay for it?

Anyway, I'm watching it now and this time, it just feels like he's whining and more than that, he's so wrong.

He spends the first 20-30min complaining about Microsoft, yet again, repeating the same old cliches. Completely ignores how MS has contributed and uses Linux heavily, and WSL is a fantastic addition.

His main theme seems to be that he wants the old world of Linux where you had actual neckbeards contributing via email, there was no official presence or attempt to make it easier for normal users.

Whining about why Linux companies like Redhat use official language, or why the Linux foundation is funded, or why conferences cost money - where does he think the money for all this comes from?

Then he goes on to complain about Gnome's size/speed (fair enough) but then he says KDE 4 is slow but 3 was fast? Has this guy even used the latest Plasma? Its amazing no one in the audience calls him on his bs.

It gets worse. Complaining about Android, the world's biggest mobile OS. Its not 'Linuxy'. Yes, lets use the abandoned Ubuntu/Firefox mobile OS right? If he actually wanted to talk about Google deviating from AOSP that would be fine, but he just doesn't like the fact that Linux is accessible and actually used in a big OS.

Then he complains about ChromeOS and more nonsense about 'maybe running Linux apps in 5-10 years'. Is he really such a big idiot or is he just clueless? What about mentioning Crostini? 'They'll cancel it, its Google'. Yes, the biggest distro used in education and the largest growing laptop segment and they'll cancel it, because you don't like it.

Next its complaining about set top boxes running Linux - why can't I ssh into them? boo hooo? Why can't I hack and break them? Linux sucks !!

So because Linux is used in all kinds of devices for all kinds of use cases, he's not happy.

WSL - 'don't use it !!'

'systemd sucks !!'

KDE sucks !!

Snappy/easier packaging for users sucks!

His summary: Linux is getting more Microsoft-y and less Linux-y, aka easier to use and packaged for normal users, its more accessible and less scary and is mainstream. And big companies embraced it. Exactly as it should be.

Sorry man but you are totally wrong!

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Xfce Support For "Primary Display" Output Handling Finally Being Squared Away

Phoronix - 13 hours 36 min ago
The latest feature on deck for the long overdue Xfce 4.14 desktop update is support for the RandR primary display/output functionality...

How to Install Zimbra Collaboration Suite 8.8 on Ubuntu

LXer - 14 hours 1 min ago
The Zimbra Collaboration Server is a mail server, collaborative web application and a web-based mail server admin console in a single application. It provides LDAP, antivirus, antispam, collaboration features and an ajax webmail client. Zimbra is easy to use for administrators as well as end users due to its fast Ajax-based web interface.

Is http://tldp.org/ down for anyone else?

Reddit - 14 hours 15 min ago

I ran some checks on various "is it down" websites, seems to be no response.

I use this as a reference guide all the time! (especially when I'm writing shell scripts)

Oh dear.

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Managing VMs with the Virtual Machine Manager

LXer - 15 hours 16 min ago
Explore the use of virt-manager, its capabilities on modest hardware, and how to use it to manage and monitor live VM performance.

U.S Supercomputers Lead Top500 Performance Ranking (all Linux-powered!)

LinuxToday - 15 hours 43 min ago

While the U.S. now has the lead in terms of total performance, China actually has more system on the Top 500 list of supercomputers.


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