Ubuntu vs Debian: this is amazing!

The other day I was playing with fun Google Trends tool and got an idea to check Ubuntu versus Debian popularity. You can see the result on the picture below and I don't know about you, but it simply amazes me how popular Ubuntu is these days. And not only that, but its popularity is growing day by day, while it can be easily seen that Debian is either stagnating or slowly fading out.


Of course, the trend of Google searches might not represent the number of real installations or any other parameter well, but it's still very indicative. I read a funny story on the topic recently, Breaking up with you, your daughter is prettier and easier, except it's not funny anymore. This far, you have probably guessed that I'm a Debian user. For a decade, if I may add.

So, I don't know, I'll probably spend one weekend installing and testing Ubuntu, it seems that it deserves at least that much effort, but knowing myself, I'll probably be back to Debian before Monday. I don't expect Ubuntu to offer me anything really spectacular, besides polished installation and good initial configuration.

On the other hand, if you're new to Linux, it seems that Ubuntu is really a good choice, if not the best!


If you are going to try out Ubuntu, try Edgy ( current development release ) If for nothing else, for upstart. Edgy has some really nice innovations like running the GUI entirely from an underprivileged user using dbus to communicate ( no I don't just mean you are able to log in as an underprivileged user in case anyone doesn't know what I mean ) And upstart is just awesome. I don't know if it is Ubuntu specific but Edgy also has an `apt-get autoremove package` feature that automatically removes any dependencies that were automatically installed with that package and aren't dependencies for anything else ( especially nice for meta-packages ). Ubuntu isn't just Debian with a flashy GUI, there is a lot going on under the hood that people don't tend to talk about.

Anyway, I really like both Debian and Ubuntu and if you are more comfortable with Debian then by all means stick with it :)

Hey Trogdoor, thank you for a nice comment!

Yes, I'll definitely go with Edgy, because I'm currently using bleeding edge Debian, so any other comparison wouldn't be fair.

I've just read an article about upstart in Ubuntu and it really looks like a promising technology. I'm tired of sysvinit, too.

It looks like Ubuntu starts to depart from Debian these days, and you're probably right, it's not just Debian with polished GUI anymore.

Who knows, maybe I'll decide that it's time to change my favorite distribution, after a decade, and switch to Ubuntu. At least I won't need to relearn the packaging tool skills, which is a big plus for me. ;)

i am glad to say that an avid Linux user, and have successfully converted most of my friends from windows to Linux. i have sunk my teeth into several distro starting from OpenSuse 10.2, fedora, Mandriva, Pclinux all the way to puppy. and by far my favorite is Ubuntu. It is a matter of preference. i personally prefer Ubuntu because it was the only distro that supported my generic webcam and multimedia keyboard. that and the speed and support won me over. however the main problem was the lack of video driver, wlan and beryl support out of the box. While the absence of these components is understandable, it greatly hinders people crossing over from windows to Ubuntu.there lies the potential. If major distros can somehow include the features or make it easy enough for your grand pa to activate it. Linux adopters would surely grow. Now i do want to acknowledge that distro's such as Sabayon linux, PClinux, mephis, mint and others have progressed in this department. But we should see more.
As for my friends, 2 have adopted Opensuse 10.2, 5 adopted PClinux, and the rest stuck with kubuntu. :)

I've try on all distro finally I'm back to Debian.


I had been trying to find an alternative to Windows for several years now, and at last I found it. I had been trying to surf on the 'Linux wave' for a bit more than a decade now, and it wasn't until I hit Ubuntu that I truly could appreciate how a computer could be put to good use and real work.

Still, I think it is an amazing enterprise to put it together, I believe Debian is much (and I mean MUCH) more stable, and robust for people who do want their computers for work. I find Ubuntu sacrifices a bit of stability for it's super-dupper polished interface and marketing, which I believe is needed, but definetly it doesn't cross my mind twice that once a user learns the basics of a linux distribution, Debian is the way to go. I suggest Debian Testing for the Desktop, which is very competent, not too old in it's packages, and serious about keeping the solidity of it's stable cousin, and Debian stable for server deployments where production websites will reside.

i have used ubuntu,kubuntu,linux mint editions.

but the major problem i have seen is that the net speed is too too much poor when i tried to connect with my windows mobile internet sharing slow connection(25kbps), and the speed i got was just 2-5 or 10 kbps only.

also it was nightmare to install antivirus in it.

due to virus the ubunt got currupted within just week or couple of days if no antivirus is installed.

now i am downloading debian to test if it have good supportive antivirus software available.

in ubuntu i was never able to install any software by setup package kind thing except online software package manager.

i believe if u want to join the biggest community of the world then its need to have a fast internet connection atleast.

and finally i would say ubuntu and linux mint both are wonderful to try, depend and to stick with.

but if u dont wana formate ur hard drive data space in linux format then its good t have separate hard drive for linux.

this suggestion is for improvement purposes only, not for insult etc.


Eu tenho um Notebook HP DV2000, e ano passado, resolvi atualizá-lo do Ubuntu 9.10 para o 10.10. Tive muitos problemas com driver da placa de rede Wireless, entre outras coisas. Como solução, instalei o Debian Squeezy e tudo ficou perfeito!!

Acho que o Ubuntu customizou demais algumas coisas, e deixou o principal pra trás, que é manter a qualidade do Debian.

Try Lubuntu it is simple but does the job well and is VERY fast

I have had as many as 20 systems on a machine before and have tried out a hundred or more distros and am utterly BAFFLED by your concern for anti-virus protection for ANY linux, unless you are merely worried about passing stuff on to your friends with Windows. Generally, the folks who make the malware are usually the ones who make the programs to fix it and in Linux such programs are free, (I believe this will be an issue in Macs long before those of us Linux user will have much to worry about). I find it interesting that you say anti-virus works in Debian though and would urge you please to reveal which program you speak of. (Is it Clamav?, etc.).
I must admit, what little experience I have had with Debian WAS educational because to add a couple of my most favored apps, I at 1 point had to use TWO Package Managers PLUS the Terminal to install. I also have limited experience with KDE, (mostly because I don't like 2mandvd.lol) , though I mean to give it a shot with Fedora 15 very soon. I got all my favorite programs (similsarly) installed in Fedora 14 and almost had Compiz working before I pissed off X.
Also, your issue with internet speed is most likely because you are using a chaep card by a company who doesn't care about Linux folk. Try Shockwave

Like Dharmathi, I've also tried several, if not all Linux distributions. I've ended up on debian cause of some simple reasons.

One of them is the release cycle. I don't want to reformat my drive every six months in order to update to the latest version of whichever distribution I may use and even if i choose not to do so I would have to after a while since updates stop after 6 months of the new distro, or at the ubuntu case if you pick a LTS release after a couple years (If I'm not mistaken). Now, you'll tell me that I can use apt-get dist-upgrade option, or some other depending on the distro. I've done that and it has caused me a lot of trouble in the past so I wouldn't do it.

Generally, I'm a user/admin who wants stability on my system no matter if it's a workstation or a server. I've tried several other distros like Fedora or CentOS but the lack of packages in repositories made me turn them off.

Also, indeed, debian is a bit slow while booting using the initial configuration but it's not such a hard job to customize the services which start on boot.
One more thing I saw on some of the above posts was about eye-candies (correct me if I'm wrong). I don't think that it's so hard even for some newbie into Linux world to see how to enable them. Besides, there's a ton of howtos available on the net, a simple google query like "how to ubuntu beryl" would bring up a very complete guide on how to the whole process.

I'd recommend Debian to anyone who might want a change from windows or even another distro.


hahaha... this is a funny thread.. should have a title of asshole vs gay...

Please let me tell you my experience
I first discovered Linux back in 1999 with redhat
I used it but didnt enjoy it. went back to windows
continued to find a distribution that was as easy to
operate, for the average user, as windows but failed
however around 2005 i discovered linux servers were better
servers. So until I discovered ubuntu I always thought
linux=servers - windows = desktop. then last year my opinion
changed and i am now 100% linux. I tried debian but it's more difficult.
I cant figure out why. but all I know is that debian based desktops are easier
for new users converting from windows.
so i agree with all you have said. i would say after ubuntu suse is best

i prefer aptitude to apt-get. in my experience it handles dependencies better.

sudo aptitude purge

will remove the dependencies, also.


is another great command for finding poor, little orphaned libraries.

it all comes down to choice as a previous poster said. i've run various linux distros for almost nine years and like debian because i used red hat and mandrake in the days of dependency hell. (i hear it's been cleaned up, fedora folks, please respond.) i think the package and window managers make the most difference and for me it's aptitude and xfce. both are in debian so there you go :) my choice. what's yours?

as to the increasing popularity of linux it's nice to see major manufacturers like dell and acer selling linux loaded computers. i coach soccer and when one of my kids (just turned 16) told me he was running ubuntu i was super excited. of course he dual boots xp but hey...it's a start ;)

choice, choice, choice! choose :)

USE UBUNTU OR DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ubuntu!!!!! >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Debian

i don't think you should push Ubuntu in front of the other distro's out there. That's the beauty of Linux... its called choice, if you don't like some distro then pick another one. I've heard a lot of people who don't like Ubuntu.

Nah, without debian there's no ubuntu. Debian created for Enterprise with longer lifetime span while Ubuntu is "bleeding edge" of Debian. I use both anyway for server and desktop.

No Ddebian = no dpkg = no apt = No Ubuntu

Ubuntu is just a clone of Debian. Debian Stable (Squeeze, the alien thing in Toy Story) is pretty outdated, But Debian Testing (Wheezy, the rubber penguin with the red tie from Toy Story 2) is pretty up-to-date. And Sid (The forever-unstable)is the bleeding edge of Debian, but using it is not recomanded.

Stable= Good for servers

Testing= Good for desktops

Sid= Good for People that really are crazy and want the Newest stuff

What is so great on Ubuntu?!?!?! I tried it and i had only problems! If you thing Debian lacks a graphical Installer you'r wrong, it you think Debian lacks a boot screen, you'r wrong (Becaus you can install Plymouth anytime in Debian right from the repos.)

I have been a Debian user for a while now, but I recently started trying Kubuntu in a virtual machine on my work laptop (which runs Windows). I had been using Etch previously, but Kubuntu won me over. It's just easier using it as a desktop because they do some nice customizations and seem to be getting newer apps in the repositories much sooner than Debian these days.

I'll second a previous comment. I'm looking forward to trying out upstart. The boot process has bugged my for a while now.


what is wrong with SUSE? i'm using openSUSE 10.1 and i'm very happy with it. I tried Ubuntu but i don't like it. Also tried Kubuntu and Fedora Core 5 but didn't liked them either

It would be interesting to hear why do you think openSUSE is so good, and also what you don't like in Ubuntu? It's hard to make conclusions, unless you give us some more detail.

I, for one, would definitely like to hear your reasoning.

Well, I've been using SUSE for years now and I guess I'm used to it. I also like their control center YaST where you can configure your system very easy, it has a very simple but effective way of doing things. The other thing I like about SUSE is that /etc is very nice structured, especially the init.d directory. I also like distro's that install the development tools like header files and compilers and all that stuff by default, and provide multiple window managers by default. The thing I don't like about Ubuntu is the whole idea of doing admin things using sudo, and I can never find my way around in Ubuntu. I've started with linux on Mandrake back in the days but I moved on to SUSE very quickly as I discovered that SUSE was more mature/easy to use than Mandrake. And I never liked GNOME in the first place, it has limited functionality compared to KDE. OK, it may look very stylish but it still lacks some important user friendly tools. Some people may say that KDE is bloated, but I find that I'm much more productive when I use KDE than when I use GNOME.... but again that's just my openion

I dont think this chart represents everything correctly. It just shows how many times people are searching for the word Ubuntu on the web, it doesnt show how many systems are running Ubuntu. People are curious and Ubuntu is new, so they want to find out what this buzz is all about. If you compare the total running systems though, I think Debian is a winner

Debian would only be the winner because it has been around longer and debian users are to afraid to stray from it to try ubuntu because they spend all of their time bashing it and they do not want to like what it has to offer.

"Debian users are afraid of Ubuntu?"


With all due respect friend, I doubt seriously that Debian users are afraid to try Ubuntu. You might consider the fact that many have tried it and aren't that impressed with it. I personally have tried Ubuntu and while it has an intriguing interface and is fairly "bleeding edge", I did like the feeling of sitting on pins and needles while waiting to experience the next inevitable "quirk". Not to mention things like the moody wireless connection that worked one time and not another. Since I've been using Debian I've experienced none of this and have enjoyed the stability and peace of mind that comes with having and working "with" a reliable OS. Also, in regards to command lines, I've seen nothing in Debian that would absolutely require me to use the command line to fix, install or repair, so anyone trying to pose that as a viable argument is clearly misinformed. (I'm not referring to you.)

All in all, I say "to each his own". If your happy using Ubuntu, more power to you, but remember that there are people out there who understand that popular doesn't equal better. If that was the case we'd still be using Windows.

Are you smoking crack? We oldschool Debian Users are NOT afraid of Ubuntu! I got my self a netbook this year on X-mas, i downloaded a copy of UNR,
And the main problem, It didn't work! I musted use some weird thing called UNetBootIn, becaus when i used the Pendrivelinux thing, or it just shown a error when booting. While in debian, you can simply dd the new Squeeze ISOs on USB sticks. Second problem, Speed. UNR is EXTREMLY SLOW to be a Netbook OS! Example, kega fusion was running at 20-25 FPS on UNR, and it was (Still is) running at 60 FPS on Debian Wheezy. 3Rd: I don'r know if i am the only one but i had kernel issues with UNR, while Debian has no Boot problem at all, 4Th: UNR uses Pulseaudio, what is crap, and Debian uses alsa, what Rocks for many reasons. #1: Takes less ram! #2: Works better with Wine and alot more.

OK, You may be thinking "Why don't you try Ubuntu on a Big PC with atleast a Pentium 4?", I did it, and the same problems except the kernel issues. I also don't like that they don't include alot of themes from Debian, for example: Lush.

Debian is community based while Ubuntu and UNR are Company based.

I think almost all Debian users have tried Ubuntu and had the same problems.

The Debian community worked hard to get where it is now, and will now allow any king of Upstart-Companybased-Linux-DebianClone to take all new people to Linux.

The problem is that that has happened and Debian is dieing!

But there will allwais be a group of us to FIGHT for new users!

Take a look at the comparison between debian, ubuntu, suse, redhat. You can see a small timeframe when debian was the most popular, right before ubuntu took off like a rocket.


First of ALL .... LINUX IS THE BEST OPERATING SYSTEM! is not important what distro you are using but the fact is! it is a LINUX DISTRO! if u want! u can create many BOOT to test all LINUX DISTRO! as LONG as it is LINUX! it is the BEST!

quite oppositely. (xp is the best......)

I hate you.

linix is da bomb to each there own...

There is a whole lot of activity revealed by Google that doesn't reflect much of reality. "Postmoderns," the youngest Linux users out there, are likely to get caught up in an obsessive clicking tantrum, searching for the holy grail of Linux distributions which will give them a one-click-install to a compiz desktop, and everything working ootb.
I imagine much of this activity is people who install ubuntu, get frustrated over something, install something else, get frustrated, and realizing how easy ubuntu was, they come back. Invariably they thrash between opensuse and ubuntu.
It has taken me a while (as a new linux user) to understand skills and knowledge, not the distribution, are the most important.

Now a real test, would be to find a way to quantify the amount of real work accomplished by a given system. Uptimes, bandwidth, etc. Stability under a heavy workload. I would venture that perhaps Debian has a lower percentage of newbies, and therefore less of this phenomenon occurs. Seasoned linux users will go to man pages, online docs, tldp, etc., before google. But I could be wrong :-)

>> A Really Important Comparison?
>> There is a whole lot of activity revealed by Google that doesn't reflect much of reality. "Postmoderns," the youngest Linux users
>> out there, are likely to get caught up in an obsessive clicking tantrum, searching for the holy grail of Linux distributions which
>> will give them a one-click-install to a compiz desktop, and everything working
>> ...
>> Seasoned linux users will go to man pages, online docs, tldp, etc., before google. But I could be wrong :-)

Agreed, you could be wrong; but I think not.


First of all, all following references to "Debian" are a shortend form of the TRUE name: "Debian GNU/Linux", this is important
since you should consider exactly where does ALL the software ORIGONATE from. (Hint: Which compiler does it use ?) ...


Ubuntu is a "pretty" fork of Debian. The "glitter" attracts the newbie looking for a Windows XP replacement.

Debian can be setup to look as "pretty" as Ubuntu simply by adding some wallpaper and "Themeing the Desktop" (with a CPU hogger).

Ubuntu is not ALWAYS (completely) binary compatable with Debian.


If you are new to Linux you probably would choose Ubuntu (and as a former Windows user) and Google for help
(to avoid posting a dumb comment and being flamed -- at least people learned that much over the years past).


The 'Nerds' (not new to Linux) can Google also, but they don't need to put "Debian" in their search query just
as when you speak you don't include your name in each sentance. We are not playing "Simon sez", we are too old
for that foolishness (at least us 'Nerds' are).


The "Newest 'Debian'" does have a more "glitzy" GUI setup program, if that is all that was holding you back now you are safe ...


Why get a "fork distro" when you can have "Real Linux" (unless you want "Real Unix", which differs from "Linux").
Yes I admit it. Linux is a "fork" too, and that dilutes the power of my argument. Are you better off with a fork
of a fork (Ubuntu, or whatever else)?


The _reason_ to use "Linux", instead of "Unix" is for all the great FREE support from a HUGE community of users.

The _reason_ to use "Unix", instead of "Linux" is for all the great PAID support from a SMALLER number of "Techs"
who (ought to) provide what you paid for (a "stable" operating system with (PAID) 24/7/365+ support).

The _reason_ to use "a fork of 'True' Linux", instead of "Debian GNU/Linux" is that the particular version you
have chosen will provide a particular feature that "Debian GNU/Linux" does not offer (such as running in 64k of
memory (on a chip in your watch)).


In short, your "statistics" are SKEWED by the peculiarities of the persons who would use Ubuntu (or other Linuxes),
they tend to be more tearful when they have a problem and keep clicking the [Search] button on Google (with uBuNtU
as one of the search words) whereas the 'Nerds' just go grab a coffee and come back to their computer calm and ready
to work (planning to spend "X" amount of time to be the ONE who actually fixes the problems for everyone else).


Sometime later these fixes will be incorporated into the forks and the fockers (SIC) will stop their insessant clicking !


Now that 'they' are hit with the FACTs 'the rest of us' await the tearful replies (with excessive amounts of punctuation
characters and much camel-casing).


My sources:

This guy is insane, don't listen to him :-)

yes. i'm proud with debian. all packages in ubuntu coming from debian. without debian, what will happen to ubuntu?

it would become even more unstoppably powerful

hahhaha, genious. I like the sarcasm.

Linux is not a fork on unix, It is it's own kernel. Do you even know what Unix is? Or what the difference between linux and unix are? Are you confused because of it being POSIX compliment and having a bash shell?

There is no real or unreal Gnu/Linux. Yes, Ubuntu is a Debian fork. Does this make it unreal? I don't see the point. I am Using Ubuntu. My last distro before Ubuntu was Gentoo. That's why I have no actual comparison to Debian. But I guess it wouldn't be much of a difference though.

The main strength I see in Ubuntu is it's attraction to everyday users while still providing the full amount of "nerdability". My mom uses it. She's a language teacher. I know an art student using it, a theologian, a print worker, a fotografer, all using Ubuntu Gnu/Linux. Without Ubuntu all these people would probably stick to Windows. One cannot expect them to open a terminal window and to drop some text commands, or to write a script or to compile something or whatever. Why? Because they have other stuff to do (non-computer stuff). They live real lives. Some of them go to work every day. They don't have time and interest for learning the underlying concepts of GUIs (not to mention the barrier of slow typing). They don't want to be bothered with computer stuff more then necessary (and THEY define what 'necessary' means to them). If they spend a lot of time sitting in front of the screen, it's for productive work, communication, diversion etc. If Ubuntu provides a real alternative for those people who would never ever use a less easy distro, than it's a benefit for the Gnu/Linux and open source world.

At the same time more sophisticated users can do all the nerdy stuff on Ubuntu they'd do on Debian or any other distro, while still enjoying the benefits of an easy installation, great language support (if needed) and so on.

If you believe you have a better overview and more control over your system for using a "real linux", if you feel more nerdy or authentic just for using Debian, then you are just WRONG. In order to keep up this attitude you'll have to set up Linux from scratch. Otherwise you are just a Klugscheißer.

I don't agree with you.

As somebody else said before, what is real important is to offer as many users as possible, a Linux alternative to their paid MS Windows. And you cannot do it easer, nowadays, other than throughout Ubuntu. Once an MS user is convinced that Linux may offer an interesting alternative than, I am pretty shore, that the new comer will face two alternatives: 1. stick with Ubuntu as it is; 2. Try learning more about linux distro's, concepts, what makes them different in comparison with windows, etc. (this is what I am doing now). Eventually, when a new comer to linux would have been built a nice knowledge ground in Linux, than he might afford to become a Linux puritanic and shift gradually to the original source of Linux and to create new kernel functions.

I am using now Opensuse 11.2/KDE Desktop Environment and I can say that I succeed to use it pretty well after I configure it to a nice eye candy stile, with almost 90% functionality of Windows Ultimate, I used before. I am not a puritanical user of Linux but I gave it 100% credit to become the new OS for my desktop computer. Now I am thinking to try Debian. That's why I started loving Linux: it always offers me alternatives.

Well, i use gnu-linux since 1998, and the first time i installed successfully a Debian-based distro were from Ubuntu 4.10 - that time i really got amazed on how awesome can be a Debian-based distro, and i didn't get this feedback from Debian.

I recognize Debian has a huge effort on having everything nicelly organized, and it's a true multi-architecture distribution (around 15 officially, even those very promissing Intel-killers, such as Arm and Sparc...), what is awesome for a distribution, but in the other hand, the default Debian installers (even Lenny) lacks on very basic things we always find from Ubuntu very easily, such as being easily at sudo, configuration, having synaptic defaultly installed, having wireless suport defaultly, etc. - My concern is how hard Debian can scare newbies (such as Gentoo and others), what is not good at all, when we know Ubuntu is based on Debian. I seriously want to ask Debian developers helping it, on versions next to Lenny, on making it as simple to install and use as Ubuntu is - can be this possible?

What i love on Ubuntu is how is it very easy to use, and more important, for helping newbies migrating to it, helps me showing gnu-Linux is and can be an operating system very easy to use, and very trustable.

I don't understand what is hard on installing Debian. As long as you can read the text on the screen, you can install Debian with no probs.

Configuration? It's the exact same as in Ubuntu

Lol, what is harder. To find out Ubuntu doesn't have a Root password and you must type 'sudo passwd', or to type as superuser 'visudo' and add your name on the list? I think they are both equally easy.

Wireless not by default? What the hell are you talking about?

What's wrong with Aptitude? Why do you need Synaptic?

Debian is my 1st distro and i think it is TOTALLY easy to use, I was a Mac user back then (I think somewhere between 2006-2007) and i had no probs swiching to Debian, and it is totally easy when you have a nice community that helps you with all your problems.

I used debian for a while and saw all the hype about ubuntu! and how popular it is, so I decided to install it and try it, I sincearly do not see what the difference is compared to pure debian? ubuntu IS debian in every sence! userfriendly? not exaclty! do everything work right out of the box? no way! mp3 wont play, movies wont play, but that is as usual with most of the distros, I dont understand why newbes chose ubuntu? is ubuntu better than debian? not it is not cus ubuntu IS debian, what struck me when I first tryed it out is that it seems buggy alot! crashes after crashes, I never experienced that in debian, this might be cus of all of the versions ubuntu is producing, xubuntu,kubuntu,edubuntu, and you name it, if they are in such a hurry, Im not supriced its buggy. I find debian much more stable, sure, maybe debian is not first with all the new software, but when it come it work! all of you ubuntu freaks, debian isnt any harder to install than ubuntu these days, debian has a new graphical installer that works like a charm, just as easy as installing xp

I really need to do a Debian install to look at the differences between that and Ubuntu. I tried to fix a mates laptop last week and just could not crack the stupid tattoo feature preventing the install so I downloaded and installed Ubuntu. Why that one? Well it was the equivalent of dashing into a shop to buy a waterproof coat - I just grabbed the nearest one and ran out. Now then, I would like to see Debain but I have given him his machine back and he is overjoyed that he can play MP3s, edit his photos and browse the web. I dare say he could do all these with Windows or Debain but all he needed was a stable OS (10.10 if you are intested).
Personally, as this is my first time too, I was blown away by how quick it is but unlike you chaps i have not had the time to encounter any crashes and/or compared it to other distros.
The Linux church has another 2 members in the congregation.
In future please try to be objective. I was once a Novell man and that was much better than Windows Server but the hype won in the end with that one rather than the objective analysis which would have meant Novell being king.
What we don't need is a single distro that we all use - that would be like us all using Windows again (dark days indeed). We don't all drive the same car so stop moaning, enjoy the ride. Who knows where it will take us. If your machine does what you need it to then you are sorted. If not then change your distro. But lets all be nive to each other, hey?

I have been using Ubuntu for 6 months now and I love it. We have Windows on a duel boot and Windows is REALLY SLOW and things are constantly going wrong with it (file corruptions ect...). But Ubuntu is REALLY FAST. I have never had any problems with Ubuntu. It also has a beautifal and easy to use UI. This is my opinion of Ubuntu.

I am by no means a seasoned user, but i do prefer the manual pages. Often times, the man pages aren't very friendly, and sometimes excessively cryptic or incomplete. They are the best if you need quick access to a command's switches, or are learning one for the first time.

"to understand skills and knowledge, not the distribution, are the most important."

This is the right Attitude we should have.

Linux is now popular, on the map and is being tried out and considered by regular Windows users and all this is due to Ubuntu which has in a big way demystified Linux. Had it not been for Ubuntu, there would be no such discussion centering around Linux.

By the way if anyone wants a long term solution with Ubuntu, you can always opt for stable well supported LTS editions which take the most conservative route. So yes we thank Debian and we tank Ubuntu and in all, its Linux that wins regardless of distro.

Well yeah. ubuntu did make linux popular. but who is its father: Debian Sid (unstable).

There's only 3 Linux distros EVER - Debian, Red Hat & Slackware. All others have derived from those 3 distros. Pls stop creating new distros and lets focus on a few and make them greater than our competitor in Redmond. MS has the upper hand when we do not focus on making a great product with some type of base set of standards. Besides without a base set of standards, who wants to write software for our platform?

What about arch linux? Or one of the other smaller projects. There are a lot of less popular distros that are "original" and aren't derived from a larger distro.
However I do understand what you mean. The linux community should focus on better support for the distros that are already out there instead of making a bunch of new ones. There are way to many distros based off Ubuntu that don't have any unique features and are just redundant. The only reason to use Ubuntu in the first place is if you want to use the unity shell. For me though, unity has WAY to many bugs. It might just be from lack of support for my hardware but I'm not really using anything exotic.

Your comments are right on the mark, Arup! Especially refreshing in the midst of all of those flames! May I tangent onto whether we really want Linux (in any flavor) to become too popular?

For example, now that it's on the map, how long will it be before the regorging industry (misspelling intentional, to throw off searches) has us in it's sights? They are already targeting Linux, let's hope the corporate suits don't find a way to identify us individually and
hit us with their torts!

#My personal experience as a Linux user

The first distro I have tried and adopted was Ubuntu. It came with the Linux magazine I bought back then, since I was interested by the whole unix/linux world...

The Pros of using a distro such as Ubuntu, is the huge support you'll get from pretty much any linux forum on the web; the debian users knows how to deal with ubuntu user anyway since it's where it came from. AND not to mention, its incredibly growing popularity.
When it comes to free support, regular kernel and security update, it's fine....if you love to reboot. Not only do you love rebooting, but according to what I witness to be the .deb packages sources, programs that doesnt need graphical user interface (or that doesnt come with one (defaultly) are pretty rare and/or overlooked by many users. This is my point.

We lost the spirit here, guys;

Ubuntu motto would sounds like : as easy as windows
Dont bother with the command-line, just click wherever you want/need to. Thought, the genuine power of Linux resides within the very command-line interface. If you ask them, I'd bet that most ubuntu users don't even know what a crontable is, nor wouldnt they know how to set-up a new user WITH options (sendmail, chroot, whatever). Ubuntu is very efficient at leveling linux for the average window user, pretty look, sweet splash screen, A shitload of applications (most with gui) a beautifull menu.... not for me.

I turned to debian, looking for something "somewhat pure" and I've been served very well since i usually do terminal and configuration scripts, turned off all the compositing , and shitty window manager, the only reason why I do not stick with fluxbox/blackbox/Enlightment or such is that it doesnt integrate keyboard shortcut well ( And I love keyboard shortcuts).
Debian came with a very few application, openoffice,accessory like the calculator, and a web browser. I chose the LXDE interface, it was plain, simple, and DIY all the way. No pop-ups giving me "advices" on how to organise my OS....nor did anyone else helped me out setting the whole box for my needs (multi-user crossplatform networking) Debian let me be, the only time it ever bothers me with updates or upgrades is when I ask for it through terminal.Sure its pretty popular, too, its one of the oldest linux (in this world) has a stable support community and it's less buggy than ubuntu. Besides, i dont like hype nor buzz, Ive quit windows for a simple reason; it is totally boring to work on. Unless you're a programmer. When I changed I simply wanted to experiment, I would never go back to windows, nor ubuntu.
I have tried many distro out there...DSL, puppylinux, gentoo, suse (thats terrible if you ask me, I hate YaSt!) tried slax and fedora 11. I stick with debian right now till i get my new box which will run SOLARIS ;)

Oh God Please stop fighting like kids.

We, Linux Users, are the Linux Users! Why?
Because of True Linux (you say), Linux didn't die off and is well protected for its existence.
Because of those folks of True Linux, Linux becomes popular and acceptable for many users.

Do you all see we all are going to the same direction.

The lovely thing here is WE ALL ARE LINUX GUYS!
It's not your Linux Pal you would want to fight with. It is other species.

I used to be a Fedora/Redhat and SuSE guy.
I now use Ubuntu for desktop.
I use Debian for Servers.
Other may use their choices of Linux Distro.... IT IS OKAY.

Suites yourself, man.

Hi, This is short history of My COMPUTER Life..

I first got Exposure to what computer is.. in 2002... Just knew how to browse Internet.. and opened my first Email account.. On a Windows Computer.... I guess running win98 (NOt Sure)..

IN 2007 I first owned my FIRST PC--500MHz P3 +64 MB SDR.. HP VECTRA - Vei8... I got cheated first in deal and got a faulty computer.. (Now I ain't angry.. because if it was not the Faulty computer.. I wouldn't have learned about computers as much as I know...(Need is the mother of Inventions)... with courtesy of all you Internet users and Pros. helping people like us..)

From The very First day of me owning PC... I tried to upgrade to/ Install XP PRO. SP0.. and landing up in LOOP, my Learning started...

My First Encounter to LINUX was On the very second day of my computer owning... My Friend Installed me a nice MANDRIVA 2007... I was lucky.. as it was the only contemporary version of Linux which had NTFS at Lest Read Only Support and NTFS Auto Mount partition mount Enabled By default..

I had to return that machine due to hardware bugs hanging the whole PC... Ultimately as replacement I got HP VEctra machine that i just described..

I installed Win XP and On my own and XP ran impressively on so low ram.. later I upgraded my RAM to 256+64MB.. Then 256+256 MB(Max possible with that MotherBoard)..

Tough I kept Running XP(More Installing and Reinstalling Than Running).. because my HDD had More BAD sectors than Good Sectors.. and after a few days once it switched off it had to be reinstalled.. WINDOWS Showed NO error on CHKDSK.. Here my Learning about HDD started.. all over Internet.. never took as curriculum... I had to finally buy a 80 GB HDD to run my system before anything else..

Meanwhile.. My Thirst remained Unquenched... I kept trying any available version off Linux....


Once crashed due to power failures..(Which happens a lot in INDIA).. it didn't successfully rebooted sometimes EVEN with Recovery Mode... I tried RHEL. MDV, SUSE, DREAM LINUX, LINSPIRE, PCOS, Gentoo.. DEBIAN.. and MUCH BRAGGED.. UBUNTU... But Somehow NO one could fill in the Large shoes of Mandriva.. It Remained Unparalleled in my Heart... AND I Still think it is The Easiest and Most Customizable LINUX Version of LINUX on the Earth To the Date..

When I tried to install UBUNTU 32 BIT on the HP VECTRA Vei8... Sorry to say.. but it stinked... it seemed very Resource Hungry.. Probably,, THE MOST resource Hungry LINUX OS (Including all its franchisees).. SORRY to hurt Feelings of many UBUNTU Users.. But take a challenge.. and Install MDV.. and use it for only say 1 Day.. And U Will know what i mean... Probably U won't wanna go back to UBUNTU again..

When I tried to install DEBIAN.. I could NOT take it to GUI.. I was still a VERY NOOB USER... but Mind it .. I all by myself Installed, Ran and managed MANDRIVA 2007.. U see How easy it was to do with MDV from the beginning.. when I was a PC NOOB..

I kept searching for the most suitable LINUX version for ME...

In 2009 I got NEW Assembled Machine.. Gigabyte mc61P MB+ 4GB DDR2+ AMD athlon 7750... 160 GB HDD.. Later Upgraded to 160GB + 1TB HDD... This is a fair configured 64 bit machine I am Writing this on...

I installed WinXP 64 Bit+SP2.. made Resolution that I ain't going back to 32 BIt.. VISTA (They choose the name appropriately.. CAUSE In SANSKRIT.. 'VISTHA' means 'SHIT' which it really is) never even installed on it.. WIN7 64 bit DID.. But I felt it very Annoying and switched back to XPx64.

I tried UBUNTU karmik Kola.. Installed and Removed I Felt it was More Boggy and Slow than WINDOWS..to install and Use And I HATE Gnome..manly because Poor package set and features compared to contemporary KDE.+++ THE SECOND Bar on screen to Eat MY SCREEN SPACE...

I installed MDV2009x64bit.. everything went smoothly But XORG Config saving trouble left me with Blank screen and a pointer.. The Recommended solution Didn't work out for me..

MAY 2010.. I installed MDV2010 FREE.. and it Rocked.. HAD OOB support for everything i needed and with a single codec update Played ALL the MultiMedia Files.. For the First time it was Power Down Resistant.. I donno if it was EXT4 FS of MDV2010.,. I started to Miss it right from first minute I booted into Windows.. WITHIN 21 WEEK I Changed all My Partition to EXT4..

I MADE another RESOLUTION: I Ain't Going back to Windows..

I gave 3 chances to UBUNTU 10.. But Same Boggy and Dull slow Resource Hungry OS as Early.. so REMOVED and Got back to MDV 2010 PWP..

But Possibility of Imminent Shut Down of MANDRIVA.. I keep trying other LINUXes... I have KNOCKED UBUNTU out of my LIST after trying UBUNTU 10.04 LTS... I will Prefer to Go back to WINDOWS rather than running UBUNTU..

I upgraded to MDV 2010 Spring but SAD.. Support for My Scanner is No longer there.. even after configuring it is not working properly.. I got back to MDV PWP 2010.0.

I am going to Give a try to almost all 64 Bit Linux Versions.. Primarily DEBIAN.. I am no longer a PC NOOB or LINUX NOOB.. running Linux almost 6 months..

Till now My Opinion:

1. MDV Rocks.. it flies.. fast easy to use EVEN for a NOOB

2. UBUNTU and KUBUNTU.. Bunch of HYPE.. it could Learn a LOT FROM MDV..

SAD to Say.. but It Looks like If MDV Shuts Down.. and no one fills in for MDV .. then

I am Afraid it will be Long Cold Hallways of WINDOWS again...

Please Help me select my needed version of Linux.. I have HIGH HOPES from DEBIAN 5.06 64 bit.. I feel it is my only HOPE..

SORRY if I have HURT Feelings Of Any ONE..
I know Some of UBUNTU USERs will beg to Differ.. but Hey.. Thats my OPINION... Give Me an UBUNTU as efficient as MDV and I will change my opinion...

Thanks for any Enlightenment....


I got my First own Computer in Mid 2006 and First Linix Exposure on 2nd day of purchasing my PC.. that was MDV 2007

my first distro was Mandrake 7, before it was Mandriva back in 2000 and I used that for a while. I tried Ubuntu when it was the Gutsy release and it was ok but the KDE was buggy and annoying and crashed but switched to LXDE and it's faultless.

Mandrake/iva ain't bad at all but I work and have stuff to do and due to this I get lazy with PCs so anything which will work out of the box with a little overhead is fine. I buy my hardware so that it works 100% out of the box with Ubuntu and I have ZERO issues. Personally I install minimal ubuntu then install LXDE and build from there. I find the Gnome/KDE based Ubuntus to have too much crap in them which I simply don't use and I used to spend ages gutting half the stuff out to make it smaller, I'd rather build up. Obviously the distro is aimed at new users so having all this functionality will make the ignorant see "value" (I guess) but the fact is that it can all be installed. Sites like the ostechguishow on youtube pander to this by reviewing the default apps which means nearly nothing as it can (and a lot of time IS) changed by the user.

All I can say to all this is "use what you want". What another user uses doesn't affect your OS. If a user's needs are better catered for under Windows then they should use that, not a Linux based distro just because. The OS is a tool for the job. Analyse your OS choices and use what suits closest.

I understand your love for Mandriva. I've used it since the early Mandrake days. I have also tried Ubuntu, Suse, Redhat, Fedora, Debian. ALL Linux is good, it just depends on the individual. Mandriva is the BEST for noobs and experienced alike. (In my opinion) I have set up Mandriva for windows users who now would never use Windows again. It is the only distro that installed out of the box and everthing works. I support them as best I can and hope their is enough support to sustain this distro.
I am now using 2010.2 and it's great. I highly recommend it to anyone wanting to try Linux. It will be much easier for a X Windows user to install & configure.
I began using computers in 1983 and DOS was about all we had. I supported and helped beta test the modules that Microsoft sent out for the first Windows release. I Do Not like what Microsoft has done in their latest OS's. They penalize their honest paying customers over piracy. I still have an XP Pro sp3 partition on my machine but when they support no longer, it will be Mandriva all the way.
Linux Rules! (All Distros) We are all Linux users wheather console & command line or GUI.
I just prefer to do things the easy way. I don't see well enough anymore to spend time in front of a console (unless I have to) and I sure don't care to go back to any command line. Also, Microsoft is just Too Darn Expensive!!!

Do you really think it's necessary for us to hear your life history to understand why you like mandrake? Little of it has any relevance.

Worse, what makes you think it's cool to randomly capitalise words like that? Let me tell you something, anyone with an ounce of sense thinks you're an idiot and full of shit. I'm picking on you, I'm throwing you a bone by letting you know the simple facts. Do you really think so many of your words are important enough to deserve such emphasis? You come across as an utter twat.

I don't care about the grammar, occasional missing punctuation or spelling mistakes. It's that you've gone out of your way to try to make your writing look "special" while producing something unnecessarily difficult to read. I find that insulting. Do you want people to read your comments or not?

Herpus Derpus, not picking.

Shut up, we know that's what you meant you stupid TWAT. Three paragraphs...and a 2nd post to make a correction.


don't care enough to waste THAT much time reading about the Indian guy's Personal history with computers.

don't care enough that some equally-annoying TWAT took THREE PARAGRAPHS to tell us why the Indian guy's Personal post was annoying... 3 paragraphs to state the obvious, so I didn't finish reading your post, just like the Indian dude's ...sheesh, you're as annoyingly LONG-WINDED as that Indian guy's OP. haha.

How is that 3 paragraphs? Just because that guy spaced down doesn't make his first sentence a paragraph.

Why did you bother responding if you didn't bother to read? That's like saying a book is crappy without even reading it. I would see why people wouldn't bother reading the essay the indian guy wrote. But you probably spent more time writing your own response than you would have reading the anonymous guy's response. Which you probably read anyways as it takes about 30 seconds to read it, something even you may be able to do, rather than calling everyone who writes more than 15 words a twat.

par·a·graph/ˈparəˌgraf/Noun: A distinct section of a piece of writing, usually dealing with a single theme and indicated by a new line, indentation, or numbering.


Very funny, sir. The guy sounds like he is poor from a poor country, and doesn't have a lot of money. He is a fellow Linux user, yet you want to criticize him for expressing his feelings and opening up to people. Furthermore, if his use of upper case was shouting, then that would be uncomfortable, but he doesn't seem to be shouting. He is just using the upper case to show words that he feels strongly about. Where did you get that he was from India? He sounds like he is from Russia or Eastern Europe to me. Maybe, you are just culturally insensitive and have never been out of the U.S., so you want to pretend that America is the best. Maybe, grow up!

He said he was from India when talking about the power going out a lot.

East Jewrope still in your mind as III world? He, he he Lets say Detroit, cleveland etc...

SATURDAY, OCT 01, 2011
I am taking this opportunity to respond to this user's comments because well.. frankly, this user's comments are indicative of a much larger problem. I don't know what interpretive community this individual sprang from, but here, it is (or used to be), highly inappropriate to go on the attack just because a person is expressing their opinion. This kind of behavior is frowned upon in most circles. Many countries, individuals, interpretive communities and organizations do not respond favorably toward the kind of hostility that this user has expressed toward another user no matter how cloaked or subtle.

In response, MY 'opinion,' is, with regard to the user's comments aimed toward DrAshutosh concerning the subject of: "what is the best Linux Distro?" --- The poster asked, "Do you think it's really necessary for us to hear your life history to understand that you like mandrake?" -- The answer to this -- from my perspective is: firstly, it was not a "life history," that is an exaggeration to say the least; and secondly, I've spoken with other users about DrAshutosh's comments and clearly we all agree that we found his\her comments to be highly relevant.

What we found irrelevant were the poster's comments, like:

"You come across as an utter twat"
"anyone with an ounce of sense thinks you're an idiot and full of shit."

We are ALL in agreement that these comments were inappropriate and -- " off topic. "
At the very least, the response that was given was extremely crude and common and rife with ill will.

Linux is about helping other users. It is a community that is intensely aware that there are a lot of neophytes floating around out there eager and hungry to learn. More so than in the Windows Community, the Linux community has striven to be a lot more friendly and welcoming and helpful to users who may not understand the idiosyncrasies and involutions of computing.

It is useful to consider beforehand whether the comments you post are truly relevant and designed to build up the LINUX COMMUNITY (Capitalization Intended) rather than tear it down. Going out of one's way to flame another user just because you are annoyed will eventually get you banned . We as a community; meaning, a minority OS group of users who are trying to accomplish a common goal, don't really appreciate it when users attack other users without provocation. Don't think for one nanosecond that we can't find out who you are just because you post anonymously... Eventually word gets around and before you know it you are banned.

Please practice how to be more respectful of other users. If you're angry about something find someplace else to express it other than the forums. People go to the forums for help and advice -- WHAT THEY DO NOT COME HERE FOR - IS TO BE ATTACKED BY OTHER USERS just for expressing an opinion or seeking help on a topic they know very little about.

On behalf of, THE ENTIRE LINUX COMMUNITY, we would like to sincerely apologize for the user's comments in response to DrAshutosh's post and welcome his/her comments here in this forum should he/she wish to post again.

Check out Zorin Linux 8 Ultimate or Core. Great Compiz and Emerald use in this distro. Looks like win 7, easy to use!

hi guys
just visiting some pages i found this


i think something is going wrong with Debian and Ubuntu.
Especially with Ubuntu that promotes nonfree software.
what will Ubuntu become in the future? a Wubuntu (w stands for win...).
I hope they change their philosophy.
And Debian should stop making that exceptions.
FREE SOFTWARE is the key.

I like the music shop 'ubuntu one' I already buy several albums. Its DRM-Free music and I like it much.
I use Linux more than 4 years and I like idea that they gona promotes nonfree software. Why? Its because they will give opportunity to user choice between commercial (nonfree) and community(free) product. Competition is always good to user!

I recently switched to the Ubuntu Ultimate Edition. so far it has exceeded all my expectations and is very useful. I highly recommend it for at least a trial for anyone changing our systems. I also tried ChromeOS on my laptop and was very disappointed. Glad I tried it before buying a new laptop to experiment with it. I think I can wait a bit on that.

Your should try Linux Mint Debian Edition.

I have been using Linux for a couple of years now. (since XP updated itself so much it used up my hard drive, yeah I had files and junk too.)
Using an older IBM thinkcentre desk top I started with debian it's nice, installation sux, then tried Mepis, debian with KDE desktop, much easier installation good for getting off windows. Just for fun I put flea-market hard drive in my old box and have a multi boot machine now, a sort of test bed. I can boot Mepis 11, Debian, Linux Mint 14, or Linux Mint Debian with the cinnamon desktop. Honestly all work well, but I seem to find I like using the Linux Mint Debian most. Really it's just personal preference.

I could never have imagined such bestial ad hominem attacks from lot pack of Linux users.

Tux does cry.

ubuntu is an user-oriented verdsion of debian. I started using ubuntu (used it for some years, from the 6.04 to the 12.04) then switched to debian cause it's more elastic. I think ubuntu is still mostly free but some aspects of it seem to indicate it's going in the wrong direction. also given its huge buisnessit's contribution to the free software is not too big. But indee, ubuntu is and probably will always be better than android, not to mention -ugh- chromeOS. I believe something like chrome os should be made illegal :P (wel but also mac and windows, ah mac-donald too :D)

Ubuntu whomps all others is twofold

(1) it's based mostly on Debian, which is fantastic

(2) it never abandoned its community as did the grubbers who spun off the insulting toy that is Fedora

Thank you, Mark Shuttleworth, for the doing The Right Thing and Sticking By It.

Thanks for the usefull honest comments... I am an average linux user...
My first linux dist. was redhat... I quit it after the enterprice-fedora treason... As Canonical rises up the words " Will Always Be Free", I find no problem with Ubuntu.. For me, These are some reasons to stick with Ubuntu:
1. Ubuntu is a Debian with extra components.
2. All Debian, Debian based, Ubuntu and Ubuntu based distributions have a great huge community support for free, and most importan, it's shared community... I can always use both of Debian and Debian-Ubuntu support.
3. It's true that I love the purity of debian (as I love purity in all things :P ), but I still can and I do actually modify Ubuntu back to orginal Debian, while keeping all the nice/notbad extra components which make the work faster.
4. My laptop doesn't need the operating system for itself.. It needs it to make applications work as fast,smoothly and userfriendly as possible.. And the ,Debian based distribution, Ubuntu does the job faster than pure Debian..
5. My loyalty to the GNU project and to Linux bushes me all the way to Ubuntu,because when a newbie says " I wanna use linux so pleas tell me where I start from ", I can say nothing except " ubuntu "...
Finally I want to say this as a resault :
No true compatetion between Ubuntu and Debian, because you can climp all the way to Debian while still Ubuntu.
So, no matter how briliant or advanced Linux person you are, I still say Debian-Ubuntu (Ubuntu).
Thanks for reading

I forgot to say that you can install Xubuntu for hestorical computers like the one DrAshutosh has ;)

Ubuntu use to be great until after 12.04 but now it is riddled with spyware and adware thanks to canonical and has become corporate and everything linux isn't and defies the rules of linux, they say "we will be free" but what they really mean and use as a cover up is Ubuntu will be free but we will get all your information ect and that's not what linux want's or the community. Windows and Apple already did this and that's exactly what the community can change with linux but Ubuntu is giving Linux a bad name having evil stuff done in the background.

yo people,hows it goin? im telling you my story if it interests someone(if it doesnt, please dont be mean and just dont read it)
my first pc was shipped with the best os that humanity has ever known: windows me! the fuckin mistaken edition! a few weeks later i went to a library to get a tuto book for cubase(it was like year 2000 or 2001 i think, and tutos werent as easy to find one the net as we can now) and guess what i found:a book with a cd of redhat. i bought it directly and tried to intall it on my pc. i have to say it wasnt a big success, as i didnt actually get to install it, and i lost my precious windows me as well. i asked for help to a friend and he helped me installing debian potato. it was perfect!(except that i couldnt have cubase on it). since then, i went on with debian for a few years(i always had a windows partition for cubase and starcraft, but mainly used debian for quite everything else)

i changed my pc a few times since then, and usually sticked on with debian, but i wasnt very interested on other distros or the community stuff..i was like just using it without remarking any good or bad about it...until 2006 or 7, i was just curious if there werent any other linux distros, and i found out that there was a whhhoooole lot more already. so i tried quite a lot of em juss for fun, like fedora, opensuse, mandriva, gentoo(failed), sabayon, puppy, knoppix, mint, slackware, solaris, kate etc etc....and eventually ubuntu.

what i discovered as a big difference was that, being from korea, i needed to be able to type korean, and configuring scim (or nabi at the beggining) wasnt an easy task at all for noobz. besides, i had to manually install the fonts because the korean characters almost looked like the fonts in the console.(btw personally i had no problem using the system in english, but for other korean users who would want their os in korean, i have to say that in linux distros in general suck for their translations compared to windows.)

the thing which slapped me with ubuntu(and some other massively known and user friendly distros) was that during installation you could just put 'language: korean' and everything was done.

so CONCLUSION after this long n messy comment was that in language terms ubuntu is way more handy. otherwise, i dont know, i never had any problems using debian(still using it).

just one thing more, im really starting to not like is the ubuntu's new interface...this is still a very personal opinion cos i think ubuntu is becoming more...euh...touch device friendly, with those huge icons and all...i just love the keyboard and mouse...(waiting for some debates on this subject;))

Looks like a fun place to natter :)

Noticed some people talk about LMDE, (Linux Mint Debian Edition). Yes its pretty darn good especially for an out of the box experience, it even ran my printer fine over a wireless network, i didnt even need the drivers from the manufacturer.

Yessssssssss Ubuntu is heavy, so how about a Distro that takes Ubuntu, strips it naked, and includes a custom Desktop Environment, file manager, and many other apps all built from the ground up? Oh and that looks a little bit too much like MacOS haha but its easy to forgive as you soon learn that "Elementary OS" is by far one of the most hardy and stable platforms you have ever run.

I have it running on a Fuji Siemens Amilo Pi2515, core2duo @ 1.5ghz, 2GB ram, intel gm960 gpu.
i had 8 LXC containers running, firefox with youtube, facebook etc open, i was installing modern warfare 3 in steam through PLAY ON LINX/WINE steam updates and patches were going on in Terminal too.......... now thats a lot of load for a laptop, if it were windows 7 on my powerful gaming ASUS laptop Internet Explorer or something would easy of crashed, froze or hung with this much load. But Elementary OS pured like a kitten and didnt miss a beat during this intense stress testing session, yes the fan was blowing full speed, but that was all.
Just brilliant! I Love Linux.