Your favorite desktop environment?


The future is Enlightenment


I have moved my wife from Windows, to a Mac, to Linux running Gnome (Ubuntu), and now to Xubuntu. She has taken to Xfce fine. The next step is to wean her off of *buntu completely, and move her over to Slackware (which all of the rest of our Linux computers run) and stock Xfce. I personally use Slackware + Windowmaker for my desktop system. I like Xfce, but WM gives me everything I need, and gets out of my way.

Thanks for the comment, Howard! It looks like with incoming disaster called Gnome3, Xfce will only grow in popularity. And fast. I'm still enjoying my Gnome2 desktop environment, which I find pretty, stable and very productive. Too bad I'm going to have to toss it soon and retract a notch with Xfce, only to dodge bullet called Gnome3. :(

i think its more or less a revolutionary poll. at the moment ~850 votes and xfce nr 3...
while i always read, that xfce is not the future.
i like it for some years now, great tools hen you use your pc for at home office work/entertainment.
with gnome3, i doubt, its just the result of some phenomenons i experienced earlier. developers forgot, that eg me cannot afford a new pc and so much time in learning every few years. it got a little bit more unusable every year. and i even doubt, its the concepts.

I use Linux since December 1999 (so more than 10 years) on my desktop + laptop + server (last is more common). I started - as usual here in european countries - with SuSE and later switched to Debian (around 2000-2001) as I could not compile FlightGear and WINE under SuSE (as they had "branded" libraries which are not "GNU-conform").

And I never regret this switch (to Linux in general). The first time I had dual-boot Windows 98 and SuSE, because of M$ FS5, but when I found FlightGear (and Sabre a little) then M$ couldn't hold up against Linux for my choice. Windows was (and still is) very unstable, did always crash. But Linux doesn't. Okay, I had setbacks, really big ones, too! But in the end, I found out that I was the stupid guy who shooted my system ... (PEBCAK!).

The most trouble I had with Linux is the (to much propritary) hardware I tried to run it on. Now my Laptop is an IBM Thinkpad R51 and Gentoo runs fine on it (reliable and stable). And that is what Linux is: reliable.

Other troubles were, that LILO doesn't want to get booted, I wrote 1,000 times (okay, to much, it was much lesser) the MBR on the disk + lilo all over again. The kernel was correctly build and still it doesn't want to work. So I reformat the whole disk and reinstalled Debian. Since then, no such troubles, except hardware errors (see below). :(

Here it is:
Nov 23 21:56:10 daedalus kernel: hdb: ide_dma_sff_timer_expiry: DMA status (0x61)
Nov 23 21:56:20 daedalus kernel: hdb: DMA timeout error
Nov 23 21:56:20 daedalus kernel: hda: DMA disabled
Nov 23 21:56:20 daedalus kernel: hdb: DMA disabled
Nov 23 21:58:05 daedalus kernel: hdb: wcache flush failed!
And it regulary freezes (as with 3.4/5.x kernels a little lesser but still I have those DMA troubles). Maybe the HDD is "damaged".

Anyway. I "love" Linux the way it is. :) Great job to Linus Torwalds and all the other kernel hackers.

xmonad is very usable for multi monitor setups

There are so many "Other" DEs out there, but bundling them all into "Other" makes them meaningless. In fact, I use MATE, which is rapidly gaining users and in some distros is more popular than KDE or Xfce. MATE deserves a place on the poll and the poll need to allow naming you DE/WM when "Other" is clicked.