Debian wheezy: java security update, gnome-open problem workaround

After the initial rush of packages, things have slowed down a bit on the wheezy/sid front. The only notable update in the meantime has been new sun-java6-jdk 6.24 which fixes no less than 21 security bugs! You'll definitely want to pull that one and patch the numerous security holes.

Xorg set of packages is getting cleanup up (dependencies and stuff). libmaypole-perl has been dropped (before I even got a chance to play with it). Audacious is uninstallable right now, unless you decide to keep libavutil49 package (which got pushed out of the archive). I'm the CLI type of guy, so mplayer will do in the meantime, until audacity is installable again. BTW, I also use and endorse debian-multimedia packages, so please don't be mad if I accidentally comment on some package that is not even in the official repository. I've been using debian-multimedia so long, I don't even know which packages I get from them and which from the official repository.

I've also noticed slight instability with nVidia binary drivers (Xid errors in kernel log), probably connected to the recent Xorg upgrade (or new flash plugin?). So, today I installed their brand new 270.26 beta driver, we'll see if it fixes the regression. Although I would prefer to run open source graphics card driver, it seems I don't really have a choice at this time with my GeForce 9500 GT, at least until Nouveau adds support for nVidia 9xxx generation of cards. BTW, I still keep libcairo2 downgraded (for performance reasons).

And before I forget, thanks to a Debian developer and an all around good guy Raphaël Hertzog, we now have a solution to gnome-open and gnome-terminal http link handling regression. There were some changes how MIME handlers in GNOME work. The fix is not at all trivial, but I assume things will get better in time, when other GNOME applications (namely gnome-default-applications-properties applet) catch up. I hope Raphaël sticks around to help with more problematic regressions. I consider him an insider with valuable info for us end users. ;)

That's all for today, but I'll keep you informed as wheezy develops. At least from the viewpoint of my desktop. I hope KDE users will chime in with their observations.