Debian wheezy: Perl 5.12, X Server 1.10, Nvidia 270.41.06, Java 6.25, Glibc 2.13

This past week has been quite turbulent for Debian wheezy. Mostly because of the great Perl upgrade from 5.10 to 5.12. This included rebuilding of hundreds of Perl modules to play well with new version of Perl. Most of the time I had all this stuff put on hold, and only yesterday have I found guts to digest all 300 of new packages. For one day I was without trusty pidgin, but today even that popular messenger has been recompiled to work with Perl 5.12. There's still a small number of perl modules (like libembperl-perl, libgimp-perl, libgstreamer-perl, libjifty-perl, etc...) not yet adapted, but I'm sure we won't wait long until each and every perl module has been upgraded to fit Perl 5.12.

X server is now brand new 1.10, and also Nvidia blob set of packages have been upgraded to work with the new server (from 260.19.44-1 to 270.41.06-1). This Debian packaging of Nvidia driver has been working exceptionaly well.

Ye good old glibc went from 2.11 to 2.13, a small step for humanity, but great step for Debian users. :) Although potentially dangerous, all glibc upgrades I rememeber in last few years went absolutely flawless. The package restarts services that need to be restarted, although I prefer to reboot the whole machine after the glibc upgrade, seems cleaner to me.

Sun^H^HOracle has prepared update 25 of the ubiquitous Java SE 6 platform, and it is now available to install from your nearest Debian package dealer.

All in all, this GNOME2 Debian GNU/Linux blah blah desktop is now filled with top notch brand new software and is amazingly productive. What I wanted to say is that I'm scared s*itless from the incoming GNOME3. But we'll see what the future brings...