Key sequence to kill the X server (Control + Alt + Backspace)

Current default for X servers as shipped in various distributions is to not enable the traditional Ctrl-Alt-Backspace key combination to kill the X server. If you would like to re-enable this feature, you may do so in your desktop's Keyboard Preferences application. You may also enable it for the current session using the command "setxkbmap -option terminate:ctrl_alt_bksp".



dpkg-reconfigure keyboard-configuration

Works on Debian, possibly *buntu too.

In the recent X servers that is unfortunately not enough. I tried it, it didn't work. Neither did messing with xorg.conf configuration, due to the fact that "DontZap" is no longer an option in the X server and has become an option in XKB instead. Trust me, soon the method described in the article will be the only one that'll work reliably across all distributions.

Whatever happend to text file configuration. It was *easy* to understand what the program was taking as input and didn't require screenshots in a computer manual.

Don't get me wrong, UIs are nice -- but textual backends are important too (looking at you gconf.)

Being a CLI fan myself, I completely agree with you. On the bright side, setxkbmap -option terminate:ctrl_alt_bksp command can be put in .xinitrc, .gnomerc or wherever it'll produce the intended effect.

Actually, I'm slightly more worried about the constant changes of established standards in the FOSS world. For no good reasons, it seems. First the xorg.conf option DontZap = false was the standard (for many years). Then it was suddenly changed to default to true. Then that configuration option was completely abandoned and you had to use dpkg-reconfigure keyboard-configuration to enable ctrl-alt-backspace. Now even that is not enough, we have another magic incantation to remember. What's next?

yea i think it would work on ubuntu,

Silly stuff like that makes me glad I use Slackware. What's a "Keyboard Preferences application", anyway? ;^)

This is actually only a GUI frontend to X11 configuration files.

No one bothers finding out why X11 developers turned it off. The Linux kernel has a feature to deal with locked up terminals text or X11. Unlike the X11 Ctrl-Alt-Backspace its not dependent on X11 running.

Basically stop using the X11 server method move the kernel method is more bomb proff. Ctrl-Alt-Backspace should only be for systems that don't have a SAK system of some form.

You mean, after 15 years of typing Ctrl Alt Backspace to save the day on various OS's, I now need to remember a _completely different_ key binding, and only on Linux - effective immediately? C'mon, you need a MUCH more persuading reason...

I'm sure windows users would looove to replace aging Ctrl Alt Del with Alt Sysrq something, too. But we beat them to that, we're so l33t...

You could set the linux one to be Ctrl Alt Backspace since it is no longer special to the X server.